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So, good news and bad news.

Bad news:
Even though I was super super careful wrapping the ends to keep the dye off them so I could do them red tomorrow, they still picked up dye in the rinsing process. I don't know how well the red will go over the light tealy-purpley-greeny they picked up.

Good news:
Whether I decide to give it a try or not, it still looks EFFING AWESOME. I have midnight-glacier-head.

Pulled up a bit to see the ends -- my arms aren't long enough to get a picture of all of my hair by myself :P
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After Bleach Round 1, dry and still way green.
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After Bleach Round 2, still wet but no more green!
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It looks more lopsided than it really is in that second pic because it's all pulled forward over one shoulder. It's actually pretty even.

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LJ, tell me what to do with my hair.

On Tuesday the 3rd, I have an appointment to try a keratin treatment, which will in theory minimize my hair's tendency to frizziness, but as a side effect, will reportedly also cause whatever dye job I have at the time to last longer. To this end, I plan to bleach out my ends and redye them before that appointment. The question: What color(s) should I do, and how?

Given: This will involve, like last time, the bottom 12" or so of my hair, which is (as most of you know) hip-length, red and wavy-curly. (Technically my work dress code says no unnatural colors in my hair, though my boss doesn't actually mind, but this way I can put it up and it's not terribly visible.)

Vetos: No black or brown. Yellow, pink and pastels are all right out. I'm not real keen on fire-engine red, and while orange is one of my favorite colors, I don't know how well it would work. Yes, I know this is somewhat limiting.

So, options: green, blue, purple, possibly orange?

One color or more? The multicolored green and purple thing I did last year was really damn cool, but got to be a major pain when it was time to redo it, unless I do a split down the middle and do one side X and one side Y. I could do a horizontal split, 6" of X and 6" of Y? I dunno. :)
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So I had intended to take a picture outside in the sunlight.

Of course, this being Seattle, we HAD no sunlight today. :P

So this picture shows the colors pretty well, under my fluorescent lights at work

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And this picture shows the overall look okay, in my poorly-lit bathroom

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I will try again for a daylight picture tomorrow, hopefully!
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Oh yeah!

Hair experiment, Phase 1, Round 2: Platinum!

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The transition point is a little dodgy, because I didn't take too much care to make sure the stopping point was at EXACTLY the same place on EVERY HAIR, but I figure a little bit of fudge in the transition will make it look cool, a little less artificial than a straight line would? (Right, I know, green and purple are not going to look anything BUT artificial, but hey.)

We'll find out. :)

I used the 40-volume bleach for another... oh, 50-60 minutes? Something like that, and the toner for 10. Worked way better than I had anticipated. :)
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Oh, what a day.

There was breakfast (melon, muffins, bacon and juice), and more movies with the kids.

Then I came home, chatted up a few people, and headed out to Woodinville for an intro shift to volunteering with one of the local greyhound rescue kennels. Promptly died of cuteness. Next summer, I think. :)

Tonight, there will be phase 2 of the great hair experiment, and probably some working from home. I have a bunch of stuff what needs to get done before Monday morning, so that's tonight and a bit of tomorrow, around plans with people who rock.

And I am reconnecting with a long-out-of-touch old friend for dinner on Monday, so that should be nice.

So much to do before Wednesday morning!
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Bleach phase two was immensely successful, like, almost platinum white-blonde successful. Picture when I get home, for those of you who haven't seen it on Facebook. I left yesterday before I could get it uploaded. Color comes today :)

Last night and this morning is/was the Rainbow line officers' retreat - sort of a bonding thing for our five kids in the top end leadership positions for our assembly. We went to Buca di Beppo for dinner, and had an excellent meal of chicken cannelloni, baked rigatoni and prosciutto-stiffed chicken, and then the kids wanted to see how far we could all get on Beppo's special brownie sundae. The thing was bigger than my head, included like twelve brownies and a mound of whipped cream and house-made gelato, and was served in a martini glass about a foot across. Between five kids and four adults, we polished the whole mess off, and my GOD was it tasty.

When we got back to the mother advisor's house, the kids goggled over her dog, and then watched Zoolander. I sacked out shortly after midnight, and - per usual for me on weekends - was wide awake without the aid of an alarm by 6:30am. (I realized this morning that I forgot to turn my own alarm clock off before I left. I should put that on my GenCon list, heh.) I'm not sure what the morning holds, but I'm told that things should be done here around 1, and I have a training in Woodinville at 5.

I also have about four or so hours of work to do tomorrow, stuff that has to be done before Monday, but I think I can do all of it from home.

Wheeee. :)
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Experiment, phase 1!

In order to get my hair to take any color at all, I have to bleach the unholy hell out of it. Like, last time, when I did the green and blue a million years ago, I just went and bought blonde hair color that said DO NOT LEAVE ON YOUR HAIR FOR MORE THAN 15 MINUTES OR YOUR HAIR WILL FALL OUT AND RUN AWAY SCREAMING, and in order to get my hair light enough to color, I had to leave it on for upwards of two hours.

This time, I specifically bought a bleaching kit with 40 volume bleach, whatever that means, and a toner. I mixed the 40 volume stuff up per the instructions and left it on for an hour and fifteen minutes, rather than the 10-20 they recommended. Then I rinsed it out and used the toner, leaving it on for 20 minutes rather than the 10 they recommended.

Now, the part of my hair that I bleached is just a bit redder than the honey-blonde that my little sister's is naturally.

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No, that's not a lighting change in the middle there. I'm only coloring the ends of my hair - that's about a foot of braid that's bleached there, starts at about mid-back.

Phase 2 probably won't happen until Saturday night :) I *may* do another round of bleach first - not sure.
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Mmmm busy next few days.

Regular work on Friday
Chaperoning a line officers' retreat Friday night through Saturday afternoon
Training shift at the greyhound kennel 5-7pm on Saturday
Estimating 4-8 hours of overtime Sunday
Regular work on Monday
Dinner with Sammy on Monday evening
Check in for flight and print out boarding pass early early Tuesday

Leaving for the airport 4am Wednesday for 6am flight

Not exactly time-sensitive, but needs to get done before 4am Wednesday:
Finish packing for Con
Supply and perform hair dye experiment
Library run

Finish reviewing Dresden RPG books
Get my nails done

Wheee :)


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