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Joyce, Ari, Cookie (the tiniest housemate), me, and W.

(This picture sorta cracks me up. I am not as tall as I look here - I'm wearing heels and a tall hat, and the three people shorter than me are all between 4'11" and 5'1". I'm only 5'5", and W is 6'4'". We joked that we needed our friend Zach too, who is 7 feet tall, to complete the set of cell phone bars.)
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Ten years ago today, I flew into Seattle for a week's visit. While many of the people I met that week have passed out of my life in the years since, I am so so very pleased to have met Heather, Chris, Ari, and Joyce (who didn't like me at the time, and no, that will never get old).

We have been through many things, my friends, and we are all awesome.
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Vague and very tentative Orlando plans.

Fri 7/1: Land 11:30am, be picked up by Joyce, squee and shriek, go to Kennedy Space Center. Mom and Dad arrive 9:30pm ish 11:30pm.

Sat 7/2: [Sea World or Universal Studios]
Sun 7/3: [Universal Studios or Sea World]
Mon 7/4: WDW, fireworks! Joyce's and my 10th anniversary. Gran and Tom arrive that night with the kids.
Tue 7/5: WDW - rest day for Gran
Wed 7/6: WDW **Dad's birthday - dinner reservations, EPCOT, Coral Reef, 7:45pm**
Thurs 7/7: Universal IOA (Harry Potter) - probably another rest day for Gran
Fri 7/8: Busch Gardens? Maybe? Still undecided. Kids fly out in the morning, Gran and Tom leave that night.
Sat 7/9: WDW, Mom and Dad have to be at a showing that morning.

Possible switchings: Sat and Sun, Tues and Thurs.
Total: 1 day Sea World, 2 days Universal Studios, 4 Disney, one undecided.

Sun 7/10: Mom and Dad's flight leaves 11:15am, my flight leaves 5:45pm. Joyce and I will have to figure something out. :) (We could do Sea World again for a few hours, they do a second day free with the first day's admission.)
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Disclaimer: No energy beverages were involved in the making of this conversation.

Backstory: Ari is picking up my hair dye for me because the conveniently located Hot Topic closed down. I am picking up his hat post-cleaning for him because I will go past the Byrnie Utz hat shop after work.

(12:04] ginger: the hot topic on broadway is at 401 Broadway EAST.
[12:04] ginger: The Hot Topic is on the OTHER SIDE OF CAPITAL HILL.
[12:04] ginger: NOT MY SIDE.
[12:42] ari: Check. :)
[12:42] ginger: ALSO, I need a false nose and moustache.
[12:42] ari: Yeah, I know where HT is, I think. Broadway near where I used to love... wha?
[12:42] ari: er...
[12:42] ari: live.
[12:43] ari: I think I went there once in preparation for going to the Merc the one time I went there.
[12:43] ginger: that's sort of vaguely ... song-ish.
[12:43] ginger: "Once upon a time, there was a Hot Topic, near Broadway, near where I used to looooooooooooove...."
[12:43] ari: :D
[12:43] ginger: (Did I mention that I am way silly today?)
[12:43] ari: Hadn't thought of that.
[12:43] ari: I was beginning to suspect. :)
[12:44] ginger: In case the false moustache didn't give it away?
[12:44] ari: So, wait. Do you want me to pick one up at HT or not? I'm confused. :)
[12:45] ginger: wait, what?
[12:45] ginger: dude, there were like twelve conversations in there.
[12:45] ginger: HT is for hair dye
[12:45] ari: Heh. :)
[12:45] ari: And bleach.
[12:45] ginger: false nose is for Ginger is silly
[12:45] ari: Oh, ok. :)
[12:45] ginger: Broadway is for looooooooooooove
[12:45] ginger: and Byrnie Utz is for hats.
[12:45] ari: (is cracking up)
[12:46] ginger: (*is too*)
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Note to self: Sampling the Five Hour Energy Drink does not in fact make you feel any more awake, it apparently just makes you completely unable to hold onto any conversational thread that does not involve lemony desserts, in an acute-onset fit of the Oo Shinies.

However, outside sources confirm that the kidlet really is stupidly adorable, and it is not just the energy drink talking.

silliness )
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Good: I am awake not only on time, but early.
Awesome: This is despite the fact that I was able to stay up til 1:00 am on Skype gaming with two of my favorite people in the world.
Even more awesome: I get to do it again tonight!

Slightly less good: I have a slightly and suspiciously scratchy throat. I anticipate the potential of cough medicine in my future.

Extra-good: I have Ideas and Slowly-Developing Plans for a future awesome thing percolating in my Epic Brainz.

Life is good, intarwebs, despite the possibility of burgeoning cold. Life is good.
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This weekend, I took the Ambassoraptor on my Dinosaur class field trip to the Burke Museum and on a trip with a friend to the Woodland Park Zoo. His trip reports, including some pictures, can be found here.

Ari went to the Burke with me, as the field trip was also open to friends and family. He helped my group with our assignment, and we generally had a good time.

That's my Dinosaurs instructor, posing with my travel dinosaur, in front of a dinosaur skeleton. I am terribly amused.

