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Good: I am awake not only on time, but early.
Awesome: This is despite the fact that I was able to stay up til 1:00 am on Skype gaming with two of my favorite people in the world.
Even more awesome: I get to do it again tonight!

Slightly less good: I have a slightly and suspiciously scratchy throat. I anticipate the potential of cough medicine in my future.

Extra-good: I have Ideas and Slowly-Developing Plans for a future awesome thing percolating in my Epic Brainz.

Life is good, intarwebs, despite the possibility of burgeoning cold. Life is good.
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Coughing sucks. So does 5:30am.

On the other hand, 5:30am is sucking less today than usual.

On the other other hand, that's because I went to bed at like 9:30 with what felt like an ear infection. (Assuming it was not actually one, since it doesn't hurt anymore now.)

Either way, I'm not ready to be awake yet, but I also don't feel any particular need to share my inability to sleep due to great whomping coughs with my husband, who IS asleep. I get ticked off when he wakes me up; I don't want to do the same to him.

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Tendinitis. Wrist brace. Wheee.

On top of that, both ankles hurt like hell.

And I have a sore throat and sound like I've been smoking three packs a day for the last few years.

Plus the t-shirt gnomes brought me the wrong shirt back - I found the str/cha one, but not my tree shirt yet.

And I am sleepy.
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Note to self:

feeling in right index finger like combination of strained muscle and need to pop a joint, started Thursday. Continues.

Starting Wednesday afternoon, right wrist feels the same way. Currently mostly immobilized with ace bandage, which seems to help. Hoping I just strained a muscle somewhere, though not sure how. (Edit: Assumption is that I strained it doing pushups, probably due to bad form on my part. Doh.)

Note to wrists:

After ten years of keyboarding and data entry, you're supposed to be indestructible, remember?
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Con was good and happymaking and, as always, too short.

Spoils: A rubber "Zombie Awareness" bracelet, 5 new buttons for my hat, a new toe ring, a lovely bit of leather for costuming, a new tail (Rank 2 now!), a messenger bag, a book (which is really interesting!), and a t-shirt in my favorite style (raglan with 3/4 sleeves) that says "Sin like you mean it".

Since last we saw our intrepid heroine... )

It was a good Con. There are almost always people at Con/GCL that I want to punch in the face repeatedly, but they are vastly outnumbered by the walking piles of awesome that I only get to see once a year.

Also, this is the part where I reiterate that pretty much the only thing I miss about the Midwest on a regular basis is the people, but there are SO MANY OF THEM THAT I MISS SO MUCH ARGH. *throwing mad love at Con people* [/mushy]

The Utah guys will be with us until next .... Sunday, I think. Today is my last day off before I go back to work, and I expect most of it will be spent in the "I just got home from vacation and the refrigerator is empty" vein of errands. I might even unpack, rather than letting it go til we've been home for a month.

Or maybe I'll just go spelunking through the GCL database to make sure all the little tweaks got made right.

Or maybe this weekend kick-started Gaelen's backstory again.

>.> Guess we'll find out. <.
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I have just suffered a freak yoga injury.
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I raid in jeans for the first time in over a year, and what happens? I get sick. Srsly. I was fine til Saturday afternoon, then I went to a movie with two of my boys and forgot to change back into moose pyjamas when I got home, so I raided in jeans, and by midnight, I was in the throes of the full-blown martian death flu.

Still am. My birthday present to myself this morning was a box of dayquil gelcaps. Wheeeee.
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Today's conclusion:

Generic Day-Quil tastes suspiciously like a combination of corn syrup and French dressing. With a hint of mentholyptus.


But by GOD, does it clear out the sinuses fast in the short-term. Hoo boy.
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Saturday: Mild dizzy spells, chills and heat flashes.
Sunday: Same, plus a mild sore throat.
Monday: Visit to doctor, as the last time I had the above it was asymptomatic strep. Shocker, the strep test again comes back positive. I feel fine during the day, but stay home from work for the first 24 hours on antibiotics for my coworkers' sakes.
Tuesday: Fine during the day, developing a cough during the evening, cough and congestion keeps me up most of the night.

Me and my asymptomatic strep and my apparently really bad cold are working from home today in my pyjamas. :P (Note: Strep apparently almost never includes a cough or cold on its own, hence my assumption of being tag-teamed.)
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Hot damn! I ate a big pile of salad AND A TINY SLICE OF PIZZA!!! (The lettuce in the salad was shredded, bob bless the deli at the North Campus building, and the pizza I'd cut into dime-sized bites, but what the hell! It was PIZZA!) *cheer*

The only on-campus meeting for my class was tonight. Most of the other students work in the health care industry in some way or another; in fact, three of them besides me work at my hospital, and a fourth is a coding supervisor for the external coding group we've just started working with in the past six months. It sounds like it'll be an interesting endeavor - no tests or anything, grades are based on participation in discussions and how you demonstrate application and understanding of the learned concepts in said discussions. Reminded me of what I was positive was an educational structure based on some Greek philosopher, but it does not appear to be Socratic in nature, so I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking of.

