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[15:24] ginger: I suddenly want Combos. Those cheddar-cheese-cracker things, the round ones?
[15:24] joyce: you're an evil woman.
[15:24] ginger: because I'm HUNGRY? :P
[15:24] ginger: or because I'm sharing the pain? :)
[15:25] joyce: YES. ahem.
[15:25] ginger: eating Combos would make more pain?
[15:25] ginger: unhappy joyce tummy?
[15:25] ginger: Combos are evil?
[15:25] ginger: *hands you a dusty eggplant instead*
[15:25] joyce: gee, thanks.
[15:26] ginger: *snickerfit*
[15:26] joyce: ;)
[15:26] ginger: *dying*
[15:26] ginger: Oh my god, Ginger, that was not that funny, and yet I cannot stop giggling like a mad thing.
[15:26] joyce: someone is a little loopy :)
[15:26] ginger: Quite possibly!
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Day 1: Thursday, June 30.
Work, TV, Red Lobster, airport.
Events of note:
Work was uneventful, aside from the baby shower. TV was the last two episodes of Game of Thrones, and was quite good. Red Lobster was meeting with Ari, C2, and Heather (and Brian) to celebrate my ten-iversary with H and C2. Airport was highly unsatisfactory, and has been detailed elsewhere.

Day 2. Friday, July 1.
Events of note:
I was amazed to discover that the McDonald's in O'Hare is pretty close in price to a regular McDonald's. My parents and I had simultaneous layovers in O'Hare, though in different terminals. Joyce met me, we got my luggage, and met my parents at the condo, after which my dad wanted to go to Denny's for some food. There was a Facebook post pointing out the surreal factor of being at a Denny's in Orlando with Joyce and my parents at 2am. Joyce experienced the first salvo of the week-long Check Wars. (Daddy won.) Then there was bed.

And then there were theme parks. )

Day 11: Sunday, July 10.
Parks: Sea World
Party members: Ginger and Joyce.
Rides/shows: Wild Arctic, beluga feeding time, active polar bear, ZOMG The Walrus, the Shark Encounter, and the Manta Aquarium.
Events of note:
My mom and dad headed out early for their flight, and Joyce and I packed up and went to Sea World for the morning. We went straight for Wild Arctic, enjoyed the ride, and then went in to see the animals. The belugas were doing feedings and tricks. The polar bear was in the tail end of her 13% of the day spent awake and was wandering around and posing. The walrus was, uh, pleasuring himself. With his face. I went "Joyce is he wait is he seriously holy crap Joyce what is that walrus doing." We snickered, and as we walked away and left him to it, we heard the inevitable "Mommy, what is he doing?"

We moseyed through a couple of other inside (read: air-conditioned) exhibits, then headed out to get lunch at Qdoba before Joyce dropped me at the airport at 2. My flight wasn't til almost 6, but she had to leave earlier.

My flight turned out to be delayed for crappy weather, but I still made my SFO connection. The landing at SFO scared the crap out of me, because I didn't know that the runway begins approximately two inches from the water, so I looked out to see the plane merrily skipping along above a vast expansion of WAVES and internally went "Wait, what? Aren't they supposed to tell us if we're landing in the water?" and then was very relieved to see the land start. Other than the delay and the water, the flights were uneventful, and I got back to my apartment and fell into bed around 1:45am.

And then I got up at 6am to get ready for work, which today encompasses 8-4 and 5-9. I think bedtime tonight might be earlyish. We'll see what happens.

(I leave on my next trip in 18 days. Definitely looking forward to it.)
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Me: Happy ten-iversary!
Joyce: Yay!
Me: Do you like me now?
Joyce: *collapses in giggles*

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One week from tomorrow, Joyce and I will be experiencing WARMTH, Chick-Fil-A, a mini-roadtrip, SPACESHIPS, the Atlantic from the US side (first time for me!), Target, and my parents, in more-or-less that order.

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Vague and very tentative Orlando plans.

Fri 7/1: Land 11:30am, be picked up by Joyce, squee and shriek, go to Kennedy Space Center. Mom and Dad arrive 9:30pm ish 11:30pm.

