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As I said, Rainbow installations are formal events. So I wore a formal.

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Aside from work this morning, I spent most of today at a Rainbow event - an installation. These happen every January and June, when the officer corps changes up and a new girl takes over as the leader of the Assembly. In addition to the formalities of the officer change, there are also other major announcements made at these things, various awards given out and whatnot.

At tonight's event, one of the announcements made was that I was designated a member of the Grand Cross of Color - the highest honor granted to Rainbow members (current or past) to reward service above and beyond for Rainbow.
The Grand Cross of Color is the highest award that can be bestowed upon a Rainbow Girl or adult.

I thought of those who had served and made Rainbow possible without any hope of reward. This honour was intended for girls, and yet, the possibility of it was brought about by adults, those who could see in the value of youth the coming of tomorrow. It must have beauty and glamour in order to appeal to youth, drawing them out of a drab period in their lives. It was the beauty and the eternal in the lives of the adults who made this degree possible and clothed it with colour and gave it its appeal.

--Reverend W. Mark Sexson, founder of IORG
This makes me smile.

In an ideal world, the ceremony of confirmation would take place at Grand Assembly - however, I will be missing Grand Assembly this year because it happens to be the same week I'm in Orlando. So I have to wait for the ceremony in November to get my medallion. (It looks like this.)
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Dear DeMolay boys: Jokes about erectile dysfunction and handling your balls are not, in fact, appropriate for Rainbow events. Really? REALLY?

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I made a pot of soup yesterday and it is SO GOOD. *om nom nom*

I have tomorrow off completely, until the Rainbow meeting in the evening. The to-do list:

-clean the tub
-make a pot of sweet-and-sour chicken to pack up for meals (bubbling away)
-laundry, including bedsheets
-put away laundry and re-make bed (new flannel sheets!)
-pay bills
-work out the next couple of months' budget
-work on Christmas shopping lists ETA: started, but not enough to cross off.
-plan out a few more cook-en-masse meals to pack up
-make shopping lists for same if necessary
-make CHEESECAKE ETA: No can do. No sugar. :(

-take anthro midterm
-watch the movie to finish last week's music assignment
-do this week's music assignment
-get as much of this week's English assignment done as possible
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Things to be careful about when self-lacing a tooled leather Pendragon bodice (which is designed to be laced by someone else from the back) from the front: PINCHING. Ow.

Halloween meeting night with the kids :)
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Oh, what a day.

There was breakfast (melon, muffins, bacon and juice), and more movies with the kids.

Then I came home, chatted up a few people, and headed out to Woodinville for an intro shift to volunteering with one of the local greyhound rescue kennels. Promptly died of cuteness. Next summer, I think. :)

Tonight, there will be phase 2 of the great hair experiment, and probably some working from home. I have a bunch of stuff what needs to get done before Monday morning, so that's tonight and a bit of tomorrow, around plans with people who rock.

And I am reconnecting with a long-out-of-touch old friend for dinner on Monday, so that should be nice.

So much to do before Wednesday morning!
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Bleach phase two was immensely successful, like, almost platinum white-blonde successful. Picture when I get home, for those of you who haven't seen it on Facebook. I left yesterday before I could get it uploaded. Color comes today :)

Last night and this morning is/was the Rainbow line officers' retreat - sort of a bonding thing for our five kids in the top end leadership positions for our assembly. We went to Buca di Beppo for dinner, and had an excellent meal of chicken cannelloni, baked rigatoni and prosciutto-stiffed chicken, and then the kids wanted to see how far we could all get on Beppo's special brownie sundae. The thing was bigger than my head, included like twelve brownies and a mound of whipped cream and house-made gelato, and was served in a martini glass about a foot across. Between five kids and four adults, we polished the whole mess off, and my GOD was it tasty.

When we got back to the mother advisor's house, the kids goggled over her dog, and then watched Zoolander. I sacked out shortly after midnight, and - per usual for me on weekends - was wide awake without the aid of an alarm by 6:30am. (I realized this morning that I forgot to turn my own alarm clock off before I left. I should put that on my GenCon list, heh.) I'm not sure what the morning holds, but I'm told that things should be done here around 1, and I have a training in Woodinville at 5.