Afterwards, we went to Johnny Rocket's at the U-Village for burgers. Well, Ari got a burger. I initially got charcoal. :P I did finally get my burger though, and it was tasty. Then I went to work.

Monday at the zoo was a general blast. It was damn cold, and many of the animals seemed to agree, but as was established several times, it's frickin' February. Need to go back later in the spring/early summer. However, my three favorite exhibits to see at the zoo have always been the bears, the jaguars, and the snow leopards, and all three of them were as usual immensely cooperative.

The bear was chilling out like two feet from the glass.

The jaguar was chilling out like two feet from the glass.

And the snow leopard was pacing right up front by the fence, where he was super-visible through a window with some leaning or through the fence directly (which made for bad pictures, but was awesome in person).

And how better to cap off an outing to the zoo than a trip to Qdoba, really?

Post-zoo, I went home for a bit, then went to Half-Price Books, met Ari for a pre-movie cheeseburger, and we went to see Unknown, which was a fun little vaguely twisty thriller. And now I am vegetating over my trip report and occasionally dancing around my living room, because music is happy-making. :)

Tomorrow, alas, is back to work. However, there are some fun little plots a-brewin' for the next couple of weeks, one in particular which has me positively glowing with squee.
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I am sort of ridonkulously excited today.

This year is going to be AWESOME.

Impending awesome:

CANADA with Heather and Brian
IPHONE because Joyce indulges my silly love for small electronics
VEGAS with Joyce, Ari, and my mom and dad
GRADUATION oh hai thar associate's degree
JOYCE VISIT and WEDDING at which, to clarify, neither Joyce nor I are getting married


until my caps lock button breaks off

and then it will be cool in lowercase with big font.

No caps lock buttons were actually harmed in the squeeing of this post. It is however probably a good thing that I can't remember how to make my text blink.
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[ profile] jadeejf: Sure 'nuff, I got three different "Hey, you got a monkey on your back" jokes on the way from Westlake back to my office.

It was lovely to meet you!!
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I totally forgot to post this on Tuesday night after work.

Me: How y'all doing tonight?
Guy: Good! Where are you from?
Me: Uh, Michigan originally?
Guy: Oh. Because you just said "y'all."
Me: I did. I just spent the weekend with three fabulous Southern women.
Guy: I'm jealous.
Me: You should be.
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My first ever attempt at vocals on Rock Band last night and I got 100% on "Bring Me To Life" -- whee. :)

ETA: I apparently failed to mention that I rocked the house.

Also, the rest of the band was fabulous, with special props to Holly the Drummin' Queen.
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"Joyce, stop rubbing the syrup on your ass all over things and stand UP."
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So the last 36 hours have been interesting, heh.

Mira and the Truck Drivin' Man: 1:45pm Thursday

I was stopped at a stoplight on the way to [ profile] lycantras's house for Thanksgiving dinner, with two pies in the hatchback and my new crockpot full of green bean casserole on the floor of the passenger side. All of a sudden I hear a loud THWACK and a loud grindy noise, and realize that I am being suddenly propelled forward car and all. After a second, it clicks that I have just been rear-ended by a semi, as given away by the GIANT MOTHER-EFFING SEMI GRILL that is all I can see in my rear view mirror, and that I am BY GOD STUCK ON ITS FRONT BUMPER, and I smack Mira's gearshift into neutral and start laying on the horn (meanwhile screaming WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU OH MY GOD YOU ASSHOLE.) After a block or so, he slows down, seeming to realize that oh hay that is not a bug on my car, and I am able to get back into gear and get free. I pulled into a parking lot, and he sllloooowwwwwly jacks around into the same parking lot.

Upon getting out of his truck, the first goddamn thing he says to me is "Your car is too small, how was I supposed to see it?" WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU OH MY GOD YOU ASSHOLE. He continued to make comments to that effect throughout the insurance-info-exchanging process, and I continued to say (very calmly) that while yes, my car IS small, she is still a licensed and registered road-worthy vehicle, and is at least five or six times the size of a motorcycle, and had he done the same thing to someone on a motorcycle he probably would have killed them, and that the size of other vehicles on the road does not negate his responsibility as a driver to BE AWARE OF THEM and not RUN THEM OVER AND SHOVE THEM DOWN THE DAMN HIGHWAY.

Paperwork and information exchanged, I went on my way (turns out the parking lot we pulled into is the very place to which he was supposed to be making his delivery) to Heather's and my low-tire-pressure light went on right about the time I got to her place. I was pretty sure the tire was toast. I took in the pies and the surviving green bean casserole, mopped up the spilled casserole with a handful of paper towels and a handful of snow, and helped get dinner on the table. :)

Thanksgiving dinner: Thursday evening

Fabulous stuff. Turkey and ham and two kinds of stuffing and about twelve kinds of mashed potatoes and two kinds of green bean casserole and rolls and all sorts of other good stuff I didn't even get to. And six kinds of pie. We ate and made merry and sort of half-ass watched Star Trek and four episodes of Firefly and hung out and had a good time.

