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I just got home from seeing Cowboys and Aliens with Heather. Joyce describes it way better than I could:
The trailer makes this look like a big boomy movie, but it isn't. It is in places, but it's mostly a movie about family and people and who we might be and stepping up to the plate. It also loves on sci-fi and western cliches, and makes them good.

Go see it. It's really good.
It was definitely a fun movie, and definitely worth seeing.

Also, Daniel Craig looks like my grandpa probably did thirty years ago. I saw that for the first time tonight, and it was a bit of a zinger.
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Note to self:
Flying into Detroit Thursday morning, flying out Monday afternoon. The information about your flights and the shuttle to and from EL is in your email. Print it out at work tomorrow. Visitation is Friday, funeral is Saturday at 2.

Note to everyone else:
I probably won't have time for any extra visits out of town - my mom gets dibs. Sorry in advance.

Query (devolving into random):
Is brown acceptable to wear to a funeral? I know black is traditional, but I just seriously don't have that much in the way of black dress clothes anymore - most of it is either brown or a complementary color that doesn't go as well with black. I dunno - I've only been to one funeral in my life, and at that one, the widow (my grandmother on my dad's side) wore red because it had been her husband's favorite color. (My paternal grandmother has buried three husbands, broke up with a near-fourth, and currently has a platonic male housemate.) Black slacks and a dark-colored-but-not-black sweater? Black slacks and a white blouse? *throws up hands*

Unexpected good:
I'll meet my little brother's fiancée before their wedding. Also will see my uncle that I haven't seen since.. um, since Grandma passed away 6 years ago. =/ Also - Fazoli's!

Stuff to do and packing list: )

What am I forgetting?
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Tonight, not so much with the good.

I not only failed my math exam, I bombed it utterly and spectacularly.
(Slight positive: I've already got more understanding of chapter 2 than I had of anything in chapter 1, and he throws out the lowest of the three exam scores. Still.)

I found out that as of tomorrow, my grandfather goes into hospice care, which means they're moving from treating his various medical issues to simply managing his pain and keeping him comfortable until he passes away since there's at this point nothing more they can do for him.
(Slight positive, I ... guess ...: Grandpa has been looking forward to passing away for a good four or five years now... does that count as positive? Sigh.)

I don't expect I'll be ordering anything from Newegg anymore. Dan's video card - about eight months old - utterly failed at the beginning of January, still under their warranty. I've been trying to get it replaced since January 8th. This morning, I called them up at 9:15 PST and made a polite fuss that I was tired of getting the runaround, tired of being told "We are going to blah" and "If you blah, we will blah" and none of that being followed through on, and informed the CSR that I simply wanted the refund that had been given me as an option since the video card was no longer carried by Newegg. The CSR assured me that my refund would be processed and I would see my refund within 3-5 business days. I got home to find an email timestamped 10:15am PST that they would be sending me a replacement video card, glad we could help you. Geez, I'm so fucking glad you people can communicate with each other. I replied to said email reiterating that I did NOT want the replacement item, I want the refund I was promised (since Dan got even more tired than me of waiting for them, due to HIM being the one without a workable video card for almost a month and went and bought a replacement locally this morning), and intend to call them AGAIN tomorrow and demand a supervisor.
(Slight positive: At least my husband is computer-enabled again. Makes him much less cranky.)

In general? Crappy night.
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3-Day: I've done mostly 1-hour, 3.3 mile segments this week, plus one 80-minute 4.4 mile walk. The official training schedule starts Monday, 3/13. It includes non-walking workouts too, so on Monday, I'm going to my first bellydance class to see how I like that. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $1310 of $2200. The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it at the beginning of each month. On Friday, I ordered a book on sports nutrition from Amazon - that should be here on Tuesday. I have a physical on Thursday, partly because I haven't had one in years and partly because of the training I'm starting.

Crafting: I've got 11 repeats done on the box lace scarf, out of 48 total. Also finished the cable yoke on the summer Eris, and started working on the body.

