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This weekend and the next couple of weeks might make me crazy.

At 6pm, the Knitting Olympics start.

I have a one-page essay, on a topic which will not fit on one page, due at some point. (I have not written it yet.) Written and submitted. I even made it fit on one page, with some judicious font sizing. (10.5 font FTW. :P )
I have a 50-minute history exam.
I have to meet Rainbow people at the bank at 12:30pm to switch over this year's check signers.
I have a large Rainbow event with practice and setup starting at 2, and the event running until about 9:30 or longer.

I have a fairly extensive grocery shopping trip planned, which will involve four different stores in three different towns (and frozen/cold-perishable goods at each, so I'll have to go home in between to drop them off).

I have four sets of questions due for my Class of Suck, two sets of which are on a book I haven't actually read yet. So I have to read the book sometime in there too. Edit: But the two that aren't on that book are done, so I can just copy/paste them to post them on the class discussion board.

The Knitting Olympics run from tonight through 2/28, just like the regular Olympics. I selected Vivian as my project for this year.

During those 16 days, in addition to this weekend's plans listed above, I have:
*Spring quarter registration opens on Tuesday 2/16; as there are only 24 openings in VOLCANO FIELD DAY, I need to get registered post-haste Tuesday morning if I want in.
*Another 3-4 page essay, two sets one set of homework questions, and another exam in my history class. Edit: Completed one set today, need to turn in.
*History class meetings on both Wednesdays.
*Weekly assignments, usually multiple readings with multiple sets of questions, for my Class of Suck.
*An OES meeting and a Rainbow meeting.
*Several Rainbow events that I already agreed to chaperone/help out with.
*The OES wine tasting and silent auction fundraiser, for which I am the chairman of the kitchen committee, is 2/27. I will also have at least one, if not two, committee meetings during this timeframe.
*A 1500-word research paper on the history of the lobotomy and its impact on modern medical ethics that is due on 3/2 and a major portion of my grade in the Class of Suck.
*And oh yeah, I work M-F 8-4ish.

I believe my experiments with giving up caffeine are off for the next few weeks.

Also, bob bless slow days at work.
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Two side notes.

1. I seriously cannot express in words how stupid I find the Christian Bale Batman voice. So awful.

2. I don't believe you tomorrow. No offense.
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Yoinked from elsewhere: Introduce yourself!

I'm Ginger, age 28, live with my husband and two cats not too far from Seattle. I knit voraciously, read like a gerbil on crack (this is me), watch movies of all varieties except modern comedy, and play WoW (Alliance, Feathermoon US). I also volunteer on the advisory board of a girls' leadership and service organization. I'm a Sagittarius, a medical coder/biller, a redhead, proper chaotic neutral, and a bit of a prude. My pet peeves include rudeness, people who talk during movies (but singing with musicals is okay), poop jokes, and Masonic conspiracy theories.
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PSA: Snotty comments to complete strangers about grammatical errors in icons that they (a) didn't make and (b) are well aware of? Not a good way to endear yourself to anyone. If you're reading my posts or comments via a "friend of a friend" - meaning that we don't even have any communities in common, let alone friends - and you are het up enough about one of my icons that you feel the need to PM me about it to lecture me about apostrophe misuse? You seriously have too much time on your hands and are more than welcome to take your not-an-English-major-honest advice to any elsewhere you like.

I mean, seriously. Who *does* that? Ugh.
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I was quite impressed with the speeches at the end of tonight's proceedings. The menfolk I was watching with were both shocked to hear that I had never actually heard either candidate (or either VP nominee) speak before. But they both - McCain especially - handled themselves with grace and class, and that was very nice to hear.

