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Two things I have learned about myself in the last year that I feel need to be reiterated after a lovely discussion last night:

1. I am, simply put, frickin' awesome. My friends know this, agree with me, and treat me accordingly.
2. I am, and should be, and will continue to be, my own first priority.
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Two things I have learned about myself in the last year that I feel need to be reiterated after a lovely discussion last night:

1. I am, simply put, frickin' awesome. My friends know this, agree with me, and treat me accordingly.
2. I am, and should be, and will continue to be, my own first priority.
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Reposting this quote here so I can find it again, because LJ is way easier to find past posts on than FB is.

"Owls are wise. They are careful and patient. Wisdom precludes boldness. This is why owls make poor heroes."

Send me an owl, Mama Athena.
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Because flying feels like falling, flying feels like falling
When I close my eyes…

So I’ll clutch the plastic armrests and I’ll sway side to side
With my seatbelt tight, eyes open wide
To get to you, I’ll take this ride

I’m lazy, but I like hard work, shoulder to the plough
A heavy head feels good in bed, but I don’t sleep nohow
And minutes into hours into staring at the wall
My mind will not surrender into darkness into deeply dream at all
Water into wine
Takes a little pressure
And a lot of time…
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Ways I do not know that summer is coming:
Seattle's damnable weather. Aside from one totally unexpected day last weekend, it continues to be low 50s (at best), grey and rainy. Apparently it was even snowing in some areas yesterday. Yuck.

Ways I do know that summer is coming:
First, I can wake up. Even though I'm staying up til midnight or later most nights, I still don't have any problems getting up between 5:30 and 6:30am, and the occasional snooze-buttoning is out of habit rather than necessity and used to lay in bed and think, not trying to wake up. (During the winter, it takes three alarms to wake me, and I snooze-button all three for at least an hour.)

Second, and infinitely more important, I leave on my first vacation of four this summer two weeks from tomorrow. :)
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Happy day, y'all.

Here's to new beginnings, amen and amen.
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Note to self: Sampling the Five Hour Energy Drink does not in fact make you feel any more awake, it apparently just makes you completely unable to hold onto any conversational thread that does not involve lemony desserts, in an acute-onset fit of the Oo Shinies.

However, outside sources confirm that the kidlet really is stupidly adorable, and it is not just the energy drink talking.

silliness )
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Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again with expectation of different results.

Dear Ginger:

NO, when you stay up until midnight, you will NOT be well-rested the next day when your alarms go off at 6am. It may be totally worthwhile in some cases, which is cool, but "rested" just ain't gonna happen.

Today (work 8-4, work 5-11) is going to be a long em-effing day. *zzzz*
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Prompted by a conversation I had with [ profile] joyce:

There is, in fact, a very small selection of people to whom I am willing to actually *twitch* talk on the phone for conversations of more than three words. I can think of ... five. Seven, if you count my parents. Anybody else, I mostly don't answer the phone.

Nobody else should take this personally. It's me, not you. :)
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Man. Daylight Savings Time is hitting me a lot harder this year than previous. Probably because this is the first year that I've already been brainwiped going into DST from the whole job-job-school-no-free-time thing.

But the end of the quarter is a week from today, and this coming weekend I'm going up to Victoria with Heather and Brian to go to the Royal BC Museum and have high tea at the Empress, and then I will have almost two weeks with only job-job to worry about, and after that all the school is online and can be worked around and I can breathe again.

The worst is over now and I can breathe again
/amy lee

So, yeah. Brain is toasty, but life is still good. :)
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This weekend, I took the Ambassoraptor on my Dinosaur class field trip to the Burke Museum and on a trip with a friend to the Woodland Park Zoo. His trip reports, including some pictures, can be found here.

Ari went to the Burke with me, as the field trip was also open to friends and family. He helped my group with our assignment, and we generally had a good time.

That's my Dinosaurs instructor, posing with my travel dinosaur, in front of a dinosaur skeleton. I am terribly amused.

Afterwards, we went to Johnny Rocket's at the U-Village for burgers. Well, Ari got a burger. I initially got charcoal. :P I did finally get my burger though, and it was tasty. Then I went to work.