I also have about four or so hours of work to do tomorrow, stuff that has to be done before Monday, but I think I can do all of it from home.

Wheeee. :)
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Mmmm busy next few days.

Regular work on Friday
Chaperoning a line officers' retreat Friday night through Saturday afternoon
Training shift at the greyhound kennel 5-7pm on Saturday
Estimating 4-8 hours of overtime Sunday
Regular work on Monday
Dinner with Sammy on Monday evening
Check in for flight and print out boarding pass early early Tuesday

Leaving for the airport 4am Wednesday for 6am flight

Not exactly time-sensitive, but needs to get done before 4am Wednesday:
Finish packing for Con
Supply and perform hair dye experiment
Library run

Finish reviewing Dresden RPG books
Get my nails done

Wheee :)
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So pulling a semi all nighter seems to have worked surprisingly well.

[ profile] pyran had to catch a 6am flight to Chicago for his parents' joint 60th birthday party this morning, and since I regularly have sleep issues that keep me up past midnight even when I go to bed at 10, I figured it would be easier to stay up past 4am and grab a few hours sleep once he was dropped off rather than to wake up early and then try to get back to sleep after (or spend my day having been awake since 3 on 2.5 hours' sleep).

I spent a good chunk of the wee hours of the night reading the book for the new Dresden Files RPG, ripping a 30-disc audiobook, watching part of 2012 on Netflix streaming, and bouncing all over Wikipedia, but none of that would have helped me stay awake and coherent at all were it not for the simultaneously excellent conversational abilities of [ profile] darkwolf_childe, who works nights and has access to IM. Bob bless Mike.

So Ari showed up here, and we left for the airport, around 4:15am. There were a couple of buckets of caffeine, I dropped him off, and then home I came, where I set a couple of alarms and fell into bed at 5:15. So uh... now I'm awake after about 3 hours of sleep, but I *am* awake, and I'm about to go take one of my kids out, with her mom's okay, and stuff her full of tasty breakfast whilst we commiserate about a month of wildly see-sawing life.

I don't remember the last time I stayed up til sunrise outside of GenCon. :P
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Our girls did a fantastic job this year. One elected grand officer, five appointed grand officers, two corries and a grand Cross of Color team member, plus half the rest of the COC team is from our sister assembly. I am really glad I was able to make it out here for the Saturday sessions.

However, while I love Molly to bits and absolutely adore her two girls, her mom drives me to drink, heh.
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Today, the half-assedly selling my MBP and replacing him with a nice shiny new Mac Mini was successful, after a truly hilarious comedy of frantic running around involving four different cities and attempting (successfully!) to install an operating system while driving across a highway bridge.

Sheridan is now hooked up and happily chilling out on my desk, my 22" widescreen monitor is getting use for damn near the first time since I quit playing WoW last July, I will be spending tomorrow at Grand Assembly hopefully watching a mess of my Rainbow girls get honors, and with a fan, my computer room is more or less comfortable even though it's 90 out and we have no AC.

I'll take it.
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Working on a last-minute scholarship recommendation letter for one of my girls, who had someone flake out on her with the scholarship due next week.

This is hard! I just kind of want to go "Okay, look, this kid is awesome, and you people would be stupid not to give her money. She just IS. Seriously. Trust me on this one."

Because this kid really IS that awesome, I'm just having a hard time putting it into words exactly WHY.
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In the realm of things that did NOT suck today, I found out that I was awarded a $1000 scholarship for the 2010-2011 school year. Two of my Rainbow girls were also awarded the same scholarship.
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Evita and making mac and cheese for thirty :) good times, yo!
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Weekend accomplishments, based on the original list:
I wrote and submitted my essay on Friday, took my exam* on Saturday morning, successfully completed all the Rainbow stuff** on Saturday afternoon/evening, got all my grocery shopping done on Sunday, and finished most of my questions for the class of suck. I also knitted 107 rows on the Olympic Vivian (which is the body almost all the way up to the underarms), and would have gotten farther except for a bollixed cable pair I have to fix before I continue. (Simple fix, I did one of the two last night, but then I wanted to go to bed. I'll fix the other tonight.)

