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The existence of a "How To Flirt With Geek Girls" panel at GenCon is skeezy and gross - period, end of sentence.

However, I'm debating whether the fact that the moderator panel consists of entirely women makes it even MORE skeezy and gross than if it were run by guys. Leaning toward yes.
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Dude. You are correct that when I sent out the directions, I did not specify that you should include your email address when having the automatic dice roller send me a roll. However:

1. How the HELL do you expect me to send you the results of your roll when I have no email address for you?
2. The form on the website that you fill out to send a roll by default includes a space for your email address, and the only way it removes that space is if you delete that space on purpose. GOSH, MY BAD, I DIDN'T KNOW I HAD TO SPECIFY IN THE DIRECTIONS TO FILL OUT THE FORM COMPLETELY INSTEAD OF DELETING PARTS OF IT.
3. Seriously? Everyone else has figured this out. :P So when I say on-list "Can whoever sent me the roll for [character] please email me off-list so I know who you are?" you really don't have to get bitchy about how "well, the directions didn't SAY to include my email address."

Not really a best first impression, snowflake.
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There is a new leaking spot in my ceiling, and even more of it is brown and mushy. If I come home from Vegas to find that stoner maintenance guy has sat on his ass twiddling his thumbs all weekend while my ceiling caved in, I am going to be a screaming raging mass of anger.
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Ok, really?

Me: "I don't have any room in my car to carry a spare tire."
Annoying bint: "Actually, if you pop your trunk and lift the bottom of the trunk, you will see there's a space under the floor of the trunk."

I ... really? Gosh, and I didn't even specify what kind of car I drive. And yet she KNOWS that I will see there's a space for a spare tire under the floor of the trunk.

Sorry, sweetie, the space under the floor of the trunk (such as it is) is taken up by ENGINE. Next time, you might consider that when someone is discussing the features of their car, they might actually, gasp, know what they're talking about.

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The streams have crossed! Pot Pipe Boy read Neckbeard's fanfiction!!

I read your fanfiction and I enjoyed it. I used to be a huge pokemon fan and I still find my self playing the gameboy games on occasion. I like how it tells you how dangerous the pokemon actually can be. Unlike the television show and movies they are not all friendly or just controlled by their trainers but they can go berserk and crazy and even turn to cannibalism, or eat humans. The part is a little gruesome and was not in the kids show, but i wonder if their was any of this in the Japanese versions of the shows. I used to be a huge anime fan and I have noticed the that remakes of Japanese shows that become dubbed are not very good at all and are best to be watched in Japanese with subtitles. They show you more details and characteristics and are not afraid to be a little gruesome. For example if you have every seen naruto it is amazing in Japanese but I could not bear to try and watch the English version on cartoon network.

Why am I not surprised?

Also, Neckbeard posts the following publicly to our class discussion board:

Can you email me (to my personal email) my current grade? I would ask using the angel Email but I am having trouble using it (and I have not been able to contact you via personal email in the past thus the weekly communications page).

I know that I am way behind on the Homework and that it is one of the major percentages. I had planned to do between now and next Wednessay (which I know is the last day to get them in. I was hoping having almost everything else be an A would help balance out all the late points deducted from the homework. My finals are this Friday and next Monday so on Tuesday and Wednesday next week the only thing I have that academic is your homework assignments.

I kind of took this course more to learn something interesting than to get an easy A or anything like that, so I wont be absolutely devastated if I end up having a horrible grade.

Joyce informs me that it would be inappropriate to reply with "Maybe if you spent more time on homework and less time on Pokemon fanfic you wouldn't have this problem."
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Someone finally read the Pokemon fanfiction. Neckbeard's response:

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! (sobs hysterically) "

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So the neckbeard who wants us all to read Pokemon fanfiction because it changed his quality of life?

He's started adding "can someone tell me that they have at least looked at the following: [link to Pokemon fanfiction]" at the end of Every Post He Makes to the class forum.
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There is a literal neckbeard in my dinosaurs class. Like, we all showed up for the field trip, and this guy has a by-God Elizabethan ruff of beard with no facial hair, I am not using the term as a euphemism.

He just posted a link on our class forum. To a website of Pokemon fanfiction. Informing us that this fanfiction has changed his quality of life. He would appreciate it if we would all go read it so that we may be enlightened by it.

This is also the guy who bitched at me for posting a picture of my traveling dinosaur on the general-discussion forum because it was irrelevant to the class.


Bless his heart.
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I wake up to loud and thundering music that is blasting up from my bathroom floor and echoing around my apartment. I realize that it's probably coming from the exercise room directly below me, so I sigh, throw on some clothes and go downstairs where, sure enough, three young women are exercising to loud and thundering music. I open the door and have to practically scream to be heard.

