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Con was good and happymaking and, as always, too short.

Spoils: A rubber "Zombie Awareness" bracelet, 5 new buttons for my hat, a new toe ring, a lovely bit of leather for costuming, a new tail (Rank 2 now!), a messenger bag, a book (which is really interesting!), and a t-shirt in my favorite style (raglan with 3/4 sleeves) that says "Sin like you mean it".

Since last we saw our intrepid heroine... )

It was a good Con. There are almost always people at Con/GCL that I want to punch in the face repeatedly, but they are vastly outnumbered by the walking piles of awesome that I only get to see once a year.

Also, this is the part where I reiterate that pretty much the only thing I miss about the Midwest on a regular basis is the people, but there are SO MANY OF THEM THAT I MISS SO MUCH ARGH. *throwing mad love at Con people* [/mushy]

The Utah guys will be with us until next .... Sunday, I think. Today is my last day off before I go back to work, and I expect most of it will be spent in the "I just got home from vacation and the refrigerator is empty" vein of errands. I might even unpack, rather than letting it go til we've been home for a month.

Or maybe I'll just go spelunking through the GCL database to make sure all the little tweaks got made right.

Or maybe this weekend kick-started Gaelen's backstory again.

>.> Guess we'll find out. <.
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The next puzzle:

Five of us arriving at SeaTac on a 9:35pm flight next Sunday (the 17th), needing to get from there back to my apartment in Bellevue.

I don't think I know anyone in town with a vehicle big enough to pick up five people at the airport :P So far, the options appear to be:

Taxi - estimated by the airport's website at roughly $40.
Towncar/limo - estimated by the airport's website at $40-45. (Though any of these that specify the number of passengers specify four or less, and the rest of them don't say how many they can hold.)
Shuttle Express - $85.
Renting a car overnight - $80.
The bus - $10, plus about 2.5 hours.

Anybody have any ideas I'm not thinking of?
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My out-laws finally got around to sending us the pictures from their trip out here, which included the traditional Indian wedding ceremony to which I wore a sari.

see? )
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I got picked up around 9:30 by the Invaders, and we proceeded to drive around getting absolutely and completely lost for the next hour and a half. The original plan was to go to Vashon Island - except the directions to get to the Vashon Island ferry led from I-90 to Fauntleroy Way, and skipped the silly little parts in between like "Go from I-90 eastbound to I-5 southbound and take the West Seattle Bridge exit, and then follow the bridge to Fauntleroy Way". (I could've figured that part out, except that I had no idea that the Vashon ferry left out of West Seattle instead of the main Seattle waterfront.) So we decided that between the lost part and the fact that Dan wasn't going to drive/ferry to Vashon by himself when he got out of work, we'd wait til he got out of work and then all go over at the same time for dinner.

So I ended up having lunch with the Invaders, and then we chatted at my house while waiting for Dan to get out of work. We put on one of the podling's DVDs, but all he wanted to do was pet the kitties (who wanted nothing to do with this plan, but put up with it for a few seconds each, and he really was very well-behaved with them), roll dice, and play with my mechanical parrot. Finally, Dan got home, and we made attempt #2 at getting to Vashon Island.

Attempt #2 was much easier, since I knew where we were actually trying to go this time, and we made it to the ferry and thence to Vashon without incident. And once we were on Vashon.....

We found the pirate camp.

See, Dan's dad's cousin and his wife run a pirate-themed daycamp (the article is ancient, but they don't actually advertise, so it's all I can find!) on Vashon (well, technically Maury Island, but they're connected) in 4-day chunks for 11 weeks out of the summer. Their yard is....well, it's a giant playground, almost. There's fishponds, and rigging to climb, and a jungle gym with a slide, and a lookout with a telescope and hammock, and a fortune-teller's booth, and a little carnival, and a chicken cook that's shaped like a chicken (Jill, I'll have to show you the pictures once I get them from Dan's mom!), and a swashbuckling arena (where your opponents are hanging ropes), and a shipwreck that conceals a mine tunnel where the campers can actually mine for "buried treasure" (beads and buttons and whatnot that they seed the mine with), and a stage for skits, and all kinds of fun stuff. They've only done 3 weeks so far this summer, and not only are all their camper slots filled, but their WAITING LIST is filled up and closed too. Too COOL. Of course, the podling had a wonderful time, and Cap'n Jim Sir gave him all kinds of treasure.

At some point during the driving to-and-from Vashon, the podling decided it would be fun to start yelling things like "Poopybutt" randomly and repeatedly, despite his mother's instructions to the contrary. I told him that he was lucky; if I'd done that, my mama would've washed out my mouth with soap. Colleen went "Oh, HEY!" and dug out a packet of those little papery listerine breath strips - she knew from experience that podling didn't like them and also couldn't spit them out, coz they stick to the tongue - and told him that if he didn't quit with the "dirty words", he was going to have to eat one of those. He, of course did not stop until the application of said breath strip. It worked surprisingly well, up until the part where we all died laughing when Dan started cracking jokes about how Listerine could have a whole new marketing gig opened up in child corrections.
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Day One:
My grandmother and her platonic lifemate, Tom, flew in Friday afternoon (they're going on a cruise to Alaska, and most some of those leave out of Seattle). I picked them up at SeaTac at 5:45. Took them to their hotel where they checked in and dropped off the THREE TONS of luggage. After that, we retrieved Dan and went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, where we all had entirely more food than we could eat, and my grandmother accomplished one of her Red Hat Goals for Life: Order dessert first. The poor waitress was very confused.

Day Two:
Grandma, Tom and I went on a small driving tour of Seattle, and then to the Space Needle, where we waited in line for an hour or so and then looked around up top for about 20 minutes. Around 1:30pm, I took them to Pier 30, where I left them and their luggage in the care of a bellhop with much hugs, waving and wishes of a good trip.
At 5:30, we got a call from Dan's folks that they, his sister and nephew had just landed at SeaTac and were going to pick up their luggage (hopefully; apparently they only caught their connecting flight by 2 minutes, so we're not entirely sure their luggage made the connection) and rental car and head to our apartment, and thence to dinner or not. They'll be in town until the 10th.


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