Winter is going to be the ugly quarter though - I'm going to need three classes, all of which will need to be taken That Quarter. Math - because my math placement results are only good through winter quarter, and I don't want to have to pay to take the damn placement test again. BTS 168 Database Applications - required as either a prereq or concurrently to the next MEDIT class. And MEDIT 220, Healthcare Informatics Standards - the second of three MEDIT courses. (Compounded, naturally, by the fact that each MEDIT class is only offered one quarter a year - fall for the first, winter the second, and spring the third. So if I miss one, I fall a year behind.)

Ergo, my Christmas list will probably consist of about $300 worth of Southwest gift certificates and Lots Of School Moneys. (Dear parents: I mean it. School > Ugly Moose. In fact, School even > NON-ugly moose.)
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I woke up late this morning, didn't get a chance to stop and pick up some soup for lunch like I'd intended - just threw yet another container of applesauce in my bag. So I figured I'd go to the cafeteria. They have soup every day, relatively cheap.

Soup of the day: Chicken coconut curry. Alas, I don't like coconut or curry. (Note to self: The soups the rest of the week were things like salmon bisque, french onion, and split pea. Pick up some damn canned soup on your way home. But Friday has clam chowder, which is much yummy pastede on yay.)

Maybe pudding! They have pudding every day too!

Pudding of the day: Tapioca. Yuk.

Does the salad bar have applesauce on it today? Maybe I could get more applesauce.

Applesauce: Not on the salad bar today.

Hrm. I don't really LIKE cottage cheese, but I could eat it, and it would be protein.

Cottage cheese: All gone, except for one that looks.......not edible.

Side note: The ONE time the cafeteria has a GOOD kind of pizza - sausage and pepperoni - instead of something weird like pineapple and feta, or olives and canadian bacon, or anchovies and onions (??) naturally HAS to be a day when I can't eat solid food and would cheerfully trade my mother for a piece of pizza I could eat.


Lunch: A carton of chocolate milk and a tiny container of applesauce.
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oh kay.

The asymptomatic strep tests may be due to me being a carrier - can't really tell til I go in and get tested without having any big issues going on at the time.

I've developed white spots on the floor of my mouth now, and eww ), but strangely, swallowing is less painful now. Still can't open my mouth enough for real food, but what the hell. :P Doc prescribed heavier duty antibiotics - screw that wimpy penicillin crap - with orders to report immediately to urgent care without passing go if I don't improve in the next couple of days or if I have trouble breathing.
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I'm falling apart.

Yesterday morning, I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with yet another asymptomatic strep infection - this one on the floor of my mouth. Hurts like hell to open my mouth or swallow. He prescribed antibiotics and a lidocaine-based mouth rinse.

This morning, it's worse. Looking at myself in the mirror, the underside of my chin is visibly swollen and tender and painful to the touch. Consulting nurse advised that I hie myself back to the doc ASAP. I have another appt at 11 this morning.

This seriously sucks, yo. I haven't been able to eat anything but 3 single-serve cartons of applesauce and a bit of chicken soup (love to Corey's mom!) since lunchtime on Thursday. I'm starving, and way lightheaded. And the lidocaine swish? Lasts for about 20 minutes, if I don't eat or drink anything.
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I feel crappy, and I think I pulled something in my shoulder this morning trying to turn off Dan's alarm clock. WTF Dan's alarm clock was doing going off at 5:30am when DAN HADN'T EVEN GONE TO BED YET, I have no idea. But I am tired and cranky and ouchful and my tummy hurts and I do not want to go to work and I have to anyway.

Ok, I'm done whining for the moment. Carry on.

PS. Dear hip, don't you even fucking DARE.
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Ok, that was weird.

I started feeling a bit nauseous this morning, so I thought that maybe some chicken soup might settle my stomach. Handily, I had a can of chicken-and-rice soup in my cubby, so I prepared it. Ate a few spoonfuls, and shortly thereafter managed to IM [ profile] joyce "soup's NOT WORKING" just in time before tmi ). Did I mention, by the way, that my boss happened to be walking past my cube at the time, and was kind enough to pass me the box of kleenex.

Now, the nausea -> yarf is not the weird part. Sort of stands to reason, in fact.

The weird part is that now, 20 minutes after that happened, I am not nauseous in the slightest.