And while I knitted, I watched a veritable Hugh Jackman movie fest, along with a couple other unrelated movies. (Equilibrium, Amelia, all four X-Men movies, Kate & Leopold, Swordfish, and The Prestige, plus several episodes of Babylon 5 with Joyce.)

* I got a 39/50, which on the one hand isn't great, but on the other, means my overall grade in the class is now something absurd like 337/350, so I'll take it.

** It was a two-assembly event, and each assembly was supposed to bring and set up half the reception. Our assembly did our half, and the other assembly brought part of their half (cream puffs) and forgot part of their half (punch), and didn't show up to set up any of their half until 15 minutes after the reception started, at which point we'd already set it up for them. We sent out one of our people to buy ingredients for a last minute punch, which turned out quite popular, but there is quite a bit of disgust with the other group right now among the adults.
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This weekend and the next couple of weeks might make me crazy.

At 6pm, the Knitting Olympics start.

I have a one-page essay, on a topic which will not fit on one page, due at some point. (I have not written it yet.) Written and submitted. I even made it fit on one page, with some judicious font sizing. (10.5 font FTW. :P )
I have a 50-minute history exam.
I have to meet Rainbow people at the bank at 12:30pm to switch over this year's check signers.
I have a large Rainbow event with practice and setup starting at 2, and the event running until about 9:30 or longer.

I have a fairly extensive grocery shopping trip planned, which will involve four different stores in three different towns (and frozen/cold-perishable goods at each, so I'll have to go home in between to drop them off).

I have four sets of questions due for my Class of Suck, two sets of which are on a book I haven't actually read yet. So I have to read the book sometime in there too. Edit: But the two that aren't on that book are done, so I can just copy/paste them to post them on the class discussion board.

The Knitting Olympics run from tonight through 2/28, just like the regular Olympics. I selected Vivian as my project for this year.

During those 16 days, in addition to this weekend's plans listed above, I have:
*Spring quarter registration opens on Tuesday 2/16; as there are only 24 openings in VOLCANO FIELD DAY, I need to get registered post-haste Tuesday morning if I want in.
*Another 3-4 page essay, two sets one set of homework questions, and another exam in my history class. Edit: Completed one set today, need to turn in.
*History class meetings on both Wednesdays.
*Weekly assignments, usually multiple readings with multiple sets of questions, for my Class of Suck.
*An OES meeting and a Rainbow meeting.
*Several Rainbow events that I already agreed to chaperone/help out with.
*The OES wine tasting and silent auction fundraiser, for which I am the chairman of the kitchen committee, is 2/27. I will also have at least one, if not two, committee meetings during this timeframe.
*A 1500-word research paper on the history of the lobotomy and its impact on modern medical ethics that is due on 3/2 and a major portion of my grade in the Class of Suck.
*And oh yeah, I work M-F 8-4ish.

I believe my experiments with giving up caffeine are off for the next few weeks.

Also, bob bless slow days at work.
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For investigation purposes, my winter quarter second class options as of today and their book requirements, plus prices as per the school's bookstore:

Read more... )

Unfortunately, my two top options are problematic -- my first pick would be the Women's Studies course, which is on Thursday nights. Just like my Rainbow meetings, my OES meetings, and my Rainbow board meetings (for which I have just been elected secretary). My second would be the chemistry, but that's a lot of price on those books, and there's not much wiggle room as they're not exactly books, but access to a specialized online instruction system.

Barring those two options, the Bioethics course is my top pick of what remains, though again that's potentially a lot of book. I'm trawling Google for cheap books; anyone have any specific suggestions for finding them? ISBNs are in the post.
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I have an OES triple-feature event tonight -- my birthday, holiday festivities, and initiating two of our Rainbow girls. So I dressed up a bit.

Read more... )

Off I go!

(Dan's grandpa made the wooden plaque visible behind me -- it's a lovely little woodland/mountain scene. Someday I'll have to post a picture of the eagle in our office.)


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