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Lady, for the love of cheese, FOLD UP YOUR BOB-DAMNED STROLLER instead of taking up the wheelchair area on the bus with it -- not only is the damn thing an umbrella stroller and thus easily folded, YOU DO NOT EVEN HAVE A CHILD WITH YOU.
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Morning bus stupid, in two varieties.

First: Why is it always the people who are knitting garter stitch scarves with Red Heart that yell at me that I'm knitting wrong?

Bint: "You can't do that without a cable needle."
Me: Buh? Actually, I've been cabling without a cable needle for years, but thanks.
Bint: "No, you really seriously can't do that. It doesn't work."
Me: ... Seems to be working fine.
Bint: "Well, that's lovely, I'd hate to see it ruined because you're doing it wrong."
Me: .......

my wrongness, let me show you it. )

Second: Bus driver, you are driving a route that goes down a road full of crackheads and crazy people, many of whom will get on your bus thinking that it is a bus that is frequently full of crackheads and crazy people instead of a bus full of various hospital employees going to work. As such, it is pretty dumb of you to crack jokes like "Two more stops, and then I'm going home. Wanna go home with me?" to the crackheads and crazy people, because they will not always realize that you are joking. See also: This morning, when one of the C&Cs was all excited to walk your dog for you while you cooked him breakfast, and seemed to be verging on meltdown when you told him that no, you hadn't meant it. THAT WAS STUPID.
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Query: why do people get on buses without paying attention to where the bus is going, and then freak out on the bus driver when he goes somewhere other than their end destination- even when they could see if they'd taken two seconds to look that THE BUS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO GO ANYWHERE NEAR THEIR GOAL.
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"What are you knitting?"
"A sock."
"Oh, that's pretty cool!"
"Is it for the monkey?"

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The #4 runs quite regularly between pill hill and downtown. Most of the day, it's every ten minutes by the schedule, and it's not uncommon for one to be late and another early and get three within any given ten minutes.

This makes it difficult, since I neither noted the coach number nor saw the driver, to report to Metro the driver who assured a nice blind guy who had just disembarked at the stop where I was waiting that he was at Swedish's Cherry Hill campus, said quite audibly as the guy turned away "Sorry bastard", and slammed the bus door and drove away before I could tell the guy he was still 8 blocks shy of Cherry Hill and now going the wrong way on foot.

I did catch the guy, who said only "good thing I don't mind walking!" and asked me to point him in the right direction.

Talk about a shitty thing to do.
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For the most part, Chewie is getting appreciation. I took him downstairs today to show my WoW-playing, semi-geek coworker, who immediately said, "I wish they had a Yoda one." I told him I'd send him the link when I got back up here.

A couple of people have told me they like my monkey backpack. :P The Fry's cashier asked me to get my "dog" off the counter (dude, I am UNZIPPING IT to get my wallet out. Does YOUR dog have a zipper?). But for the most part, Chewie is much admired.

Except for last night on the bus on the way home.

Ok, so pretend you're on a city bus. You see an adult with, say, a pacifier in their mouth. You think, doubtless, that they're a little weird. But if they're minding their own business and keeping their pacifier to themselves, you probably don't go out of your way to harass them about it, yeah? Maybe you post about it on LJ later, or snicker about it with your spouse when you get home, but you don't tell THEM that you think they're crazy for sucking on a pacifier on the bus, because that's rude and unnecessary.

I had Chewie on my lap, so's he wasn't on the floor getting dirty or on another seat in anyone else's way, and the bus got to my stop. I got up and chucked him up on my shoulder, and this lemon-sucking gerbil-faced old bat poked me in the arm and told me that I was a grown-up and should leave my teddybear at home.

I told her to mind her own business and I'd take my Wookiee wherever I wanted. :P
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Lady, I so don't need to hear about how all your kids were conceived in the rain because your husband was a hot tar roofer. Plz to be keeping your TMI to yourself.
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It would be totally awesome if my bus would up. *scowl*
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Lady, I have knit blankets, scarves, hats, at least 18 sweaters, countless pairs of socks, most of a lace shawl, and a flamingo. I hardly think that you and your garter stitch scarf are qualified to tell me I'm knitting "wrong" on the exquisitely cabled sweater in my hands. In short? STFU.
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Dear small child on the bus:
Yes, I have three and a half feet of beautimous awesomeness growing out of my head. NO, YOU DO NOT GET TO TOUCH IT.

