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Dear management:

Why do you bother giving us a key to the little closet where you keep the refill-your-laundry-card machine if it's going to be unlocked when the office is open, and DEADBOLTED with a key we don't have access to when the office is closed? Fuckers. I hate laundry cards. Give me a quarter machine any day - at least I can get quarters anywhere.

No love,
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On Monday, I stopped into the management office to see if we could get an extra key. The guy there said that they didn't have any, and I asked if it was possible to get one made. He started hollering about didn't we trust our friends to leave our own keys with them while we were on vacation, and went on for a couple of minutes, but finally wrote in the work order.

So today, I stopped in to see if it was done, and he started yelling at me that Dan and I must have a horrible line of communication, because he'd talked to Dan and told him that we would be charged for extra keys, and Dan told him to never mind.

I said "Oh, okay, I didn't know that."

He repeated that we must have crappy communication. And I said, "Well, it probably slipped his mind because he left early this morning to fly out of town for his grandmother's funeral."

And his response was "Well, that's not my problem."

I said "....excuse me?"

and he kept yelling throughout this whole thing, and I said, "Excuse me, can you please stop yelling at me? I didn't know, Dan didn't tell me you'd talked to him..." and he stood up and leaned toward me and yelled that he wasn't yelling and that I had offended him personally by mentioning last week that the office distributed a memo with typos, and that if I had a problem with him I could take it up with Debbie, the manager.

and I said, "Okay, is she here?" and he said no, she leaves at four every day.

I said "That's not terribly convenient for people who work during the day to talk to her, is it?" and he started yellling again, and I just left...

I'm exhausted and I'm stressed and people suck, and I'm sick of crying.

and I tried calling the corporate office, but they close at 5, so I guess I'll be calling them tomorrow. Though I'm not entirely sure that it'll do any good. I might try calling the manager first, and letting her know that I'll be letting corporate know as well. I dunno.

I'm told this guy's a temp, but I've not seen anyone in there other than him for over a month.
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An update on that horrid memo sent around by my apartment's management, c/p from a comment I made this morning to a reply on the initial post:

I stopped in there today [yesterday] and told the dude at the front desk that I was disappointed in the lack of professionalism displayed in distributing official notices that are so badly spelled and full of such bad grammar as to make them difficult to read.

Apparently, it's the MANAGER who writes those notices. Ugh.
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Letter for letter, the notice on my door this afternoon from the apartment complex:

Asphalt Replacement
May 10, 2005 (Tuesday)
Cars need moved

Dear Residents:

Weather permitting all cars need to be removed from the East side of X Building, all spots to the South of W building, and the first 5 spaces along the South side of the main entrance.


We truly appreciate your patients during are upgrades to the [complexname].




Can I freaking TELL you how tempted I am to mark this to hell and back with a red pen and stick it to THEIR front door??? I mean, how totally unprofessional can you GET?! And that's not even getting into the part where we're being ousted from the guaranteed parking space that we're entitled to by the terms of our lease with no replacement being offered, and with less than 24 hours notice.


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