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My father in law seems to have had a heart attack this afternoon, but is stable now. Prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.
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So there was a great deal of traveling, and I should probably update about it.

Pre-traveling: Dan left for Chicago on Sunday, 6/27, and I had the house to myself for several days. That hasn't happened since before we got engaged, for the record, which was in May 2005. I did massive organization and cleaning sprees on my desk, our bedroom and the linen closet. All three of the bedroom closet doors are accessible now. I don't have to have mountaineer's gear to get to my desk. This is awesome. I also saw a movie and attended several Rainbow functions, including an installation ceremony and reception, a ritual competition practice, a board meeting, and a planning meeting for Grand Assembly, as well as taking an evening to spend lounging around my house doing ... well, pretty much the same things I do when Dan's here.

Chicago: Thursday 7/2 to Monday morning 7/6 )

Michigan: Monday 7/6-Thursday 7/9 )

Grand Assembly, Friday 7/9 to Sunday 7/10: )

All in all, I had good travels, and now I'm glad to be home. Especially since I have ten days of company arriving TOMORROW NIGHT ZOMG. *rockin' booty dance*
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So Dan's mom called last night.

Mom: "Now that I've got my dress, I'm looking for shoes, and it's really hard to find shoes that match that color [she picked a periwinkle-ish-lavender-ish dress] and are comfortable. But I found a pair of silver Skechers that I liked, only Colleen [Dan's sister] told me I couldn't wear those to the wedding."
Me: "Mom, if you want to wear silver Skechers to the wedding, by all means, feel free."
Mom: "You mean it?"
Me: "Sure, if that's what you want."
Mom: "If I can't find anything else, I just might!"
Me: "And if Colleen objects, tell her I said it was okay, and I win."
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3-Day: Training is going spectacularly. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $1715 of $2200. The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it the first Monday of each month (why, that would be today!). I did a 6.25-mile walk this weekend, with no breaks longer than waiting for a traffic light to change so I could cross the street, and had no problems with it. :)

Crafting: I ripped the summer Eris back, except for the cable yoke - I wasn't liking the way it was working out. I'll try again later, but I've got some other stuff I need to get done first. While I wait for my Knitpicks order, I started working on my Flirty Ruffles shawl again. Also, last night I put longer straps on one of my bags, and it's pretty darned near perfect for what I had in mind.

Exercise: Walking, dance, need to get my bike down.

Family: I go to visit my grandma in a couple weeks, and it turns out that she and her whatever-he-is-these-days are going to be coming through Seattle at the end of June for a cruise to Alaska, at the same time that Dan's family is coming into town for a visit. Joyce and Jeff are coming in mid-June, and I'm going to visit Jill at the end of May as well.

Gaming: Kedria's L30 now. Other than that, not much.

New Years' Goal: 9 out of the last 10 weeks have been 100%. I've lost 15 pounds roughly since I started this whole schtick - 5-10 more to go.

Reading: I'm reading a couple of books right now that I....totally can't remember the names or authors of. *facepalm*

School: Doing well. Everything's on track. :)

Watching: I watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights and What A Girl Wants the other night. I've been lax on my movie-watching, because I've been a bit lax on the knitting.

Wedding: We have a full wedding party now, and less than a year til the wedding. Dan vetoed my wedding cupcakes idea. Time to start rolling on the planning. :)

Work: Pretty light. We're in my downtime half of the year, but I've got some non-urgent stuff I've been working on.
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3-Day: Training is going well. The weather is getting to the point where I prefer to walk outside rather than in, as long as it's not raining. I've found that if I make a loop from my house to Crossroads by one road and back by another, it's about 3.25 miles - the last couple of days, I've been walking to do errands like returning movies to Blockbuster and books to the library to get my walking done. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $1595 of $2200. The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it the first Monday of each month (namely, tomorrow). I've made some discoveries about things I've been doing unconsciously that have been causing pain, and working to implement possible solutions.

Crafting: I have about an inch and a half, plus toe shaping, left to go on a sock I've been working on for months :P (I put it down and procrastinated about picking it up again - but it's sock #2, so I'm trying to power through it.) I'm on the hem parts of the summer Eris, with 1 cable corner of 4 done and the second one in progress - after that, just the sleeves will be left. I finally found the duster pattern I had that I've been looking for, and I need to pick a good kid's sweater pattern.

