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There is a new leaking spot in my ceiling, and even more of it is brown and mushy. If I come home from Vegas to find that stoner maintenance guy has sat on his ass twiddling his thumbs all weekend while my ceiling caved in, I am going to be a screaming raging mass of anger.
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More dripping from Site A, for about two minutes, 9:32pm. Manager was called, she assured me she was sending the maintenance guy over. Of course, the dripping stopped as soon as I hung up the phone.

Maintenance guy has concluded that, every time I've seen it dripping, the dude upstairs was in the shower. (Dude confirms this.) I have explained to maintenance guy that ordering the dude upstairs to stop showering is not a valid fix to my ceiling. Maintenance guy says that he will do something about something tomorrow.

Site A: flaking the texture crap off, brown-tinged, with a line emanating about a foot in each direction. Closest to the light fixture.

Site B: tiny hole

Site C: looks fine when it's not dripping, ergo circled with a sharpie marker

Site D: has not dripped yet, but is a 10"x14" soggy mushy brown-tinged spot closest to the wall.
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... and again my ceiling is leaking in two places (Site A & C) and wet to the touch in a third (Site D). *scowl* and there is apparently no sort of voicemail or answering machine on the management office phone where I can either leave a message or get the emergency maintenance number.

It seems to have stopped - it was actively dripping in two places from about 6:40 to 6:50 or so. One drippy spot has actually flaked off the popcorny-plaster-stuff on the ceiling (Site A). I drew a mark around the other one with a sharpie marker, as it looks fine when it's not actively dripping (Site C). The third is a big .... I dunno, 10x14" brownish spot on the ceiling that's damp and slightly soggy to the touch? (Site D)

Not cool, for srs. I've moved the electronics and whatnot off my desk, which is of course located square underneath all three drippy/wet sections. I left a note on the maintenance guy's shop door, and will call the management office as soon as they're open (and get the emergency number and ask why they don't have any sort of message service, because when I am calling my apartment manager, I should not get fifteen rings and no answer and no message option), and this is EFFING IRRITATING.

The other day, maintenance dude was all "You don't want me to cut into your CEILING, do you?" Well, buddy, I want you to do whatever it takes to make sure that my apartment isn't leaking water onto my stuff. I don't care if it's only ten minutes a day of dripping, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
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Hey, apartment? Can you maybe take a look at my to-do-before-leaving list and tell me where, exactly, you found the entry reading "start leaking water from the bathroom of the apartment above mine onto my desk"? Because whoever wrote that there, it sure as hell wasn't me. SO KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF.

*drenched in the blood of sacrificed goats*

(Not really. Just sayin'.)


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