Family: The care facility my grandfather has been in had a fire last week. Nobody was injured, but the facility will be closed for a few months. Mom found a different one that she thinks he'll be less unhappy at anyway though. (I don't talk about it much - but my grandfather is clinically depressed, in the early stages of Alzheimers, and suffers from pretty bad heart disease - all he wants to do is go back to the house where he lived with my grandmother, who passed away four years ago, and wait to die. Mom is, obviously, not enabling this wish, and he gives her some pretty hellacious flak about it. I feel bad for her.) Anjela's been overseas for this past weekend, and Ari took some pretty good pictures of me today involving boots, a motorcycle, and a trashy dress, but Mark gets first dibs on displaying those.

New Years' Goal: Good. I made all my goals last week, third time in a row.

Reading: Still working on Imajica - I only read it on the bus, and it's fromping huge. I've also been reading "Healthy Cooking for Two" and "Reading Lolita in Tehran".

School: Finals this week. Ugh. I have left 2 sets of questions, 1 2-page essay, and 3 in-class assignments before I take the actual tests.

Watching: We're on Season 7 of DS9 - enjoying it muchly. I got the A&E documentary "Shackleton" from Netflix, but instead of sending me both discs, they sent me disc 1 twice. Humph. I've finally stopped watching Rent on the treadmill, after getting through it three times, and watched Con Air this morning instead.

Wedding: Nothing new.

Work: I'm contemplating asking my boss about the possibility of doing 4 10-hour days at work instead of 5 8-hour days - the extra weekday off would give me some time at home to myself for homework and for some of the school meetings I have to go to that are scheduled during the day that I currently have to take time off for. My 1-year anniversary of permanent employment is coming up too - I think I get a raise for that. :)
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3-Day: As referenced here (for anyone who didn't see it on Saturday), I signed up to walk in the Seattle 3-Day, a 60-mile-in-3-days fundraising walk to raise money for breast cancer research. I'm still working on the details, but on the 1st (and probably on the 1st of every month between now and then) I'll be posting about my fundraising efforts, things I'm gifting to people who donate, things like that. The training program starts the week of March 10th, so I need to be able to walk 3 miles in an hour without any issues by then. I've been walking 20 minute blocks at 3.2-3.4 mph for a couple of weeks, so I don't imagine that will be a problem. I am now very very glad that I gave myself a treadmill for Christmas. :)

Crafting: I finished the Olympic Rogue with time to spare. I'm on the 6th repeat of ...oh, probably 35 or so? for a lace scarf for one of my coworkers. I have a second-sock still in progress. I have the yarn for a summer Eris, but I don't think I like the green I ordered for the yoke - I might do it in a brown or a blue instead, with a cream-colored body. Also contemplating a sweater or shawl to raffle for fundraising purposes (though depending on the project, it might better be made post-raffle, especially if it's something that isn't one-size-fits-all).

Family: Anjela and I both seem to have had a dynamite weekend, for the most part. We spent most of the day Sunday shopping, which is kind of unusual for us. I talked to my parents on Saturday night, and wrote to my grandfather last night. I was delayed in getting my gifts shipped, as the UPS store was closed on Sunday :P

New Years' Goal: Pretty good. I made all my goals this past week, only missed my halfhearted counting calorie goals a couple of times (and never by more than 110 calories). My scale is reading less than 150 for the first time in three years, and I'm wearing a size smaller pants than I have been for those three years too. *poing*

Reading: Was seriously overshadowed by yarning this past week.

School: My last midterm is today, and I'll be turning in my final packet for one class. Then I've got to do a bunch of bookwork, and a 2-page paper on an ethical issue in medicine, and that's about it before finals, which I need to take five of before March 17.

Watching: I bought Rent on DVD yesterday, and Dan and I are almost done with Season 6 of DS9.

Wedding: Nothing new since Thursday :)

Work: The coworkers found their crankypants again. Aside from that, nothing much.


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