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So, my new apartment.

I have the laundry room to one side, which is nice in that it gives background white noise, makes my place frequently smell of clean laundry, and is off limits after 10pm.

I have the storage closet for the hot water heaters to the other side, which is nice that it is quiet.

I have the exercise room directly below me, which both is quiet and will not complain if I happen to jump up and down.

However, directly above me (in another studio apartment?!), there seems to be a woman with at least four children, judging from what I heard and saw (I saw two kids, but before I knocked, heard at least three kid voices aside from the woman, who was also carrying a baby) when I just went up there to ask her to please, PLEASE stop trying to teach them to juggle bowling balls, which is what I can only assume they've been dropping repeatedly for the last hour and a half. On the plus side, they've quieted significantly since then, and now I just hear occasional squeaks. :P But wtf? Five people in a studio apartment? Ye gods, I hope she was just babysitting. :P
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Recent happenings.

Good -
- lots of good WoW developments - several first-kills, a flaming horsie with fangs, level 50 and a water elemental named Fred.
- My baby brother proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas day, and she accepted. (Related weird: This means that my 25-year-old brother will have a 11-year-old stepson. Also weird: Both my younger siblings are dating people older than me. I am the only one who finds any of this weird.)
- I have about six knitting projects currently on needles.
- In correlation, I have about twelve million various movies/TV series in queue to watch/rewatch in the not-so-distant future.
- The girls did absolutely AWESOME at their initiation last night - every single one of them, including the pro tems, had at least a 95% accuracy rate on their parts. (They need to practice their square corners, IMO, but Michigan Rainbow was rather more formal than Washington Rainbow appears to be. Or maybe it's just that my mother advisor was a million years old and picky.)
- At the installation on Saturday, not only is one of the board members bringing me the OES Petition I've been waiting for for two months, but apparently the Worthy Matron will be there and I can meet her. Spiffy.

Bad -
- I had my first math exam last night. I think I might've eked out a good solid C. On the plus side, the rest of the class involves less graphing and more actual equations, and he tosses out the lowest of the three exams for grading purposes.
- The closet door behind my desk randomly fell off the track last night. This has been happening a lot in our apartment lately. I don't like it when sliding doors jump off their tracks for no explainable reason.
- Still waiting on both of my W2s and both of Dan's W2s. Feh.
- Coworker? So. So. So. Stupid.

Awesome -
- Who has plane tickets to Nashville for the third week of June? OH HAY THAT WOULD BE ME.
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I have now dismantled, re-mantled, and totally revamped my desk space. (I do that every so often, but this was the first time really doing so since we moved in here last October.) I have two desks, actually - one big L-shaped desk consisting of two 24x36 legs and the corner, and then another 24x36 desk that I use to make a U-shape. Good: Awesome amounts of desk space, and everything's pretty close to hand. Bad: Those awesome amounts of desk space are also prone to collecting awesome amounts of clutter.

Biggest change: Desk is no longer lifted. It's back to normal desk height. Feels a mite odd, but as Dan kept pointing out, I haven't really been needing to stand at it for quite a while. Took out three boxes and a bag of random junk that had been accumulating (or was left over from when we moved), and now I have more space too. (That said, it feels smaller - probably because it's 8" shorter than it used to be.)

The change was mostly prompted by the fact that the original setup assumed that Nagi - my desktop PC - was my primary computer. However, since acquiring Khan (one month ago today! Holy crap, time flies!), that has no longer been the case. The new setup allows me more room for Khan, and also lets me share the giant mousepad of doom (needed, when one has a glass desk and infrared mice!) between both computers - Nagi's monitor and keyboard are to my left, but her mouse (being cordless) can live on its charging base on the back right corner of the desk, where I can get to it if I need to. I also swapped the sides - one side of the L has an upper shelf, and now that's the leg of the U rather than the center bit - so I can see the office TV from my desk. (Before, Nagi's monitor was in the way.) And as an added bonus, I can now get to Nagi's media drives - specifically, the DVD burner - without doing acrobatics and practically falling out of my chair.

Still need to do a bit of rearranging on the stuff, but I think the important bits are set for now. Which is nice, because my happy ass is going to bed.
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PSA: We're canceling the land line, just as soon as I can get Vonage to answer the phone and not put me on hold for 20 minutes. Going back to cell phones only, now that we both get reception in the apartment. (I mean, we used the land line for all of 9 minutes last month. Totally not worth it, even though it's cheap.)
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These days, my time seems to be occupied mostly by things what begin with W.