"Hi, I live directly upstairs, and your music is really really loud in my apartment."

One of them looks at me, smiles and replies, also having to yell over the music,

"Do you want us to turn it down?"

.... wtf? Nah, I figured I'd just come down here and tell you it's really obnoxiously loud for your information, in case you hadn't already realized. YES, YOU INCONSIDERATE BINT, TURN IT THE HELL DOWN.

They did. I can still hear it, but now it's at appropriately "I live in an apartment and have to expect at least a little bit of noise from other areas in the building" levels rather than "I cannot hear myself think over someone else's ruckus" levels.

In other news, I have a serious jones for apple juice.
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Dear Red shoppers, a few minor points:

1. For the love of GOD, why do you people keep insisting on putting your money and coupons on the conveyor belt? One of these days I'm not going to slam my hand on the off-switch fast enough to keep them from getting sucked under the belt, and then they will be gone beyond my ability to retrieve and ten bucks says you will blame me for their loss and go all "Well, I gave you the money, YOU lost it in the conveyor belt, so I've paid." There is a whole counter here for you to put stuff on, PLUS I AM HOLDING OUT MY GODDAMN HAND.

2. "If it doesn't scan, it must be free." Har de fucking har, this is NOT FUNNY under any circumstances. Especially when you're serious. (... really? REALLY? Ugh.)

3. WHY DO YOU LEAVE YOUR DAMN WALLETS IN THE CAR ALL THE TIME?? I'm not talking about "Oh, crap, I just realized I put my wallet in the console at the drive-through and forgot to grab it on my way in here." I'm talking about

"The state requires me to see your ID for this purchase."
"Oh, well, I left it in the car."


"Your total is $12.72."
"Oh. I only have $10 cash on me, I left my wallet in the car."

Great. Neither of these issues change the fact that I am required to see your ID and you still owe me two and a half bucks.

Maybe I'm paranoid. I'm fully willing to accept that possibility. But I just don't get the willingness to leave a wallet and its contents - which are, if not dangerous to lose, at least convoluted and annoying to replace - in the car instead of relatively safely located on one's person.

4. Telling your children that I will either reward or punish them is pretty damn obnoxious. No, I am not going to yell at them. (Well, okay. If they're messing around with other people's stuff on the belt or climbing on the counter or whatever, and you're ignoring it, I will tell them to knock it off. But I'm not going to yell at them for asking you for candy.) And I would happily give your three year old a sticker, but we don't have any left, and I will not take the blame for the fact that she's sobbing her little head off now because you told her I would give her one as a bribe for good behavior in the store.

ETA: I almost forgot the "best" one!

Lady: How come you don't have any Christmas music playing?
Me: ... you know, I've never actually noticed that we don't! I'm not sure.
Lady: You should have Christmas music playing.
Me: I do like Christmas music, but I don't get to make the decisions, alas.
Lady: Well, get me a manager. I'm going to stir the pot. (Direct quote. "Stir the pot.")
Me: .... Uh, okay? *flips on lane light for supervisor*
Lady: And not HOLIDAY music either. CHRISTMAS music.
Me: ....
Supervisor (who is frantic and busy): What'cha need?
Me: Uh ... *gestures at Lady*
Lady: How come you don't have any Christmas music playing?
Supervisor: Oh, they stopped that years and years ago. People complained about it.
Lady: Well, I'm complaining now.
Supervisor: All I can suggest is that you fill out a comment card. Anything else?
Lady: No, I just find this offensive.
Me: .....
Supervisor: Uh, have a nice night. *zoom*
Lady: *continues to bitch about the lack of Christmas music and how she feels offended by the way she was just treated by the Supervisor*
Transaction: *is completed*
Me: Have a good night!
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If anyone else wants to judge me for being divorced twice before my 30th birthday, feel free to go fuck yourself on the way out the door.
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Why I will not be spending any money to see Avatar: The Last Airbender: Food for thought.

Quoted from this article:
When [...] a writer pointed out that the film will feature a villainous nation of Asians attacking nations led by three white heroes, Shyamalan replied, "It's called irony."


In a 2009 University of Pennsylvania student-newspaper article publicizing a call for background actors, Deedee Rickets, a casting director for "Airbender," is quoted encouraging prospective extras to dress in "traditional ethnic" attire, saying, "If you're Korean, wear a kimono. If you're Belgian, wear lederhosen. [...] Later, a first-person account in the same paper quoted Rickets telling the crowd at the casting call, "It doesn't mean you're at a disadvantage if you didn't come in a big African thing. But guys, even if you came with a scarf today, put it over your head so you'll look like a Ukrainian villager or whatever."

