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With the caveat that what I really want is for the girly boots to magically be as tall as the stompy boots, but really don't think I can find such a thing in a reasonable price range in the next week and a half...

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(Note: I'm talking fit like comfortable to wear as-is with no tailoring, not fit like available in the correct size.)

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Feel free to expound in comments, of course.
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Also, completely unrelated to anything else:

I am generally not one for dressing up to go to work, but I will say that today, I am feeling particularly stylin' and more than the tiniest bit rowr-worthy wearing a knee-length black skirt, black hose and heels instead of jeans or khakis with my sweater. I do not know what has come over me.

ETA: Clearly the world has caught up with me, as I have just realized that I have deodorant on my sweater and a hole in my hose. *mutter*
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A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a super cute t-shirt from Woot: The Four Little Ponies of the Apocalypse.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the package yesterday to find this instead.

So I emailed Woot's customer service, and they told me that they'd send out the right one posthaste, and to not bother returning the wrong one, just to see that it found a good home. So if anyone wants the 2010 Woot Holiday T-shirt, which appears to have been sold out for a while now, in a women's size Large, it's all yours.
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It's time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea: Laundry edition!

Good idea:
Doing laundry in preparation for packing.

Bad idea:
Realizing that while you did most of the important packing laundry last week, your favorite jeans need to be washed, so you set them down while you wander around your apartment with the laundry basket collecting other things that need laundering to make up a full load - kitchen towels, sweatshirts, stuff like that - then running the laundry basket full of miscellany through the laundry and not realizing that you have left the jeans THAT WERE THE ONLY THING YOU ACTUALLY REALLY WANTED WASHED RIGHT THIS MINUTE on the TV stand until the load of laundry is pretty much done in the wash.

Bonus good idea:
Realizing that at least this means that without the jeans, everything else in there can be hung in the bathroom to dry instead of having to pay for the dryer.

Iffy idea:
Taking advantage of this to make the excuse to yourself that "well, washing the jeans ALL BY THEMSELVES would be a horrific waste of money, water, soap and electricity, and you wanted another pair anyway, so why not just go buy another pair tomorrow after work and wash them both at the same time?"

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Only, full-length in front. Googling like crazy for patterns, but this is the closest I'm finding.

I hate sewing.
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I would just like to say that I am wearing pants into which I have not been able to squeeze my ass since 2007. That is all.

(Well, that and, y'know, a t-shirt, and shoes and socks and stuff. But the pants are the relevant bit.)
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I have an OES triple-feature event tonight -- my birthday, holiday festivities, and initiating two of our Rainbow girls. So I dressed up a bit.

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Off I go!

(Dan's grandpa made the wooden plaque visible behind me -- it's a lovely little woodland/mountain scene. Someday I'll have to post a picture of the eagle in our office.)
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closeup plaid
Originally uploaded by shalicat
This is a close-up pic of one of the skirts I tried on today. It's mostly white and muted grey, and quite lovely, but upon a closer look, has thin lines of tangerine and lime in the plaid. I love it, because orange and green are two of my favorite colors, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what color tops I could wear with it. Pastels are out, the orange means no burgundy, I'm not sure about pairing it with dark green because of the lime stripe, brown is out because of all the grey. Ideas, before I put it on my Christmas list? I don't want either of the moms spending money on something I can't figure out what to wear with.

A full-length pic to show the skirt behind the cut )
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Discovered last night: My wedding dress actually fits me a bit better now than it did ten pounds ago. Heh. (I wore it to a Hallowe'en party.)
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Many many years ago -- at least eleven, probably more likely twelve -- I "stole*" two t-shirts from one of my oldest friends, one with a pile of skulls on it and one Megadeth concert t-shirt. I still have both, and while I don't wear them often, they're both so worn out and comfy that I tend to wear them when I'm sick. I wore the Megadeth one most of the day today, and when I felt a bit better and went out to return library books, I left it on and just threw on a pair of jeans instead of my pyjama pants.

On the way to my car, I saw one of the younger maintenance guys (about my age, or maybe a bit older, but the one we usually see is like 60+) trying to chuck a full-sized mattress set someone threw away up on top of his dumpster trailer, roughly about head-height. He'd gotten the box spring up there, and was propping the mattress up looking vaguely confused. I thought maybe he could use a hand, since the box spring added another 8-10" to an already six-ish foot height, so I asked if he needed some help real quick.

"No," he says. "I've just never seen a girl wearing a Megadeth t-shirt before."

And then, when I stopped at the local dairy guy's booth at the Crossroads Farmer's Market to sample their chocolate milk and lament that they're not yet set up to deliver to apartments, he also commented about the t-shirt. "Oh, yes, I know who Megadeth is."

Amusingly, I'm not quite sure that *I* have ever heard any Megadeth songs in my life.

*I borrowed them with his permission, and he never asked for them back. :)
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Dear MyHospital,

I did a lot of weeding through clothing piles yesterday. As such, I have two garbage bags full of gently used shirts and pants in relatively average sizes that I would like to donate, preferably to an institution that will give them to people who need them rather than selling them. Why do you make it so difficult for me to find out who administers the hospital clothing stores? I know we have them, because of ED patients who have their clothing either ruined when they get here or cut off for treatment, or homeless patients in our downtown clinics, or assault victims whose clothing is frequently kept by the police as evidence, among other things. I just want to find someone to take these clothes and redistribute them to people who need them. This should not be as hard as it is.