Ok, not so time-occupying, except in that I need to be there. (With the exception of today, where I missed half my IMs because I was working on a big pile of junk. Dammit.) However, a couple of weeks ago I put in my notice at BYVS, and this past Saturday was my last evening there. They were sad to see me go, and the manager assured me that I was welcome back at any time.

19 more days, and then I will not have to worry about any of it anymore, except the name changing, which is cake. (Been there, done that.) For now, I have to finish and print the programs, print out the ceremony/notes, pick up the wedding license, polish up the weekend schedule (which will mostly affect me and my houseguests), pick out and order plants for centerpieces, poke anyone who hasn't RSVP'ed yet to do so, final fitting on my dress, and we MUST MUST MUST clean the office and bedroom before the in-laws show up. (They will demand a tour, as they've never seen this place, and in the current state of affairs, I'd be embarassed to show them anything beyond closed doors.) (On a less stressful note, 2 weeks from RIGHT NOW, I will be preparing to leave to pick up my Joyce from the airport! Woo!)

Watching movies and working on various crafty projects:
These two things go hand in hand, pretty much. I currently have 4 knitting projects in various stages of "on the needles", ranging from "I just need to frigging buckle down and finish the damn thing" to "I have 18 days to finish this if it's going to be ready at my wedding rehearsal" to "I just cast on last night and probably have to rip and try again with smaller needles". I'm also 90% done with sewing a dress that may be either my wedding rehearsal dress or my going-away-from-wedding dress, with another pattern/fabric combo ready to go. As to movies, I didn't like Children of Men because it was boring, turned off Notes on a Scandal when Dame Judi Dench started macking on Cate Blanchett, boggled at the evilness of the nuns in The Magdalene Sisters, and totally lost it when Anya wanted to know why Joyce didn't just get back in her body and drink fruit punch in the Buffy S5 episode "The Body". (I should be finishing season 5 this weekend.) I picked up Center Stage and Jesus Christ Superstar on VHS for fifty cents each, Ari and I started Babylon 5 Season 5, and I have an HBO miniseries on Elizabeth 1 that I'm very much looking forward to. And I think my bridesmaids are conspiring to have me watch Steel Magnolias at my hen party, so I need to remember to make sure I get hold of it for that night. :)

WoW: gets its own alliterative set of sub-categories )
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So ludicrously productive today.

I have:
played Kedria for half a level
read The Romanov Prophecy
had lunch with Ari
gone grocery shopping (2 weeks worth of groceries for under $75 rawr)
cleaned out the fridge
put away the groceries
taken out four trips worth of junk and boxes turned up in the re-org
vacuumed where Dan's desk used to be (for the love of god, goldfish crackers and raw pasta crushed up under the desk?!)
moved the table from the office back out to the front room (which involved dis- and re-mantling it)
moved my bookshelf, my treadmill and my papasan from the front room into the office
put away the games
put my crafty stuff in the office
put away the extra storage cubes - either in the closet, if we don't need them, or wherever we need them for use
decluttered the bathroom
replaced the shower curtain liner
fixed something for myself to take to work for lunch tomorrow (3 days worth of rice, chili beans, corn, and tomato glop)
put the couch back in place in the living room

Yet to do:
reorganize the bookshelf with yarn and books as appropriate
put coffee table back in place in the living room (I can't move it solo)
figure out what I want to fix for dinner

Edit: Details on the grocery shopping and cheap-but-fast-and-tasty recipes now included in commentary.
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Nagi: Unplugged. Rawr.

Our house is still an unholy mess, with a living room full of misplaced furniture and whatnot, but we're slowly making sense of it. I am pleased. :)
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I almost fell out of bed this morning, because bed was 2.5 feet higher than I'm used to.

We took delivery of a family-heirloom bedroom set last night - queen-sized bed, big dresser and mirrored hutch, and a pair of nightstands. Very nice stuff, all heavy real wood.

I haven't slept in a real bed for more than a night or two at a time since I was seventeen.

18: couch.
19: waterbed, pull-out sofa, futon.
20: futon, floor, beanbag.
21: mattress on floor, futon pad on floor.
22-yesterday: futon pad on floor.
Last night: REAL BED.

It was comfy, but it'll take a couple of days to get used to, I think. Especially the falling out of bed in the morning part.


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