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Yesterday's entry on the list of things I never expected I'd have to say:

"Ma'am, can you please get your child to stop licking my car?"

Kid - three or four maybe? - ran up to Marianne's back fender while his mom was putting her purchases in their car, puts his palms flat against the side of the car, and takes a big old lick. Now, Marianne hasn't had a bath since .... mid-May? something like that. And even if she had, EW.

The mom looked at me like I was nuts, and I wasn't sure whether it was "Licking the car? What?" or "What's wrong with car-licking?" or "How dare you complain about my precious angel?" or what, but as soon as I got to "your child", the kid ran back to his mom and jumped into their car.

It was just very strange.



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"It's about grandchildren. That's what all life is about. It's not enough just to spawn -- your offspring must grow up in circumstances that will maximize their reproductive opportunities."

Oh, gag me.

Dear Orson Scott Card:
Cram it. Also, most of your books sucked anyway.
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...... Wow.

Things I am glad I will never have to worry about for a multitude of reasons.
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In general, I am vehemently against beating one's children.

There are, however, occasional exceptions.

Good GOD. "I'm not sorry, I'm just pissed that we got caught." Someone would be getting her ass kicked into next week.

ETA: And then the little twatrags went back the same day they were caught to pick on the kid some more! What the HELL.

Son of Edit: Per some queries in the comments, I have emailed the Cookie Coordinator for the GS Council in the area to find out the best way to get donations to this little girl and her GS troop, and will share that info if and when I get it.
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Dear fuckwitted woman at the counter tonight:

It's bad enough that you were watching slack-jawed as your children bashed on each other with the hand-scanner gun at our spare till, shining it in each other's eyes, shrieking like cats in a blender, and beating the damn thing on the counter.

But for the love of muffins, what the hell is WRONG with you that your response to me saying "Look, kids, that's not a toy, can I have it back please so it doesn't get broken?" and placing the scan gun further out of reach on the counter is to glare at me like I had just sporked their little eyes out and told them I was going to boil them in a stew?

Do you let them treat YOUR stuff like that? I doubt it - so why would you let them do it with someone else's?!
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Woo! I just got to institute mandatory parent-licensing in my nationstate!
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Bwahahaha :)

I was cackling over the bad baby names at Baby's Named A Bad, Bad Thing and reading some of the funnier ones out loud to Dan (Catatonia Calliope, anyone?) - apparently, they were too much for my poor computer, and he decided to close the browser on them.


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