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Oh ho. Follow-up from Kidd Valley, this time from the Assistant to the President.

Of course, she apologizes profusely for not sending me a gift card and ignores the part about I AM NOT RETURNING TO ANY OF YOUR RESTAURANTS UNLESS Y'ALL FIRED THE SKEEZY GUY.

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My response:

Ms. Sanchez:

I do appreciate your apology, and I understand that sometimes things can slip through the cracks. Further, your gift card offer is generous, but will be unnecessary unless you can give me some assurance that Rod Conover is no longer employed with your company - I am not willing to patronize an establishment that allows their employees to act in such a fashion.

Thanks for your time,
Ginger O'Lastname
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Mr. Newkirk*:

As it is now over a month since my original complaint and I have received neither the gift certificate offered me by Ms. Pillman** nor, more importantly, the follow-up I requested to let me know whether the store manager who made offensive comments to me would continue to be employed with Kidd Valley, I am forced to assume that nothing has been done about the incident. I am disappointed in the lack of follow-through shown by the company, and I do not expect that I will be returning in the future to either Kidd Valley or Ivar's, if this is how complaints to the management of those restaurants will be handled.

Ginger O'Lastname

*Ed Newkirk, the HR Manager for the parent corporation that oversees Ivar's and Kidd Valley.
**Sonia Pillman, the Director of Operations for the Kidd Valley chain.
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Next installment on the Kidd Valley saga:

I just spoke with Sonia Pillman, the Operations Manager for KV. (Apparently KV and Ivar's are both under the same corporate umbrella.)

From what she said, she and the HR guy who emailed me yesterday talked to him separately and have not yet compared notes. However, Rod was apparently extremely apologetic (nice to know he didn't apparently try to pretend he didn't do anything wrong?) and WANTED MY CONTACT INFORMATION SO HE COULD APOLOGIZE DIRECTLY. Eugh. She told him absolutely not, that was out of the question, and I thanked her for doing so. She apologized repeatedly on KV's behalf, told me how mortified she was that something like this had happened in one of her restaurants, and asked for my address to send me a gift certificate (which will also be good at the Ivar's down the street from my house, yay feesh).

I told her I would not be returning to that or any other Kidd Valley restaurant as long as Rod is still a KV employee, since I'm not interested in providing my money or my patronage to a restaurant that would allow someone who did something like that to continue their employment, and she assured me that she understood completely, but that in this case, disciplinary actions are up to Ed the HR guy and she hasn't gotten a chance to talk to him yet. I asked her to keep me informed so I know if/when I can go back for yummy burgers, and she assured me that she would.

I'm torn regarding Ivar's. They have the awesomest clam chowder ever, and super yummy food. They share the same corporate group, but apparently only at the highest levels. So I'm not sure where to draw my line, since Ed the HR Guy is also the HR Guy for Ivar's and presumably he would handle an incident there the same way he would at KV.
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Update on the skeezy burger guy!

Email I just received:

Dear Ms. O'Lastname:

Thank you for alerting us to the situation you experienced in our Bellevue store yesterday. We are very sorry for any unpleasantness and hope to resolve the issue and restore your confidence in our Company.

We appreciate your detailed account. Sonia Pillman, Kidd Valley Director of Operations and I will meet with store manager Rod Conover today to investigate the complaint.

We will contact you as soon as possible following the investigation.

Thank you for your support and patronage.

Ed Newkirk
Director Human Resources
Ivar's / Kidd Valley

Ari got the same one, verbatim. (Well, you know. Aside from the part where his is addressed to Mr. Arilastname.)

(I was correct, by the way. Skeezy guy, who's name Ari remembered as Rod while I did not, is in fact the manager of that location.)
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Goddamn. Obviously this is not my weekend for burgers.

Ari and I went to Kidd Valley for lunch today. There's a creepy older guy who's always there working - creepy in the sense that he's loud, overly familiar, and prone to yelling at Ari about whatever dumb thing he thinks Microsoft is doing today. I'm relatively sure he's the manager of the store, based on previous experience.

I ordered my burger, gave the counter guy my name, and we went and sat down to wait for our food. (You order and pay at the counter, but they bring it out to you when it's cooked.)

The creepy older guy brought mine.

Guy: "I don't want to get smacked, but your name is appropriate." *points at my receipt which has "Ginger" written on it*
Me: Yep, that's why I have it.
Guy: "Because of your hair?"
Me: ".... yes." *trying quite distinctly to not give any indication of wanting to continue conversing with him so he'll go away*
Guy: "But not the hair on your head, right?" *snickers and walks away*

What the FUCK. What the sheer unholy mother-loving FUCK.

Three guesses where I will not be getting my burgers ever again.

Edit: I have just emailed a slightly tidied up version of this post to KV Corporate. Will report on the results.


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