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ginger: It has been two weeks since my last Qdoba.
ari: That sounds like the start of a confession.
ginger: *smirk*

Ari and I are now writing the Holy Book of the Burrito.

The First Psalm:

Thus sayeth the Jew:

1. Qdoba is my shepherd; I shall not starve.
2. It maketh me to sit down in wooden booths: it leadeth me beside the delicious food.
3. It restoreth my soul: it leadeth me in the paths of contentedness for its name's sake.
4. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Chipotle, I will fear no crappy tacos: for thou art with me. Thy tortilla and thy queso sauce, they comfort me.
5. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine other options. Thou anointest my head with salsa; my Coke runneth over.
6. Surely goodness and deliciousness shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of Qdoba forever.

In the name of the taco, and of the burrito, and of the holy salsa, amen.
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Ari: *reaches out to pick up a twine bag full of decorative spheres* That's nifty.
Ginger: "It's a sack of balls."
Ari: "...moving on."
Ginger: "Oh, tell me you didn't see that one coming."
Ari: "...moving on again."
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Ok, I really really like these. However, experience says that they will not hold up to my hair - I need either two double-pronged pins, or one pin with 3+ prongs; I can't make two single pins hold it, no matter how cool they are. And even if I could, I would really have a hard time justifying spending $130 on them. :P But a couple of years back, I seem to have lost the hand-carved three-prong pin I got at MRF and wore for pretty much eight years straight, so I've been getting by with scrunchies. Which do the trick, but they are not pretty.

So instead I ordered a pair of double-pronged 6" hairpins carved from shed antler with tulip-wood ends, which are quite lovely.

[10:07] ginger: But dang, it would be fun to be able to pull a pair of tiny swords out of my hair :)
[10:09] ari: I don't know... it's one thing when you whack me when I do something really dumb. Stabbing me would be something else entirely... ;-)
[10:09] ginger: Darling. I do not need tiny swords to stab you.
[10:09] ginger: And really, I just ordered two six-inch-long double-pronged antler pins. You're worried about tiny blunt wooden katanas?
[10:09] ari: Well yeah, there is that. :)
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I have just finished writing a paper about [ profile] pyran titled "Matzoh and Manischewitz" :)
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[14:12] [ profile] pyran: FSM Nativity:
[14:13] me: well then.
[14:13] [ profile] pyran: Today I learned what the baby Flying Spaghetti Monster looked like.
[14:13] [ profile] pyran: And... my left monitor just went purple.
[14:13] me: whoops. It can't handle the baby flying spaghetti monster.
[14:14] [ profile] pyran: Today I also learned that His Noodly Appendages can cause purple on the monitors of those who try to see Him.


9 October 2009 10:24 pm
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Originally uploaded by shalicat
With much-appreciated assistance from Ari, I acquired a new bookshelf this evening. About 2/3 of the books in this picture were stacked on my nightstand until a couple of hours ago. Clicking on the pic will take you to a larger one with notes, for those curious about what's in the collection.
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Ari: "If I had a billion dollars, I'd hire you. You'd be like Pepper Potts without the sexual tension."
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We're not going to talk about math.

Instead, we're going to look forward to March 31, which is when spring quarter starts, and Ari and I are taking History of the Middle Ages together. :)
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I think Ari was just shooting finger-guns.
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Ari: So when are you going to change your middle name?
Me: Hm?
Ari: You're the only person I know who's changed both your first and last names*. I just wondered when you were going to change the middle one too.
Me: Oh, I've got no issue with my middle name. Besides, what would I change it to?
Ari: Moose?
Me: Hm. Ginger Moose O'Lastname? Has kind of a ring to it, I suppose.
Ari: I know!
Me: Yeh?
Me: I am NOT going to be Ginger Fishmittens O'Lastname.
Me: NO. But now you see why I kept randomly yelling "Oh, FISHMITTENS!" that day?
Ari: It's fun to say!

ETA: I just got Joyce to yell "FISHMITTENS!" at her cat. *snicker*

*For the newbies to the peanut gallery, I legally changed my first name back in October 2004. We do not discuss the original name. In addition, my last name has changed from Lastnameson to Marriedlastnameson back to Lastnameson to O'Lastname in the last ten years.
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I am very tipsy, and it has caused me to say slightly inappropriate, but particularly hysterical, things to Ari and Joyce.