Family: Dan did not tell his parents I was pregnant for April Fool's this year. *whew* I have plane tickets to go visit my grandmother in Arizona in May, and I'm looking forward to that. I need to find out the dates of Dan's family's visit this summer, because there's a training camp I'd like to go to if the two don't overlap.

New Years' Goal: Stellar. Not only have I been meeting my goals at 100% for six weeks straight, that means I got a 100% for the month of March.

Reading: I have a hyoooge pile of library books. I finished "And the Dead Will Rise" and started "The Lady and the Unicorn."

School: Quarter starts tomorrow. I'll be taking 2 anatomy/terminology classes, patient scheduling, front office basics, Coding 1, and....I'm totally drawing a blank on the last one. Feh. (Edit: The last one is Medical Records and Correspondence.) For winter quarter, I got an overall 3.75 GPA, bringing my cumulative GPA to 3.83.

Watching: I watched "Memoirs of a Geisha" this weekend, and liked the movie much better than I remember liking the book. That said, I haven't read the book since it came out. I may reread it. I've also been watching Ice Princess and The 4400 - cute and interesting, respectively.

Wedding: Same old. I am not a bridezilla.

Work: I got a raise effective April 1 :)
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I spent Saturday morning baking. The oatmeal cookies went over really well, and Dan has requested more of the peanut butter cookies.

Dan unexpectedly got Saturday afternoon and Sunday off.

Saturday night, we had macaroni and cheese and rolls and kielbasa and steamed greenbeans with Grant and Anjela, then played some Chrononauts and Aquarius. Anjela and I got very silly toward the end of the night.

Sunday, Dan and I slept in and opened presents.

Loot! )

Sunday evening, I went to pick up Ari at the airport, Dan led an Alterac Valley raid group to victory, and I fixed a super-yummy dinner: herb-roasted cornish game hens, stuffing, roasted red potatoes, fresh-baked bread, and salad. Augh. Wonderful. I only ate half my chicken, and cursed loud and long the next morning when I discovered that I had forgotten to put the leftover stuffing away.

Monday, Dan had to work again. (He works arse-early in the morning - 6:30am-3:30pm.) I, however, did not. So I was looking forward to sleeping in. Except that someone kept CALLING at 6:30. Finally, I got up and muttered something into the phone.

Do me a favor, don't lock the house when you leave.
I can't find my keys. I have my extra car keys, so I got to work, but I need to come home on lunch and look for my keyring, and I don't have an extra house key. I'll be home at 11, so it won't be for very long.
Mmph. Won't be leaving before then anyway.
I thought you had to leave for work at 7?
No work. Day off.
Oh! Go back to bed!

Figures - I got him a new wallet for X-Moose (he's lost his twice in the last year, if lost is the right word - both times, he's gone to the drive-thru at the Burger King on NE 8th in downtown Bellevue, paid for his food, and somewhere between the BK and our house, the wallet has disappeared. Both times, we've emptied out the cars he was in and searched every pair of pants or clothes with pockets he owns, and NOTHING. He's not allowed to go to that BK anymore) so he loses his keys instead. :)

However, I found his keys before he got home - somehow, he'd dropped them in the rec room and they'd gotten buried under a pile of wrapping paper.

I spent Monday watching Jurassic Park and Twister and knitting on a second sock - I ended up starting a pair of socks on Saturday night for Ari for X-Moose and finishing them mid-Monday afternoon.

Monday night, we had a post-X-Moose lasagne and asparagus and garlic-herb-bread and DESSERT dinner with Grant and Anjela and Ari, along with a gift exchange, and determining a last name for the elven family on WoW (Ari, Anjela and I play a family of four - Ari's hunter is the oldest, mine is the second oldest, and Anjela and I have a pair of druid twins, plus she also has a priest who's a cousin). It turns out that "moosesheep" and "forestfire" both translate to the same thing in Darnassian (Ash'therod), and we decided that was just too perfect. :)
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Too funny!!

One of my coworkers - the sweet Indian lady - was telling me about one of her daughter's friends who's getting married this summer - the friend is Indian too, but the fiancé isn't, and they're getting ready to leave for a month in India on Christmas Day.

And I thought, Waitaminute - Dan's cousin is engaged to an Indian woman, and will be going to India for a month sometime very soon. So I asked what the fiancé's name was, and her daughter's friend.

Turns out that Dan's cousin is engaged to my favorite coworker's daughter's best friend.

*amused* It's a small world.


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