Headache's still lurking around the edges waiting to sneak back in though :P
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Hokay. So the damn headache came back with a head-splitting vengeance around 11am yesterday. I came home and doped myself to the gills, again, and through trial and error, a double-dose of acetaminophen paired with a single ibuprofen seems to knock out the headache about 3/4 of the time, as long as I take them at the same time and don't eat anything. :P Dan and I watched The Phantom Menace*. I mostly stayed awake, so's not to go to bed early and find myself awake at 3am for good, but finally sacked out around 9:30. On the plus side, I only woke up at 11:30, 2:30 and 5am, and when I got up for good at 6:15 per usual, the headache was tentatively gone again. We'll see. (Though I'm still bloody tired.)

*I've had "The Saga Begins", and he's had "American Pie", stuck in our heads for like.....four days now. This is all [ profile] pyran's fault. But every time Dan plays "American Pie", I sing the words to "The Saga Begins" (the battle droids were broken....), and so we've both had a powerful urge to re-watch the Star Wars series. Which is kind of annoying, as neither of us really likes the first one, and I'm not a huge Star Wars fan in general. But hey.
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I got about 45 minutes of sleep last night, best I can tell, because of a debilitating headache that completely scoffed at all attempts at relief, including various combinations of 4 advil, 3 tylenol, propping myself up with pillows instead of lying down, and my husband bringing me cool washcloths to put on my forehead and the back of my neck at 3am and 4am. I finally gave up and got out of bed at 5:15, and as soon as I stopped trying to sleep, the headache started to recede. I dunno if it was a lying-down-exacerbation thing or what, but once I got up and started moving around, it helped.

Of course, now I'm FUCKING EXHAUSTED. There is a not-insignificant possibility that my evening plans will include "Come home from work and go to bed. Do not pass go."

But I'm also weirdly hungry, and would happily strangle someone for a pizza.
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(I tried to post this by email, but it won't send for some reason. So if it doubleposts again later, my apologies.)

Aftermath - the medical results of kicking Friday ass.

First and foremost, my right hip flexor - you know, the muscle surrounding the crazy arthritic hip joint of mine - is inflamed. No stabby pains, but it's definitely sore and achey. However, after 15 minutes with an icepack and a couple of motrin, it's relatively inoffensive. I can keep taking the motrin and get an ice pack at pit stops if I need to, and I should be fine, just kinda slow.

Second, I have sunburned arms. And probably face too, but I didn't look. Owie. Naturally, I did not pack the little bottle of aloe I got. (Yes, I forgot to put on sunscreen. This is the fourth time I've been sunburned since I moved to Seattle, and onlythe second that didn't involve garb.)

Finally, the top of my right foot is sore. I dunno what that's all about.
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3-Day: Training is going well. This morning, I met up with [ profile] pixelwench and [ profile] wankle (and miscellaneous other people) to do an 8K walk for the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. I adore my little camelback - very handy. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $1585 of $2200. The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it at the beginning of each month. I had a physical on Monday, at which I had blood drawn for the first time ever (it's strangely fascinating, in kind of a squicky sort of way), and I have low cholesterol and no danger of developing diabetes any time soon. All looks well, and my doctor is impressed with my goals.

Crafting: I finished the box-lace scarf woo! I'm currently on the body of the summer Eris, which is going kind of slowly, as I'm on row 29 of 58 rows of straight-up stockinette - BORING. I want to dig out the lace duster pattern I have, as well as making myself a summer dress or two, since I can never find ones that I like in stores. I also ordered a recently released pattern book of cable-y things (Anjela - it's the one that was rec'ed the other day by the Yarn Harlot, if you want to take a look at it - it should be delivered Tuesday.)

Family: Pending confirmation from my boss, I'll be visiting my grandmother in Arizona from May 11-15th. She is apparently no longer dating the alcoholic, which pleases me. In further boggle, her best friends, who I've grown up calling Aunt and Uncle, apparently finalized their divorce in February. I find it only marginally disturbing that my grandmother and her social circle (all in their mid-80s) have more variance in their dating lives than I or most of my friends do.

New Years' Goal: I've made all my sub-goals for the fifth week in a row. My overall goal was to lose the 25 pounds I gained upon getting a car; to date I've lost approximately 12 of them. I've been slowly expanding my cookbook selection, as the part I always have the hardest time with is hitting the "dinners-at-home" goal.

Reading: Finished Cell (by Stephen King) and Helter Skelter, currently reading Reading Lolita in Tehran (which I put down a while ago and haven't picked up again yet, for no particular reason), and The Dead Will Rise (a true-crime-ish book about the lynching of Leo Frank in 1913 - going slowly, it's my nightstand book which means I read it about 15 minutes at a time twice a week or so). I have a huge stack of library books on my desk, and another on my PDA, but haven't started any of those yet.

School: Spring quarter starts a week from tomorrow.

Watching: Ari and I saw The Inside Man this afternoon - not a good movie. The only likeable character in it was the bank robber. Other than that, Dan and I have been working through DS9, a bit of Buffy (season 4), and I ordered the first season of Babylon-5 from Deep Discount DVD, which shipped Friday.

Wedding: Nothing new.

Work: Same old.


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