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Which is funnier?

The drunk people in Vegas staggering up to me and slurring "Hey, your hair's GREEN!"


The perfectly sober people EVERYWHERE ELSE who come up to me and go "Hey, your hair's GREEN!"

Other funny hair moments: The little girl in my checklane who stage-whispered in proper toddler fashion (by which I mean at the top of her tiny little lungs) "MOMMY, HER HAIR IS PURPLE," to which her mother replied "Honey, it's not very nice to make up stories about ... oh."

Also, one of my Target supervisors has taken to calling me Mermaid Girl. This amuses me.
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Ok, I really really like these. However, experience says that they will not hold up to my hair - I need either two double-pronged pins, or one pin with 3+ prongs; I can't make two single pins hold it, no matter how cool they are. And even if I could, I would really have a hard time justifying spending $130 on them. :P But a couple of years back, I seem to have lost the hand-carved three-prong pin I got at MRF and wore for pretty much eight years straight, so I've been getting by with scrunchies. Which do the trick, but they are not pretty.

So instead I ordered a pair of double-pronged 6" hairpins carved from shed antler with tulip-wood ends, which are quite lovely.

[10:07] ginger: But dang, it would be fun to be able to pull a pair of tiny swords out of my hair :)
[10:09] ari: I don't know... it's one thing when you whack me when I do something really dumb. Stabbing me would be something else entirely... ;-)
[10:09] ginger: Darling. I do not need tiny swords to stab you.
[10:09] ginger: And really, I just ordered two six-inch-long double-pronged antler pins. You're worried about tiny blunt wooden katanas?
[10:09] ari: Well yeah, there is that. :)
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Sharing a locked post from a community - quoted with permission, but not attributed by specific request.

But why don't you wear your hair down more often? What's the point of having long hair if it's always up? )

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Dear LJ, I cut my hair today.

Read more... )
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Dear braintrust: I'm looking for a hair management thingy.

I've always heard these called a snood and seen them sold at renfaires, but other people know them by different names. The label says the one I have, at least, is rayon. It's crocheted string with an elastic band, and while I could totally make one, I seem to recall never paying more than $4 for one. But googling only gets me either patterns for them, super-expensive ones, or solid cloth ones - none of which are what I want. Ideally, I'd like at least a little variety in color - black, brown and navy or burgundy, especially. Cream might be nice too.

Example behind the cut. )
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Dear small child on the bus:
Yes, I have three and a half feet of beautimous awesomeness growing out of my head. NO, YOU DO NOT GET TO TOUCH IT.

Dear mother of small child on the bus:
1. Get your kid a damn napkin, he's covered in peanut butter or something.
2. Please to be teaching him not to grab hold of strangers; someone who isn't me may decide they'd like to keep him someday.
2b. If you can't do that, at least hold onto him so he doesn't wander three rows away to try to grab hold of my braid with STICKY HANDS.
3. For all our collective sakes, I am very glad that I am not one of the crazier members of [ profile] longhair who like to shout about how they backhand people who touch their hair without even thinking about it. But they're out there, yo.

The lady with pretty hair who now has it wound securely on top of her head out of small-child reach.
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Received today: 3 samples of shampoo bars from Chagrin Valley. Will report when tried. *nod*
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I kinda want a userpic made from this picture, but I'm not sure what it should look like or anything, aside from that I DO need a new hair userpic, as my current ones are 5 and 3 years old, respectively.
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The photo meme. Ask for a picture of something (within reason, please) and I'll post an image of it. It can be as specific as "your dining room" or as esoteric as "something purple" or "something fluffy".

A picture of your favorite moose item?
A picture of you and Dan together?

moose... )

Dan and I together )

your bathroom cabinet interiors! Like where you'd have your hair accessories and such.

hair accessories... )

Interior of underwear drawer, please.

flimsies! )

The camera seems to be working okay :) anyone else?
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Ha! It was exactly six years ago today that I got my last haircut.


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