Dear Social Worker of my acquaintance,

Thanks for looking into it further for me, since your department is generally the one doing the distribution. "I know we hand out clothing from a central storage area, but I'm not sure who actually handles that storage area or who would take donations. Let me check into that for you." You rock.

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Tendinitis. Wrist brace. Wheee.

On top of that, both ankles hurt like hell.

And I have a sore throat and sound like I've been smoking three packs a day for the last few years.

Plus the t-shirt gnomes brought me the wrong shirt back - I found the str/cha one, but not my tree shirt yet.

And I am sleepy.
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Dear T-shirt gnomes who live in my house:

I hate you. No, seriously. I would like to wear my favorite t-shirts more often than just when I go out of state.

My -1 Str/+1 Cha T-shirt disappeared. Dan found it mysteriously on top of a stack of T-shirts that I had already gone through FOUR TIMES the day before Ari and I left for Montana back in May, and I wore it to the pre-wedding BBQ at the Kiwis. Then when I got home and did laundry, it vanished again.

When I got back from Nashville and did laundry, my Hug a Tree t-shirt disappeared. I haven't seen it since, though I KNOW I brought it back.

I wanted to take the Str/Cha T-shirt to GenCon. Tore the damn bedroom apart looking for it. Again, Dan found it on top of a stack of clothes I'd gone through multiple times, two days before we left. Upon returning home and doing laundry - guess what - it's gone again.

HEY T-SHIRT GNOMES, I AM GOING TO CANADA ON SUNDAY AND WOULD LIKE TO WEAR MY HUG A TREE T-SHIRT. That should ensure that it's folded neatly on my pillow when I get home tonight :P
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Side Panel A: 19/25

6 repeats to go.


I acquired some pwesents this afternoon, in a quick trip out and about.

Totally unrelated: My favorite shoes are a pair of black Dansko Ingrid clogs that I've had for almost three and a half years. Yesterday while I was walking to McD's to get some lunch, the elastic on the buckle end of the heel strap on the right shoe broke. I was sad. I took my shoes to the Shoe Service at Crossroads when I got home last night (the right one for fixing, and the left one for reference) - I dropped them off around 6:30pm on Wednesday, and the gentleman there replaced the elastic on BOTH of them (the elastic on the left one was looking pretty ragged, honestly) for less than $15, by 5pm today. Yay Shoe Service gentleman!
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Results of a trip downtown while wearing a cute dress:

Three catcalls
Two wolf whistles
One "Damn, yo, that bitch hot" (o.O)
Tabs for a 2004 Geely Jetstar
A matched pair of tacos

End result: Quite acceptable, if mildly weird.
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So this morning, I got all set up in my nice chocolate-brown suit with a blue blouse and my wedding shoes (which really are lovely with the suit, because they're not teribly traditional wedding shoes, but I love them) and set off for the courthouse for my 8:45 mitigation hearing on the ticket I got at the beginning of February.

Only I couldn't find the courthouse.

Finally, at 8:40, a nice lady at the Bellevue City Hall informed me that the county courthouse is on the OTHER side of Main Street between 5th and 6th Avenues SOUTHeast, and that I was at 5th and 6th Avenues NORTHeast, and I got to the courthouse and through the metal detectors and whatnot and sat down in the waiting area at 8:44 JUST in time for the clerk to call the 8:45 session into the courtroom.

Judge announced that because this was a mitigation hearing, all she could do BY LAW was reduce a fine, if it was warranted, or give a deferral, and that if one wanted a deferral, to just say that with no further explanations to expediate the process. They handled the cases in alphabetical order, so (being Ginger S. for 37 more days) there were several others to observe before my own.

Some people don't have any common sense. )

Then there were a couple straightforward deferrals and reductions, and then me. And I just said "Your Honor, I'd like to request a deferral." and she explained the terms of the deferral (no more tickets for one year from today or else I have to pay the fines for both, can't get another one for seven years, pay the deferral fee within 30 days) and said "But I don't think this will be a problem for you. From looking at your record, I can see that you don't get tickets."

So I have to pay the fee within 30 days, and all is well. So I got a breakfast sandwich and a soda (which the jerks at McDonalds only filled up 2/3 full coz I ordered it with no ice, grr, and I didn't notice til I was halfway to work) and did some post-office errands (the final fee for the wedding venue and the application/fee for our wedding license are now off in the mail, a box on its way to Holly, and a package for Joyce as soon as I write her address on it), and am now at work with nothin' to do. :)
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My out-laws finally got around to sending us the pictures from their trip out here, which included the traditional Indian wedding ceremony to which I wore a sari.

see? )


6 October 2006 01:46 pm
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To-do list before tomorrow 11am-ish:
-clean car (and wash, if it isn't raining)
-get gas
-clean litterbox
-clean Neko-cage
-de-quill and wash hedgehog laundry
-get Dan to vacuum the apartment and clean his desk (actually before Sunday afternoon)
-one load of laundry (at Ari's, during B5)
-pick up garment bag from Ari
-reload/recharge ipod - "showtunes" playlist! (probably involves reinstalling itunes too.)

To take to airport/Portland:
-sign in backpack
-overnight bag with clothes and whatnot in the car
-dress and shoes (note to self: grab the shoes. they're under your desk. dress will not go well with black flipflops.) Shoes are now in the overnight bag.
-G3, keyboard, OS9 discs, hard drive (Jill, I found the hard drive this morning, but I don't know that I'll actually get the chance to format it. I'll try though!)


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