They don't expect to have all of Washington's votes counted until next week, but last I looked, my choice for governor was barely ahead (again - this is a rematch of the 2004 race, and last time the winner was declared by literally 133 votes) and all the initiatives I voted on were going the way I voted, so that works out well enough.
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PSA: I don't particularly care for any of the options in this year's presidential debacle. As such, this is my reminder to myself that, with very few exceptions, I do not discuss politics with people that I like, and my reminder to my readers that I would greatly appreciate it if election-related commentary (especially election-related commentary that has nothing to do with my actual posts) was kept out of my LJ.

Thanks in advance :)

-The Management
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Note to self and others:

If one has a question about Joe Schmoe that one is not comfortable asking Joe directly, that may be a good clue that it is none of one's business, and therefore speculation and curiosity ought to be kept to oneself.

I've felt the need to comment on this quite a few times lately, in quite a few arenas of life (no, coworkers, I do not wish to speculate on my boss's relationship status), and it's something that I've forgotten myself on more than one occasion; hence the general public reminder.
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I get unreasonably annoyed when people go "Oh, I'd love to knit ______, but I'm just a novice, that's too hard for me!" People, it's STRING. There are knit stitches and there are purl stitches, and you need to know the same stitches to make a fancy cabled sweater as you do to make a plain old scarf. You know how you get out of being a "novice"? TRY SOMETHING NEW. I mean, really. Socks? Socks are Not Hard. There's like one ten-row span that's a tiny bit fiddly the first time or two, but otherwise, you're knitting a TUBE. Cables? You're just knitting your stitches out of order. You take four of them off the needle, put the first two back on before the last two, and knit across. And don't even get me started on people who are afraid of lace.

Be the boss of your string, people.
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Dear world at large:

When you phone someone and leave them a voicemail to let them know that despite all the crazy bad tornadoes in your area, you're perfectly fine and all is well - it's commendable of you to make sure people know you're okay, but it DOES help to mention in the voicemail little details. You know, like WHO YOU ARE. (I know it wasn't a wrong number, because the voicemail STARTED by telling me who *I* am.)


Dear person who left me the voicemail:

I'm really glad you're okay. Seriously. If you have my phone number, I probably would have worried about you if I'd heard anything about any really bad tornadoes. But I would love to know who it is that I'm really glad is okay.


Edit: Google to the rescue. I have at least narrowed it down to 4 people, and I'm positive it wasn't two of them. Yarf. =/

Son of Edit: Mystery solved, all is well.
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Dang, yo.

One year ago today, I completed the most physical undertaking I have ever ... well, undertaken. I think if someone were to ask me what accomplishments I was the proudest of, the 3-Day would be tied for first. And reading back over those posts - especially the wrap-up - still makes me sniffle a bit.

How about you? What accomplishments are you proudest of today?
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I have now dismantled, re-mantled, and totally revamped my desk space. (I do that every so often, but this was the first time really doing so since we moved in here last October.) I have two desks, actually - one big L-shaped desk consisting of two 24x36 legs and the corner, and then another 24x36 desk that I use to make a U-shape. Good: Awesome amounts of desk space, and everything's pretty close to hand. Bad: Those awesome amounts of desk space are also prone to collecting awesome amounts of clutter.

Biggest change: Desk is no longer lifted. It's back to normal desk height. Feels a mite odd, but as Dan kept pointing out, I haven't really been needing to stand at it for quite a while. Took out three boxes and a bag of random junk that had been accumulating (or was left over from when we moved), and now I have more space too. (That said, it feels smaller - probably because it's 8" shorter than it used to be.)

The change was mostly prompted by the fact that the original setup assumed that Nagi - my desktop PC - was my primary computer. However, since acquiring Khan (one month ago today! Holy crap, time flies!), that has no longer been the case. The new setup allows me more room for Khan, and also lets me share the giant mousepad of doom (needed, when one has a glass desk and infrared mice!) between both computers - Nagi's monitor and keyboard are to my left, but her mouse (being cordless) can live on its charging base on the back right corner of the desk, where I can get to it if I need to. I also swapped the sides - one side of the L has an upper shelf, and now that's the leg of the U rather than the center bit - so I can see the office TV from my desk. (Before, Nagi's monitor was in the way.) And as an added bonus, I can now get to Nagi's media drives - specifically, the DVD burner - without doing acrobatics and practically falling out of my chair.

