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Operation Dress Nicer at Work, Day Three :)

A cream-with-green-and-brown-print skirt, brown tank top, and this shirty-jacket-thing. With brown heeled sandals.

And I tell you what, I passed a full-length window this morning, and something about this combination of skirt and heels make my legs look damned good today, if I do say so myself.
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Operation Dress Nicer at Work, Day Two!

Black slacks, a burgundy short-sleeved silk sweater, and the aforementioned cute black heels.

Things observed that seem to me to be fashion faux-pas:

-A lady wearing a black blouse, black skirt, black hose - and white strappy-sandals?
-Brown knee-high boots (plastered with these horrible appliqué flowers) matched with a black dress?
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Operation Dress Nicer at Work, Day One.

I started out small. Blue jeans, a white v-necked t-shirt, and a black blazer with 3/4 sleeves. Cute, but comfy.

Actually, the precursor to Operation DNaW was mostly yesterday - I did two loads of laundry, identified some stuff in my closet that needs to be *cringe* ironed, and sorted stuff out - blazers, cardigans/sweaters, dress pants, skirts, dresses and shirts, pretty much. I pulled out a box of stuff that needs to be goodwilled, and tonight I need to dig through the box of shoes - I picked up a really cute pair of black heels yesterday that will go with either skirts or pants, so I need to sort out all the black dress shoes I have that don't actually go with anything and get rid of them. I got a pair of nice simple brown pumps too, to go with all the brown dress pants and whatnot, only I got the wrong size, so I'll need to exchange those.


Pattern mixing. Specifically, a floral-brocade tank top with pinstriped pants or blazer. Yea or nay?


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