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So I took two trips this past week. Both were incredibly enjoyable and desperately needed.

5/13-16: Muncie

This one is actually pretty quick to report on. I gamed, ate pizza, gamed, drank, gamed, gamed WHILE drinking and eating pizza, watched movies, gamed, drank, ate burgers, gamed, watched Leverage, gamed, got sat on by a lap pony, and went out for stir fry with the guys. It rocked, except for that whole leaving bit at the end.

5/19-22: Vegas

(Note: There will be Vegas pictures once I get them off my phone and sorted out.)

Thursday: )

Friday: )

Saturday: )

Sunday: )

Ultimately, we got on our plane, and I am currently typing this (for versions of "this" which mean everything from Friday through Sunday) up at 11:25pm while en route back to Seattle. Which is still not "back home," and yes, I still need to do that noodling, because this weekend was definitely contributory.

Long and short, it was an excellent vacation and much needed.

Next up: I leave super late on 6/30 for a little over a week in Orlando with my parents, my gran and her beau, and [ profile] joyce.
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Because flying feels like falling, flying feels like falling
When I close my eyes…

So I’ll clutch the plastic armrests and I’ll sway side to side
With my seatbelt tight, eyes open wide
To get to you, I’ll take this ride

I’m lazy, but I like hard work, shoulder to the plough
A heavy head feels good in bed, but I don’t sleep nohow
And minutes into hours into staring at the wall
My mind will not surrender into darkness into deeply dream at all
Water into wine
Takes a little pressure
And a lot of time…


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