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Scene: My Friday evening.

Ginger, what are you doing in that picture?

Well, beloved reader, I am getting my 30th birthday present to myself, which I have been planning for almost three years. (And a little early, because I'd pay double or more in Seattle than I did in Michigan. :P )

We backtrack.

For many and many and many a year, I have had two best-beloved dear friends. They have supported me through more trials and complications than I like to think about, and when just EVERYTHING in the world seemed off-kilter and out of whack, these two ladies have always been steadfast voices of reason, fully prepared to pick up bricks in my defense with one hand while hugging me with the other arm. Words cannot express how important they are to me.

It has, for the majority of those many and many years, been a great source of boo-itude to me that they live way far away, but despite the many many useless states in the middle of this great country that come between me and them, the world wide intarwebs says that they are only a zap away.

There is a line in one of my favorite songs:

these lines of lightning mean we're
never alone, never alone, no no

So I sort of adopted it, quite a while back, and began mulling a plan over in my brain. This past Friday, after almost three years and countless long roads, that plan came to fruition.

Joyce on my left, for heart. Holly on my right, for strength.
(Which is, of course, not to say that they don't both exemplify both virtues amazingly.)

Ah, ladies. I love you both :)
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A query on a community post requested a picture of "a time when [you] were very happy." As I was very happy, I will re-post my answer here for sharing:

That's my mama, fussing with the buttons on the back of the wedding dress she made for me, while my two best friends in the whole world are getting themselves ready to stand up beside me while I get married. The only time my three favorite women in the world have ever been in the same room together, and it isn't overly likely to happen again, as there are four different states (in three different time zones) involved.
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Dan tells me that Farmville has Gingerbread Arches! And hey, look, Holly Arches!

Me: !!! *clicks on little buy-stuff link* Aww, man. The Holly arches cost coins, but the Ginger arches cost farmbucks, and I don't have enough. I was going to buy a Ginger Arch and put it next to a Holly Arch, and then reJoyce!
Dan: .... that is HORRIBLE.
Me: That was AWESOME.

So I just bought the Holly arch and put it next to my reindeers.


Me: SO SO AWESOME. ReJoyce!!
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Things that are pleasing me tonight:

I finished the first of a pair of Toirneach with about 18" left in the ball of yarn.

Things that are baffling me tonight:

Trying on said Toirneach gave me an urging to do some tweaking to the Very Tall Socks pattern and make myself a pair.

Why this is baffling me:

I don't WEAR tall socks. I don't WEAR knee socks*. Hell, I don't ever wear socks that go any higher than my ankle - and given my druthers, I wear shoes that don't require me to wear socks at ALL.

It's possible that the urge will pass tomorrow when I am no longer sipping on a hard cider.

*The Toirneach aren't for me, but the other half of my brain, who DOES like silly socks.
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Recent happenings.

Good -
- lots of good WoW developments - several first-kills, a flaming horsie with fangs, level 50 and a water elemental named Fred.
- My baby brother proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas day, and she accepted. (Related weird: This means that my 25-year-old brother will have a 11-year-old stepson. Also weird: Both my younger siblings are dating people older than me. I am the only one who finds any of this weird.)
- I have about six knitting projects currently on needles.
- In correlation, I have about twelve million various movies/TV series in queue to watch/rewatch in the not-so-distant future.
- The girls did absolutely AWESOME at their initiation last night - every single one of them, including the pro tems, had at least a 95% accuracy rate on their parts. (They need to practice their square corners, IMO, but Michigan Rainbow was rather more formal than Washington Rainbow appears to be. Or maybe it's just that my mother advisor was a million years old and picky.)
- At the installation on Saturday, not only is one of the board members bringing me the OES Petition I've been waiting for for two months, but apparently the Worthy Matron will be there and I can meet her. Spiffy.

Bad -
- I had my first math exam last night. I think I might've eked out a good solid C. On the plus side, the rest of the class involves less graphing and more actual equations, and he tosses out the lowest of the three exams for grading purposes.
- The closet door behind my desk randomly fell off the track last night. This has been happening a lot in our apartment lately. I don't like it when sliding doors jump off their tracks for no explainable reason.
- Still waiting on both of my W2s and both of Dan's W2s. Feh.
- Coworker? So. So. So. Stupid.