Sat 7/2: [Sea World or Universal Studios]
Sun 7/3: [Universal Studios or Sea World]
Mon 7/4: WDW, fireworks! Joyce's and my 10th anniversary. Gran and Tom arrive that night with the kids.
Tue 7/5: WDW - rest day for Gran
Wed 7/6: WDW **Dad's birthday - dinner reservations, EPCOT, Coral Reef, 7:45pm**
Thurs 7/7: Universal IOA (Harry Potter) - probably another rest day for Gran
Fri 7/8: Busch Gardens? Maybe? Still undecided. Kids fly out in the morning, Gran and Tom leave that night.
Sat 7/9: WDW, Mom and Dad have to be at a showing that morning.

Possible switchings: Sat and Sun, Tues and Thurs.
Total: 1 day Sea World, 2 days Universal Studios, 4 Disney, one undecided.

Sun 7/10: Mom and Dad's flight leaves 11:15am, my flight leaves 5:45pm. Joyce and I will have to figure something out. :) (We could do Sea World again for a few hours, they do a second day free with the first day's admission.)
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Scene: My Friday evening.

Ginger, what are you doing in that picture?

Well, beloved reader, I am getting my 30th birthday present to myself, which I have been planning for almost three years. (And a little early, because I'd pay double or more in Seattle than I did in Michigan. :P )

We backtrack.

For many and many and many a year, I have had two best-beloved dear friends. They have supported me through more trials and complications than I like to think about, and when just EVERYTHING in the world seemed off-kilter and out of whack, these two ladies have always been steadfast voices of reason, fully prepared to pick up bricks in my defense with one hand while hugging me with the other arm. Words cannot express how important they are to me.

It has, for the majority of those many and many years, been a great source of boo-itude to me that they live way far away, but despite the many many useless states in the middle of this great country that come between me and them, the world wide intarwebs says that they are only a zap away.

There is a line in one of my favorite songs:

these lines of lightning mean we're
never alone, never alone, no no

So I sort of adopted it, quite a while back, and began mulling a plan over in my brain. This past Friday, after almost three years and countless long roads, that plan came to fruition.

Joyce on my left, for heart. Holly on my right, for strength.
(Which is, of course, not to say that they don't both exemplify both virtues amazingly.)

Ah, ladies. I love you both :)
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I tipped over all my belongings, half a dozen cans of Monster, and two players getting to her, and then flailed a LOT.
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A query on a community post requested a picture of "a time when [you] were very happy." As I was very happy, I will re-post my answer here for sharing:

That's my mama, fussing with the buttons on the back of the wedding dress she made for me, while my two best friends in the whole world are getting themselves ready to stand up beside me while I get married. The only time my three favorite women in the world have ever been in the same room together, and it isn't overly likely to happen again, as there are four different states (in three different time zones) involved.
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Dan tells me that Farmville has Gingerbread Arches! And hey, look, Holly Arches!

Me: !!! *clicks on little buy-stuff link* Aww, man. The Holly arches cost coins, but the Ginger arches cost farmbucks, and I don't have enough. I was going to buy a Ginger Arch and put it next to a Holly Arch, and then reJoyce!
Dan: .... that is HORRIBLE.
Me: That was AWESOME.

So I just bought the Holly arch and put it next to my reindeers.


Me: SO SO AWESOME. ReJoyce!!
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Woot woot! The two outer panels of Joyce's housewarming present are done (she knows what it is now, hehe) -- tomorrow, I expect to make a good start on the center panel, now that I have all the yarns and have discussed modifications with the recipient :)

Really, I think the hardest thing about all this is that she chose two of my three favorite colors, so I'm gonna have a hell of a time giving it up :)
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So there was a great deal of traveling, and I should probably update about it.

Pre-traveling: Dan left for Chicago on Sunday, 6/27, and I had the house to myself for several days. That hasn't happened since before we got engaged, for the record, which was in May 2005. I did massive organization and cleaning sprees on my desk, our bedroom and the linen closet. All three of the bedroom closet doors are accessible now. I don't have to have mountaineer's gear to get to my desk. This is awesome. I also saw a movie and attended several Rainbow functions, including an installation ceremony and reception, a ritual competition practice, a board meeting, and a planning meeting for Grand Assembly, as well as taking an evening to spend lounging around my house doing ... well, pretty much the same things I do when Dan's here.

