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And the saga continues!

I announce at the end of Con that I'm taking my desk job back, and let people know how to send me stuff.

Out of nowhere, on the mailing list, stinky feet boy's girlfriend flips her wig.

Let me get this straight. You orignally left because you felt "burned out". And from what I can tell from talking a few people, couldn't get anyone to volunteer to pay the $50 for Virtual PC for your NEW Mac so you could run Grapevine after the files were corrupted by not having the "updated version" of it in the first place. You also bitched about it supposedly being thankless and not worth your time. NOW you are bitching about how little organiziation went into this years game when practically nobody had time to get what they needed in order to get organised. Including the players that don't always get copies of their own sheets after the Con is over so they can keep track of things themselves too.

Somebody else also volunteered for said duty this year and was turned down by G.O.D..

If you are going to have this attitude about being the "Desk Dictator", I don't feel all that welcome at the game anymore. Don't look for the Baroness at game.


Reply, emphasis added here:
....Are you on crack?

1. At no point did I ever say anything about being burned out to anyone.
2. At no point did I even HINT that I wanted anyone to volunteer to pay for anything for me.
3. I have no CLUE where you got "thankless" and "not worth my time".
4. Am I bitching about lack of organization? No, not any more than, say, Adam and Wally were.
5. And we'll not even get into the idiocy behind continuing to insist that the database got corrupted because I opened it over a year ago on a VirtualPC running Windows 2000..
6. Why are you ranting at ME that another volunteer was turned down? How is this my fault?
7. I have no idea why this is such a huge issue to you. I've exchanged all of ten words with you, EVER, and those were in character. If you're bound and determined to bitch me out for something, feel free to email me privately.

What the HELL, yo. Don't let the door hit you, and take your stank-foot boyfriend with you, since he's a lousy ST anyway - kept his players and fellow STs waiting on him for literally multiple hours while he disappeared, and from what I'm hearing from "a few people", this is not uncommon. (Side note: He also got pissed off this weekend that I didn't come hug him every time I saw him. *snort*)

Edit: Ok, while I had hoped for minimal player involvement so she could feel like an idiot for throwing a temper tantrum that everyone else was politely ignoring, I must confess that Clint's two cents are cracking me up.
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Follow-up to this:

I read the GCL board this afternoon, for last-minute catch-up, and apparently the dude's girlfriend has announced that he "has removed his head from his ass". And...that she's....going to run the database for the whole group? She's, er, going to do this while watching their two-year-old? Somehow, I don't think so.... Besides, I was advised that [ profile] that_mage was taking over for me.

Meh. I have my character sheet - falls under the heading of "not really my problem anymore".

Though I must confess to some burning curiosity about the aftermath of my departure on the game staff mailing list. Heh.
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Pieced together from several IM windows:

11:32] Martin: so I got a question
[11:33] Martin: how do I save a .gif file so it actually remains animated, instead of saving as a .bmp file?
[11:42] Ari: Tell him to drag the saved image into a blank IE window; I'll bet that will show it's still animated.
[11:44] Ginger: Unless you have VPC. In which case, it will Never Open Again. Even after you uninstall VPC.
[11:45] Ari: Oh if he has VPC he's totally screwed. Then his computer will leap off the desk, run to Lake Washington, and go for a swim.
[11:45] Ari: Because, you know, VPC does that. Or something.
[11:46] Ari: Also, may God have mercy on his soul.
[11:46] C2: you humans will never understand virtualization!
[11:46] Ginger: /wrists
[11:48] C2: it only appears to corrupt your files. in reality, it merely converts them to a Vogon poem
[11:48] Ari: HAHA!
[11:48] Ari: Stupid virtualization.
[11:48] Ari: Bane of all that is computerish.
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Well, it's done. After an email exchange with the most inept storyteller I've ever encountered, during which he apparently discarded any attempts at reading comprehension and replaced it with condescension, insult and blatant stupidity, I am no longer part of the staff for GCL.

1. I have finals next week, and Con is the week after. Even if I had the inclination and the INFORMATION necessary to rebuild the database from the archive I have, I don't have the TIME. (But I also don't have the information for more than two characters, not including my own, so even if I DID have the time, I flat out could not do it.)

2. There are several of the GCL storytellers, past and present, that I greatly like and respect. In fact, several of them were at or invited to my wedding. But this guy? Not even remotely. He's been a condescending dick the whole time I've been working the database, and every single year so far I've had to tell him several times to get away from me before the smell of his feet makes me throw up on my computer. (And I wasn't even exaggerating.)

3. What the FUCK, dude.

cut for email exchange )

My commentary, un-emailed:
One: Dude, you and "Adam Grapevine Creator" are both apparently fucking idiots. Grapevine is a VISUAL BASIC program. Are you seriously trying to tell me that VISUAL BASIC won't run on an installation of WINDOWS 2000? Since you obviously didn't read ANY OF MY EMAILS explaining that VPC creates a VIRTUAL MACHINE that runs a FULL AND COMPLETE AND LEGIT INSTALLATION OF WINDOWS 2000. You also didn't read ANY OF MY EMAILS explaining that HI, I've been porting this database back and forth between the VirtualPC and MY REAL HONEST TO GOD WINDOWS-RUNNING PC for three years, using it QUITE SUCCESSFULLY on both, AND IT DIDN'T ACTUALLY CORRUPT UNTIL AFTER I'D BEEN WORKING ON IT ON MY WINDOWS PC FOR A WHILE BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE THE VIRTUAL PC ANYMORE.

Two: Okay, sure, maybe this other idiot was the one sniping about how "maybe she didn't know what she was getting into". But y'know, he wasn't the one who's been treating me like an idiot the whole time, AND HE WASN'T THE ONE WHO ADDED TO THAT COMMENT A SNOTTY LITTLE ASIDE READING "Well, okay, we won't get into that last part."

Three: ....Okay? Take your ball and go home, dude. Your half-dozen changelings are not going to make a whole lot of impact on the work I'd have to do to get the other ONE HUNDRED THIRTY characters re-updated. My "attitude"? You were going to "help her"? Grow the hell up.

So, I am done. I go to Con to have a good time, not to spend the weekend frustrated, annoyed and pissed off.


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