Monday at the zoo was a general blast. It was damn cold, and many of the animals seemed to agree, but as was established several times, it's frickin' February. Need to go back later in the spring/early summer. However, my three favorite exhibits to see at the zoo have always been the bears, the jaguars, and the snow leopards, and all three of them were as usual immensely cooperative.

The bear was chilling out like two feet from the glass.

The jaguar was chilling out like two feet from the glass.

And the snow leopard was pacing right up front by the fence, where he was super-visible through a window with some leaning or through the fence directly (which made for bad pictures, but was awesome in person).

And how better to cap off an outing to the zoo than a trip to Qdoba, really?

Post-zoo, I went home for a bit, then went to Half-Price Books, met Ari for a pre-movie cheeseburger, and we went to see Unknown, which was a fun little vaguely twisty thriller. And now I am vegetating over my trip report and occasionally dancing around my living room, because music is happy-making. :)

Tomorrow, alas, is back to work. However, there are some fun little plots a-brewin' for the next couple of weeks, one in particular which has me positively glowing with squee.
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I am sort of ridonkulously excited today.

This year is going to be AWESOME.

Impending awesome:

CANADA with Heather and Brian
IPHONE because Joyce indulges my silly love for small electronics
VEGAS with Joyce, Ari, and my mom and dad
GRADUATION oh hai thar associate's degree
JOYCE VISIT and WEDDING at which, to clarify, neither Joyce nor I are getting married


until my caps lock button breaks off

and then it will be cool in lowercase with big font.

No caps lock buttons were actually harmed in the squeeing of this post. It is however probably a good thing that I can't remember how to make my text blink.
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Happy new year, y'all. May 2011 serve us all better than 2010 did.
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Long weekend. Mostly very good, a little bittersweet.

Realization confirmed - I need to go home soon. *clings to people*

More later. I have to start packing for checkout.

I think I've gotten about three hours of sleep a night for the last six nights.
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Today has been a very surreal day.

Currently I am marinating the screws on my netbook in WD-40 in the hopes that tomorrow they will come out so I can replace Rikki's RAM so he will stop freezing, crashing and blue-screening every goddamn thirty seconds.
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This morning was a lovely clear sunny cool Saturday morning in Seattle, so I went for a walk. I paused partway through my walk to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, as it was a fairly long walk. Eight miles, all told. As I opened the container in which I had put my sandwich for smoosh protection, I was approached by a somewhat scraggly-looking fellow, who inquired whether I had any spare change that he might use to buy food. I said "I have no money, but would you like half my sandwich?"

Honestly, I fully expected him to say something about how he couldn't eat it for whatever reason, he just needed the money to buy his own food, because that's generally the answer I get when I make such an offer. Instead, he looked at me, a little surprised, and said "Sure, that would be cool." So I tore it more or less in half and gave him the larger piece, and he thanked me and wandered off eating it.

It was a beginning to a pretty decent day.
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Ok. So there is no GOOD time for someone who is terrified of spiders to encounter a spider at all.

There is definitely no GOOD time for someone who is terrified of spiders to encounter a three-inch-diameter spider.

But 6am, when my normal spider-killer is asleep, and I am in the bathroom naked and sitting on the toilet is about the worst time I can think of to look down and see a three-inch spider 18 inches away from my foot.

I'm impressed with myself though - not only did I manage not to pull the shower curtain down when I leapt up onto the edge of the tub, but every single towel I threw on the spider landed on it, and I did not wake my husband with the frantic jumping up and down on the pile. Probably because I was beyond screaming to a quiet mindless "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

I did, however, wake him afterwards to explain to him why there is a pile of towels on the bathroom floor that need to go through the laundry with hot water at least twice today. He managed to only laugh at me a little.

ETA: Then, when I got into the car to drive to the P&R for work, the first song that came up on my iPod was Weird Al's Spiderman song.
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Maybe some day someone will explain to me why it is that I sit here and read every. single. comment. in [ profile] sf_drama creepy pasta threads, meanwhile explaining to my friends that "I know I'm not going to sleep tonight because this is creeping me out, but dude, check out this story."
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To add to the rest of the February suckiness, both publicly described and otherwise, the ankle bracelet I've worn since the week before my wedding broke this morning, and I won't be able to repair it until this weekend. Considering the symbolism, its absence is very unsettling and noticeable to me.

Stupid leap year. Not only today, but another whole day for things to get fucked up before the new start in March. *sigh*


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