Dear mother of small child on the bus:
1. Get your kid a damn napkin, he's covered in peanut butter or something.
2. Please to be teaching him not to grab hold of strangers; someone who isn't me may decide they'd like to keep him someday.
2b. If you can't do that, at least hold onto him so he doesn't wander three rows away to try to grab hold of my braid with STICKY HANDS.
3. For all our collective sakes, I am very glad that I am not one of the crazier members of [ profile] longhair who like to shout about how they backhand people who touch their hair without even thinking about it. But they're out there, yo.

The lady with pretty hair who now has it wound securely on top of her head out of small-child reach.


27 August 2007 04:36 pm
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I just got smacked by a homeless dude!

He was wandering around the bus stop begging for something, I guess, and I was typing on my SK and have headphones on. So I ignored him, figuring he'd go away. Dude reached out and smacked my arm to get my attention!

I told him to get the fuck away from me before I called the cops, and he did. Didn't hurt or anything, no real harm, just a serious wtf.
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Lately I find that, when I'm really tired, if I close my eyes for a minute, some sentence or phrase that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever will pop into my head. Then I think to myself, "I have to remember that so I can tell someone later, because it's funny."

And I never remember them. There were a good four or five of these on the bus into work this morning, and I was going to post them as soon as I got to work, and I can't remember a single one.

That said...

Dear lady on the bus:
Just because my eyes are closed doesn't mean I'm sleeping. I'd like to be at home sleeping, but I'm here, on the bus, awake enough to function. And really, even if I WAS sleeping - what business would it be of yours, as long as I wasn't using you as a pillow or snoring? You've certainly got no call to talk about me to the people next to you or jab me with your foot.
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Incident the first:
Ari drove me to work this morning, which meant I needed a ride home from him as well. So after I got out of work, I hopped on the bus to go meet him at his office. Around the corner of 8th and James or so, a fellow gets on the bus. This guy looked - and smelled - like he was probably homeless, given that he was carrying two ratty garbage bags full of stuff and probably hadn't showered in several weeks. He also had a cane, and was muttering to himself in that "I really ought to be going to one of the public health mental clinics" kind of way. Rather than sit down, he just stood in the aisle of the bus for a sec, then dropped one of his bags (looked like it was intentional) and yelled. No words - just a really loud AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH kind of yell. Picked up his bag, dropped his cane, and yelled again. Rinse and repeat - he dropped one of his three things, yelled, and picked it up for the next two blocks.

Finally, the bus driver told him that if he yelled like that again, she was going to have to kick him off the bus. He lurched forward (past the empty seat next to me, phew) and flung himself into one of the side-facing seats along the front of the bus, banging into a woman (who didn't look, smell or sound like such a prize herself), who hurled herself across the bus to a seat on the other side, muttering about how she didn't want to sit by him.

Woman: White trash. White trash. Don't want him sitting by me.
Man: Stupid bitch! You should be so lucky! Stupid bitch!
Woman: Oh yeah? I'm going to get out a pistol and put it in your head!
Man: Oh yeah? Then I'm going to kill your whole family!

They went back and forth like that for a block or two (and a stop light), then he apparently hit her with his cane. The two of them practically fly at each other, the driver pulls up to the next bus stop, and 3/4 of the bus passengers (including me) pour off the bus.

I ended up walking a mile through downtown Seattle this afternoon to go meet Ari because I wanted to avoid a crazy-persons' brawl. Heh.

Incident the second:
As we were driving over the 520 bridge (it was raining pretty hard on the lake), Ari noticed a pretty bright rainbow to our left that looked like it was coming up out of the water. Then he noticed another one on the other side of the bridge - turns out it was a full arch! A little farther on the bridge, we noticed a parallel rainbow to the left-hand side of the first arch. I kept looking, and sure 'nuff - driving home today, we drove under a twin pair of full-arch rainbows. It was really pretty too - very vivid against the clouds, which were that greenish grey color of what in the Midwest would be called a tornado sky. I tried to get pictures, but I don't think they came out very well - the camera on my SK sucks.


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