Awesome -
- Who has plane tickets to Nashville for the third week of June? OH HAY THAT WOULD BE ME.
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It was a fairly hoppin' birthday, and a fairly low-key Christmas - just the way I like 'em. :)

Monday, 12/17 (my actual birthday): Dan and I had moose-aroni and cheese for dinner.
Wednesday, 12/19: We went to Olive Garden with [ profile] pyran, [ profile] relfen, [ profile] bluefish, [ profile] holegrot, and [ profile] asciident and her fellow.
Thursday, 12/20: I had asked my guild-and-associates for a full-clear Kara run that I could run feral as a birthday thing. It was mostly successful, and mostly a good time, but I've already snarled about the down-side parts. On the plus side, Feral!Kedria did quite nicely, landing third on the damage meters behind [ profile] pyran's mage and [ profile] kurisuu's hunter.
Friday, 12/21: I had an eye exam, and now find myself in the Choose Your Own Adventure of eyewear options. More specific post to come regarding same in a moment. Regular 25-man raids were canceled, but we ended up running our ZA raid Friday evening instead of Saturday morning.
Saturday, 12/22: Seatoo and I had lunch at Qdoba and went to see Sweeney Todd. Very good, very gory. Afters, Ari and I went to Chili's for dinner, then to Fry's, where he bought out their DVD department and two of their door greeters informed me that they'd been trying to determine whether my new birthday-gifted-by-Ari accessory was a Wookiee or an Ewok for ten minutes after they'd seen me walk in. (Answer: It was totally a Wookiee, and he is OMG SO CUTE OMG. <3 )
Sunday was Kara. Monday was a doctor's appointment, breakfast with Ari, a whole lot of nothin', then five episodes of X-Files.
Christmas Day, I crockpotted a roast beast for dinner, we saw National Treasure at 9:30 (after an aborted attempt at a 2:00 show because the line at Lincoln Square was around the dang building), and there was some heroic Arcatraz and some mageling-leveling in the middle there. Good times.

My Christmas loot was, unsurprisingly, moose-centric, though there were only two christmas tree ornaments this year - one bobblehead moose and one moose in an outhouse (I...yeah, I dunno either) - and one giant stuffed moose who wiggles his nose, blinks his antlers and sings Jingle Bell Rock when you squeeze his hoof. (He's ridiculously cute, I just don't have the faintest idea where to put him.) There is also Christmas/birthday cash both already arrived and en-route that means I will get my big ticket item numba one :D
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Wondertwins on space goats! That's [ profile] clockworktomato's Akumae on a....Cobalt War Talbuk, I think? and my Karrec, my first WoW character ever, on a White War Talbuk. Woot!
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So this morning, I got all set up in my nice chocolate-brown suit with a blue blouse and my wedding shoes (which really are lovely with the suit, because they're not teribly traditional wedding shoes, but I love them) and set off for the courthouse for my 8:45 mitigation hearing on the ticket I got at the beginning of February.

Only I couldn't find the courthouse.

Finally, at 8:40, a nice lady at the Bellevue City Hall informed me that the county courthouse is on the OTHER side of Main Street between 5th and 6th Avenues SOUTHeast, and that I was at 5th and 6th Avenues NORTHeast, and I got to the courthouse and through the metal detectors and whatnot and sat down in the waiting area at 8:44 JUST in time for the clerk to call the 8:45 session into the courtroom.

Judge announced that because this was a mitigation hearing, all she could do BY LAW was reduce a fine, if it was warranted, or give a deferral, and that if one wanted a deferral, to just say that with no further explanations to expediate the process. They handled the cases in alphabetical order, so (being Ginger S. for 37 more days) there were several others to observe before my own.

Some people don't have any common sense. )

Then there were a couple straightforward deferrals and reductions, and then me. And I just said "Your Honor, I'd like to request a deferral." and she explained the terms of the deferral (no more tickets for one year from today or else I have to pay the fines for both, can't get another one for seven years, pay the deferral fee within 30 days) and said "But I don't think this will be a problem for you. From looking at your record, I can see that you don't get tickets."

So I have to pay the fee within 30 days, and all is well. So I got a breakfast sandwich and a soda (which the jerks at McDonalds only filled up 2/3 full coz I ordered it with no ice, grr, and I didn't notice til I was halfway to work) and did some post-office errands (the final fee for the wedding venue and the application/fee for our wedding license are now off in the mail, a box on its way to Holly, and a package for Joyce as soon as I write her address on it), and am now at work with nothin' to do. :)


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