Still need to do a bit of rearranging on the stuff, but I think the important bits are set for now. Which is nice, because my happy ass is going to bed.
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A pseudo-downside about Con: When I come home, I spend the next couple of weeks in a total "my LARP characters, let me tell you about them" mode.

People, feel free to tell me to shut the hell up*. I promise, I won't be mad. But with even a hint of nodding-and-smiling potential interest, I will happily tell LARP stories about characters past and present (and future; I've got ideas for the next one percolating) until the cows come home - I've been doing this for ten years. So pretending interest with the intent to wait me out? Probably not gonna help.

*Note: This does not apply to my own LJ. :P Nobody gets to tell me what I can and can't talk about here.
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Random query - are you or would you be okay with someone else trying on your wedding/engagement ring? Why or why not? (Theoretical answers totally acceptable, for those without either of the items in question.)

Personally: Absolutely not. I don't even take them OFF, let alone hand them to anyone else - I've gotten antsy and upset when Dan tried to take my engagement ring to look at it off my hand. Not having them on, where they belong, unsettles me like crazy.

I'd probably be a little bothered if Dan were letting people try his on too, but I dunno for sure. If I had to guess, though, I wouldn't think he'd be likely to do so?
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Know what makes me bananas?

When people who I know are raving batshit off-their-gourd insane actually espouse sane, reasonable, rational ideas.

Because it makes me think "Holy crap. I know they're off their rocker, and I know they're a raving loon, and I know they're psycho, but my god, what they're saying makes SENSE. ....Does this mean I'm losing it too?"

But usually, they follow it right up with something else ridiculously insane, and I feel better.
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Posted here, so's not to go picking fights in other folks' journals who don't really need it right now:

I hate - HATE HATE HATE - when people think it's perfectly okay to bring their own high-horse agendas into other folks' journals and make with the lecturing. Just because I don't say, for example, "Hey, I'm gonna wear pink on Tuesday. PS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT LECTURE ME ABOUT HOW EVIL YOU THINK WEARING PINK ON TUESDAY IS!" doesn't mean that it's okay for you (generic you) to flippin' lecture me about how evil it is to wear pink on Tuesdays and assume that I can't possibly have done any research on such a thing and that I just woke up some morning and went "Hey, I know, I'll wear pink on Tuesday just for the sheer hell of it because I have nothing better to do."

Keep your (again with the generic) agendas to places where they belong, people.

PS: I hate pink, so I would never wear pink on a Tuesday or any other day. Just sayin'.
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What kinds of things are you territorial about?

I do not let anybody but me (including Dan) drive my car.
I do not let anybody but me (including Dan) use my computer.
I do not let anybody but me pounce my fiancé.

I don't mind if people use my kitchen, or my shampoo, or (most of) my clothing, or my DVDs, or most of my stuff, but nobody but me operates my car or my computer.

Though I do get grumpy if people don't ask before they use or borrow the other stuff.
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I have long fingernails - not crazy three-bottles-of-nail-polish-to-paint-them-all long, but *grabs ruler* they seem to average just under 1/4" long.

Thusly, I tend to find myself typing with them - particularly on the bottom row of keys and the number row.

Therefore, breaking the fingernail on my left index finger off almost to the quick not only hurt, but will also affect my typing ability for an hour or so until I get used to not having a fingernail there.

That said, I should probably shorten them all, as I can't type very well on my laptop keyboard with longer nails anyway.

This post brought to you by the words "totally (Edit: UN)necessary and not very interesting random information", and the concept "Holy hell, today feels like both a Monday and a Friday at the same time, and 48 hours from now, I will be on a plane bound for Ireland, and this feels very surreal."


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