M. Night Shamalamadingdong, is there any movie or story you can't figure out a way to fuck up?
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FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Why is it that any time someone complains about a lousy customer at a medical office, all the Europeans, Canadians and Aussies have to come out of the woodwork and wank about how "THIS IS WHY I'M SO GLAD FOR UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE." Okay. Universal health care would keep this woman from being a psychotic twat to the receptionist HOW, exactly?
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PSA: I have psoriasis on both of my ankles. It is usually ugly, but by no stretch of the imagination contagious. I am also not particularly self-conscious about it. However.

Further PSA: It is really damn rude to approach someone in a large group of people and, with absolutely no preamble, loudly squawk "What's wrong with your FEET?" *snarl*
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Tips on being a non-sucky person:

When someone is excited about something that has absolutely no bearing on your life whatsoever, making mean snotty comments about it in an attempt to bring them down makes you a douchebag. Don't do it.
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I, uh. Wow. Okay.

So I posted my Macbook Pro on Craigslist (before I posted about it here) and had a really weird experience.

emails: )

So all that was Saturday, which is when I decided to try my LJ f'list.

Two minutes ago, I got an email from the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS, as a response to my Craigslist ad:
I have a Philips 32" HDTV, 2 HDMI Inputs, wall mount with telescopic arm, a HD-DVD player and a HDMI cable in the package. Basically a whole entertainment system. Would you wanna trade? I can also provide you any remodeling services, painting services, hardwood, tiles and so on. Very high-end work. You will see it on the car I'm driving :)

Gabriel (206) 617-3177 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (206) 617-3177 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. I'm also located in bothell

I ... what? WHAT? Seriously? No, dude, you don't sound shady at all, Mr. Gabriel John in Bothell.
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Today on "People Who Suck:"

Our neighbors and their two dozen guests who, after what I can only assume was a rousing game of paintball, came home to the parking lot directly under our windows and spend the next two hours screaming and laughing at each other, then (as I discovered when I went out to run an errand) got neon pink and yellow paint all over the parking lot (including a couple of cars; luckily for them, not mine), the sidewalks and doors to our apartment building, and all over the interior stairwell up two flights of stairs.

Unfortunately, I don't know which of the 10 second-floor apartments they live in to complain to the management, and "the Indian couple" is not descriptive enough in this building.
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And in today's edition of People Who Should Not Be Allowed To Leave The House... we have the woman who asked the latest purchasing temp "Why do you have a hyphenated last name? Is that a black thing?"

... I ... what? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?

Props to him for managing not to utterly lose his cool, at least.
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Weekend accomplishments, based on the original list:
I wrote and submitted my essay on Friday, took my exam* on Saturday morning, successfully completed all the Rainbow stuff** on Saturday afternoon/evening, got all my grocery shopping done on Sunday, and finished most of my questions for the class of suck. I also knitted 107 rows on the Olympic Vivian (which is the body almost all the way up to the underarms), and would have gotten farther except for a bollixed cable pair I have to fix before I continue. (Simple fix, I did one of the two last night, but then I wanted to go to bed. I'll fix the other tonight.)

And while I knitted, I watched a veritable Hugh Jackman movie fest, along with a couple other unrelated movies. (Equilibrium, Amelia, all four X-Men movies, Kate & Leopold, Swordfish, and The Prestige, plus several episodes of Babylon 5 with Joyce.)

* I got a 39/50, which on the one hand isn't great, but on the other, means my overall grade in the class is now something absurd like 337/350, so I'll take it.

** It was a two-assembly event, and each assembly was supposed to bring and set up half the reception. Our assembly did our half, and the other assembly brought part of their half (cream puffs) and forgot part of their half (punch), and didn't show up to set up any of their half until 15 minutes after the reception started, at which point we'd already set it up for them. We sent out one of our people to buy ingredients for a last minute punch, which turned out quite popular, but there is quite a bit of disgust with the other group right now among the adults.
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Pet peeve of the day:

"Mods, I tried to put this behind a cut, but the HTML didn't work."

For the love of god. It's nine goddamn characters, the RTF web-posting option has a clickybutton to automagically add a cut, and there's a freakin' FAQ on how to LJ-cut that is linked from the info pages of most communities that require it. Also? HTML doesn't just "not work." Stop trying to come up with excuses that really all just translate into "I was too lazy to put in an LJ cut, so fuck all y'all."

(Note: Personal journals are an entirely different story, and I don't care whether people use them or not, so long as I'm not getting plastered with porn on my f'list. This pet peeve is purely focused at people who do this in communities.)


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