I should probably go to bed now.
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[14:06] Ginger: is it time to go home yet?
[14:06] Ari: Nope.
[14:07] Ginger: damn.
[14:07] Ginger: why not?
[14:07] Ari: Too early.
[14:07] Ginger: FIX IT.
[14:07] Ari: No can do. No power over time.
[14:07] Ginger: Develop that. What am I paying you for, dude?
[14:07] Ari: You're not.
[14:08] Ginger: *mutter* Can't fix time, can't build me a transporter....
[14:08] Ginger: I'm .... oh.
[14:08] Ginger: Hm.
[14:08] Ari: See the problem?
[14:08] Ginger: Yeah. You're too expensive.
[14:08] Ginger: :)
[14:08] Ari: :D
[14:08] Ari: What can I say.
[14:08] Ginger: How much for the budget plan? Little time fixes, short-range transporter?
[14:09] Ari: You mean, "How much would it cost to research and develop both faster-than-light travel and teleportaion technology?"
[14:09] Ginger: Yeah, that. On the cheap.
[14:09] Ari: A lot.
[14:10] Ari: Even on the cheap.
[14:10] Ginger: Do it cheaper.
[14:10] Ginger: I'll wait.
[14:10] Ginger: *looks at watch*
[14:10] Ginger: *taps foot*
[14:10] Ginger: Done yet?
[14:10] Ari: Apparently not. Even in the future.
[14:10] Ginger: *dies*
[14:10] Ari: I haven't come back yet to fix it.
[14:10] Ari: I mean, really, if I got it done in the future the first thing I'd do is come back and have it done 30 seconds before you asked.
[14:11] Ginger: Damn you and your logic.
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*random aside* Yay Ari! */gratuitious icon post*
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Funniest thing of the morning:

My brother, one of the two straightest guys I know, belting out "Sodomy, it's between God and me...."

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Original goal:
1) Ari would build his new computer.
2) We would switch cases and video cards between Nagi and his old computer, and he was going to give me an extra half-gig of RAM.

Actual result:
1) His RAM: not so worky in my machine. I have PC133, he had DDR something. No extra RAM.
2) His video card: not so worky in my machine. Suspicion is that the card itself is not so worky - further experimentation is continuing.
3) Case swap was successful. Nagi now has 6 case fans, rather than the insufficient ONE that she had before.
4) Aforementioned case swap took long enough that there was not time for us to build Ari's new computer.
5) I broke a nail. :(
6) There was, however, some hedgehog time. :)
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3-Day: I've done the first week of the official training (insofar as I rearranged the days a bit, but it's still the same amount of stuff). On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $1310 of $2200. The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it at the beginning of each month. The physical I thought I was supposed to have on Thursday was rescheduled for today, because the scheduling folks told me the wrong day and I actually ended up missing my appointment, which was supposed to have been Wednesday.

Crafting: I've got 16 repeats done on the box lace scarf, and blocked and measured the first half - it's about halfway done. Another 16-17 repeats should do it. I need to hurry up and finish the darned thing. The summer Eris is past the sleeve divisions and into the body-only parts (it's done from the top down).

Family: I haven't talked to my parents this week. My grandmother expressed an interest in me coming to visit her in May, which is a distinct possibility. Dan and I bought our plane tickets and hotel reservation for a trip to Las Vegas next month for our third anniversary. Grant and Anjela have been out of town this weekend, and I took pictures of Ari on his motorcycle for him.

New Years' Goal: Good. I made all my goals last week, fourth time in a row. I'll be posting my weekly recap when I get home.

Reading: Finished Imajica, currently reading Cell by Stephen King (I'll finish it today for sure - and I'm liking it, for a change), Reading Lolita in Tehran (which I put down last week and haven't picked up again yet, for no particular reason), Helter Skelter, and The Dead Will Rise (a true-crime-ish book about the lynching of Leo Frank in 1913 - going slowly, it's my nightstand book which means I read it about 15 minutes at a time twice a week or so).

School: Took my finals last week. Spring quarter starts two weeks from tonight. I think I'll be taking
*AMA 124: Introduction to Medical Transcription
*AMA 121: Patient Scheduling
*AMA 120: Front Office Basics
*AMA 172: A&P/Terminology - Digestive System

Watching: Joycie sent me my Christmas box, which included The Sword and the Rose, one of my favorite movies when I was a kid, and the prequel and season premiere movies for Babylon-5 :D So I've been watching the B5 on the treadmill. Dan and I have been watching Season 7 of DS9 still, and started the first season of Highlander yesterday.

Wedding: Nothing new.

Work: Same old.


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