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This will probably get old at some point, but today is not that day.

I wore my hair in just a plain old ponytail today, guys. Not for a few minutes, not for an hour or two, ALL DAY. From the time I got up at 6:30am until the time I got home from Target at 11:15pm. No bun, no braids, just a ponytail winging around. (Ari caught it to the face a time or two.) This has not happened in literally, hand to god, YEARS. I haven't been ABLE to do this. Left to its own devices, my hair in its natural state, when dry and left down or in a ponytail for more than an hour or two, frizzes mightily and turns into a tangly wreck, so I always keep it up in a bun.

But today, right now, after almost eighteen hours down, my hair is STILL smooth, cooperative, non-frizzy and completely untangled. I CAN GET A COMB THROUGH IT, NEVER MIND A HAIRBRUSH.

Now, to be fair, I don't know how much of this is due to the keratin thing itself and how much to the fact that it's straightened. I do know that, regardless, I really like the way it looks straightened and have ordered a flat iron that is supposed to be delivered tomorrow (thanks for the rec [ profile] totheleft). But whatever it is that is making my hair behave so politely, I am a damn convert and I LOVE IT ZOMG.

I am allowed to wash it tomorrow evening. We'll see what it does after that.

(If anyone has any tips on the actual process of applying a flat-iron to one's own head, I'm all ears. I did pick up a bottle of Tresemme heat protecting stuff that came recommended on several websites as both inexpensive and decent quality.)
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Holy CRAP, guys. I love this. LOVE THIS.

My hair has never been straight before. NEVER EVER.



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