Chicago: Thursday 7/2 to Monday morning 7/6 )

Michigan: Monday 7/6-Thursday 7/9 )

Grand Assembly, Friday 7/9 to Sunday 7/10: )

All in all, I had good travels, and now I'm glad to be home. Especially since I have ten days of company arriving TOMORROW NIGHT ZOMG. *rockin' booty dance*
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One thing that goes a long way toward clearing up a shit-tastic day:

Discovering that my phone, when it reads its text messages aloud via text-to-speech, reads

Also, there will be meerkats :)


Also, there will be meerkats e-mo-ti-kin smile

Also going a long way toward bad day improvement: irish cream.
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Note to self:

[ profile] joyce and I are finally gonna make the road trip we've been talking about for the last eight years. Current penciled-in date: 7/16 - 7/26/2010. Rawr.
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Ari: So when are you going to change your middle name?
Me: Hm?
Ari: You're the only person I know who's changed both your first and last names*. I just wondered when you were going to change the middle one too.
Me: Oh, I've got no issue with my middle name. Besides, what would I change it to?
Ari: Moose?
Me: Hm. Ginger Moose O'Lastname? Has kind of a ring to it, I suppose.
Ari: I know!
Me: Yeh?
Me: I am NOT going to be Ginger Fishmittens O'Lastname.
Me: NO. But now you see why I kept randomly yelling "Oh, FISHMITTENS!" that day?
Ari: It's fun to say!

ETA: I just got Joyce to yell "FISHMITTENS!" at her cat. *snicker*

*For the newbies to the peanut gallery, I legally changed my first name back in October 2004. We do not discuss the original name. In addition, my last name has changed from Lastnameson to Marriedlastnameson back to Lastnameson to O'Lastname in the last ten years.
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I am very tipsy, and it has caused me to say slightly inappropriate, but particularly hysterical, things to Ari and Joyce.

I should probably go to bed now.
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These days, my time seems to be occupied mostly by things what begin with W.

Ok, not so time-occupying, except in that I need to be there. (With the exception of today, where I missed half my IMs because I was working on a big pile of junk. Dammit.) However, a couple of weeks ago I put in my notice at BYVS, and this past Saturday was my last evening there. They were sad to see me go, and the manager assured me that I was welcome back at any time.

19 more days, and then I will not have to worry about any of it anymore, except the name changing, which is cake. (Been there, done that.) For now, I have to finish and print the programs, print out the ceremony/notes, pick up the wedding license, polish up the weekend schedule (which will mostly affect me and my houseguests), pick out and order plants for centerpieces, poke anyone who hasn't RSVP'ed yet to do so, final fitting on my dress, and we MUST MUST MUST clean the office and bedroom before the in-laws show up. (They will demand a tour, as they've never seen this place, and in the current state of affairs, I'd be embarassed to show them anything beyond closed doors.) (On a less stressful note, 2 weeks from RIGHT NOW, I will be preparing to leave to pick up my Joyce from the airport! Woo!)

Watching movies and working on various crafty projects:
These two things go hand in hand, pretty much. I currently have 4 knitting projects in various stages of "on the needles", ranging from "I just need to frigging buckle down and finish the damn thing" to "I have 18 days to finish this if it's going to be ready at my wedding rehearsal" to "I just cast on last night and probably have to rip and try again with smaller needles". I'm also 90% done with sewing a dress that may be either my wedding rehearsal dress or my going-away-from-wedding dress, with another pattern/fabric combo ready to go. As to movies, I didn't like Children of Men because it was boring, turned off Notes on a Scandal when Dame Judi Dench started macking on Cate Blanchett, boggled at the evilness of the nuns in The Magdalene Sisters, and totally lost it when Anya wanted to know why Joyce didn't just get back in her body and drink fruit punch in the Buffy S5 episode "The Body". (I should be finishing season 5 this weekend.) I picked up Center Stage and Jesus Christ Superstar on VHS for fifty cents each, Ari and I started Babylon 5 Season 5, and I have an HBO miniseries on Elizabeth 1 that I'm very much looking forward to. And I think my bridesmaids are conspiring to have me watch Steel Magnolias at my hen party, so I need to remember to make sure I get hold of it for that night. :)

WoW: gets its own alliterative set of sub-categories )


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