Kieth happened to fall right into the category of people I needed: (a) access to a vehicle, (b) awake at 3am, (c) without other plans at 3am, and (d) willing to drive me to work at the aforementioned 3am. So he and his roomie drove me and Victor to our respective places (leaving Miss Mira with her handicap in Heather's driveway), then he was kind enough to return to take me to work at oh-dark-hundred.

Working big-box retail on Black Friday: Friday morning

I did not go to sleep on Thursday night. Got home that night, called my insurance company, did a bit of research into Mira-fixing options, arranged a rental until Tuesday morning, took a nice hot bath, read for a while. Went to work. Work was cake.

After work, I went shopping and did quite well - between Black Friday sales, coupons I'd been saving up, and various employee and store-card discounts, I finished my Christmas shopping and bought myself a new laundry hamper and a couple of tops for under $100. I picked up my rental car from Enterprise, where a Rainbow friend's husband tried to give me the hookup - I declined the free upgrade he offered me, on the grounds that smaller cars are better for me, so he instead noted it as having a quarter-tank of gas instead of the half-tank it had to save me a few bucks there. Nice guy. :)

Only in my world is a Chevy Aveo freakin' huge. :) Anyway, I came home and the PLAN was to wrap all my Christmas presents and stuff.

What actually happened: Friday afternoon/evening

My dad called right after I walked in the door - my sister had seen my Facebook post about the accident, in which I said "semi" and "I'm fine" and not much more detail than that, so they wanted to check in. After that, my insurance lady called to tell me that she'd talked to the semi driver, who had no issue telling her that it was his fault, he'd run into me because he just hadn't seen me, so I shouldn't have any problems having his insurance pay for my rental, my tire and my bumper repairs. Fab.

I sat down in front of my tv to watch a bit of movie and wrap. My router was being a pain, so watching movie was not worky. (It was one of those things where if I just left it alone for a while, it worked fine later.) I wrapped one present, realized that I have no gift tags left, and noted that my vision was totally blurry, because I was now going on ... 36 hours with no sleep. I put the present on the table, staggered up the ladder into my bed, and zonked out for three hours. Then I got up, zoned out a bit more on the floor, and came over to my computer to write this post. I *think* I am going to try to wrap a couple more presents, and then go back to bed, because I work at 8am tomorrow and am still currently yawning like a jaw-cracking thing.
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I tipped over all my belongings, half a dozen cans of Monster, and two players getting to her, and then flailed a LOT.
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Oh, what a day.

There was breakfast (melon, muffins, bacon and juice), and more movies with the kids.

Then I came home, chatted up a few people, and headed out to Woodinville for an intro shift to volunteering with one of the local greyhound rescue kennels. Promptly died of cuteness. Next summer, I think. :)

Tonight, there will be phase 2 of the great hair experiment, and probably some working from home. I have a bunch of stuff what needs to get done before Monday morning, so that's tonight and a bit of tomorrow, around plans with people who rock.

And I am reconnecting with a long-out-of-touch old friend for dinner on Monday, so that should be nice.

So much to do before Wednesday morning!
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So pulling a semi all nighter seems to have worked surprisingly well.

[ profile] pyran had to catch a 6am flight to Chicago for his parents' joint 60th birthday party this morning, and since I regularly have sleep issues that keep me up past midnight even when I go to bed at 10, I figured it would be easier to stay up past 4am and grab a few hours sleep once he was dropped off rather than to wake up early and then try to get back to sleep after (or spend my day having been awake since 3 on 2.5 hours' sleep).

I spent a good chunk of the wee hours of the night reading the book for the new Dresden Files RPG, ripping a 30-disc audiobook, watching part of 2012 on Netflix streaming, and bouncing all over Wikipedia, but none of that would have helped me stay awake and coherent at all were it not for the simultaneously excellent conversational abilities of [ profile] darkwolf_childe, who works nights and has access to IM. Bob bless Mike.

So Ari showed up here, and we left for the airport, around 4:15am. There were a couple of buckets of caffeine, I dropped him off, and then home I came, where I set a couple of alarms and fell into bed at 5:15. So uh... now I'm awake after about 3 hours of sleep, but I *am* awake, and I'm about to go take one of my kids out, with her mom's okay, and stuff her full of tasty breakfast whilst we commiserate about a month of wildly see-sawing life.

I don't remember the last time I stayed up til sunrise outside of GenCon. :P
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Wow. My history instructor's comment on one of my essay questions on the last test:

"Very well done. You should be teaching this to the class. I wasn't very successful. Bru"


I'm kind of bummed that he only teaches two classes and that after this quarter I will have already taken both of them.
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In happier news, it is Friday, I am acing my classes, I am meeting up with [ profile] swingkitten9 and [ profile] totheleft for pancakes on Sunday morning, and today is some dude's birthday so he brought in an entire conference room full of huge cookies, brownies and other various sugary treats and told the entire floor to have at. So my lunch has been ridiculously tasty lemon cheesecake and half of a chocolate peanut butter brownie that started out about the size of my face.

(Nobody I've asked so far actually knows who the birthday dude is or what department he belongs to. We may all have just gotten poisoned by an Outside Force. But my GOD are these treats tasty.)


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