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I was right :) I went into the "meeting" and there was a table full of people and cheesecake and wedding M&Ms and a generous card :) It was quick, but very nice. :)
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Last day of work til after the wedding.

My boss just called an emergency last-minute meeting for 11:15 "to discuss changes with [one of our service providers]". But there are an awful lot of people on this meeting list who don't actually (as far as I know, at least) have a darn thing to do with that service provider. So I'm a mite curious. :)

Our awesome delivery driver just came by to give me a hug and wish us a long and happy marriage - his wife passed away a couple of years ago, shortly after their 40th wedding anniversary. He's a sweetheart.

When I leave this afternoon, the Whiteboard of Doom will read "Ginger Lastnameson has left the building. Ginger O'Lastname will return on May 3rd."

My brain is mildly frizzled today, and I'm having a hard time sitting still. I have to remember to call Dan at 2pm about the game he's supposed to be bringing me.
ginger: (Default) Is there a polite way to communicate the concept "Please do not bang your silverware on your glass to try to make the bride and groom kiss, because the bride HATES this 'tradition' and, as she is not a trained monkey, would greatly prefer to kiss her new husband at times and places of her own choosing, plus the noise of banging glassware is god-awful annoying"?
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I am intimidated by the fact that every time I cross something off my wedding to-do list, something else seems to get added.
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Wedding license acquired.

If we wanted to, we could be all legal and stuff like...tonight. o.O
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These days, my time seems to be occupied mostly by things what begin with W.

Ok, not so time-occupying, except in that I need to be there. (With the exception of today, where I missed half my IMs because I was working on a big pile of junk. Dammit.) However, a couple of weeks ago I put in my notice at BYVS, and this past Saturday was my last evening there. They were sad to see me go, and the manager assured me that I was welcome back at any time.

19 more days, and then I will not have to worry about any of it anymore, except the name changing, which is cake. (Been there, done that.) For now, I have to finish and print the programs, print out the ceremony/notes, pick up the wedding license, polish up the weekend schedule (which will mostly affect me and my houseguests), pick out and order plants for centerpieces, poke anyone who hasn't RSVP'ed yet to do so, final fitting on my dress, and we MUST MUST MUST clean the office and bedroom before the in-laws show up. (They will demand a tour, as they've never seen this place, and in the current state of affairs, I'd be embarassed to show them anything beyond closed doors.) (On a less stressful note, 2 weeks from RIGHT NOW, I will be preparing to leave to pick up my Joyce from the airport! Woo!)

Watching movies and working on various crafty projects:
These two things go hand in hand, pretty much. I currently have 4 knitting projects in various stages of "on the needles", ranging from "I just need to frigging buckle down and finish the damn thing" to "I have 18 days to finish this if it's going to be ready at my wedding rehearsal" to "I just cast on last night and probably have to rip and try again with smaller needles". I'm also 90% done with sewing a dress that may be either my wedding rehearsal dress or my going-away-from-wedding dress, with another pattern/fabric combo ready to go. As to movies, I didn't like Children of Men because it was boring, turned off Notes on a Scandal when Dame Judi Dench started macking on Cate Blanchett, boggled at the evilness of the nuns in The Magdalene Sisters, and totally lost it when Anya wanted to know why Joyce didn't just get back in her body and drink fruit punch in the Buffy S5 episode "The Body". (I should be finishing season 5 this weekend.) I picked up Center Stage and Jesus Christ Superstar on VHS for fifty cents each, Ari and I started Babylon 5 Season 5, and I have an HBO miniseries on Elizabeth 1 that I'm very much looking forward to. And I think my bridesmaids are conspiring to have me watch Steel Magnolias at my hen party, so I need to remember to make sure I get hold of it for that night. :)

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So Dan's mom called last night.

Mom: "Now that I've got my dress, I'm looking for shoes, and it's really hard to find shoes that match that color [she picked a periwinkle-ish-lavender-ish dress] and are comfortable. But I found a pair of silver Skechers that I liked, only Colleen [Dan's sister] told me I couldn't wear those to the wedding."
Me: "Mom, if you want to wear silver Skechers to the wedding, by all means, feel free."
Mom: "You mean it?"
Me: "Sure, if that's what you want."
Mom: "If I can't find anything else, I just might!"
Me: "And if Colleen objects, tell her I said it was okay, and I win."
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My wedding dress just arrived from my mom :) *squawking in squeeful poinginess*

Needs pretty minimal alterations - a hem, some buttons, a hook-and-eye, and to have the bodice properly attached to the skirt - but aside from that, it seems to fit perfectly and

hot damn

37 days

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So this morning, I got all set up in my nice chocolate-brown suit with a blue blouse and my wedding shoes (which really are lovely with the suit, because they're not teribly traditional wedding shoes, but I love them) and set off for the courthouse for my 8:45 mitigation hearing on the ticket I got at the beginning of February.

Only I couldn't find the courthouse.

Finally, at 8:40, a nice lady at the Bellevue City Hall informed me that the county courthouse is on the OTHER side of Main Street between 5th and 6th Avenues SOUTHeast, and that I was at 5th and 6th Avenues NORTHeast, and I got to the courthouse and through the metal detectors and whatnot and sat down in the waiting area at 8:44 JUST in time for the clerk to call the 8:45 session into the courtroom.

Judge announced that because this was a mitigation hearing, all she could do BY LAW was reduce a fine, if it was warranted, or give a deferral, and that if one wanted a deferral, to just say that with no further explanations to expediate the process. They handled the cases in alphabetical order, so (being Ginger S. for 37 more days) there were several others to observe before my own.

Some people don't have any common sense. )

Then there were a couple straightforward deferrals and reductions, and then me. And I just said "Your Honor, I'd like to request a deferral." and she explained the terms of the deferral (no more tickets for one year from today or else I have to pay the fines for both, can't get another one for seven years, pay the deferral fee within 30 days) and said "But I don't think this will be a problem for you. From looking at your record, I can see that you don't get tickets."

So I have to pay the fee within 30 days, and all is well. So I got a breakfast sandwich and a soda (which the jerks at McDonalds only filled up 2/3 full coz I ordered it with no ice, grr, and I didn't notice til I was halfway to work) and did some post-office errands (the final fee for the wedding venue and the application/fee for our wedding license are now off in the mail, a box on its way to Holly, and a package for Joyce as soon as I write her address on it), and am now at work with nothin' to do. :)
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Wedding rings: Selected and ordered.

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Ok. So neither Dan or I usually get sappy. But when we get sappy, we get sappy in a big way.

This observation brought to you by the half-box of Kleenex I've used reading through sample wedding ceremonies and looking at the lyrics to the two songs we want to figure out how to include in the ceremony.

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Goal List: To be done by MY bedtime on Sunday.

-order pocketfolds for invitation assembly Ordered.
-select and order rings (will involve going out for sizing on Dan) He's a size 7.75, not ordered yet GRR.
-order flowers as long as Dan doesn't have any grave objections to my picks (I found a place that does even nicer silks, pre-arranged, for less than the nice silks I found originally!! 1 bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaid bouquets, 6 corsages and 7 boutonnieres, consisting of a combination of calla lilies, burgundy roses, and a bit of greenery and filler for under $200, including shipping!) Ordered.
-send contract and deposit check back to officiant (check written and in purse, will print out contract at work tomorrow)
-give info to in-laws re caterer deposit
-finish registering (Target)
-email info to out-of-state groomsman and dads re tux measurements needed
-check with Ari on the State of the RSVP Website and what's needed for end-of-the-month activation
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Poor guy.

Dan and I just got back from Wedding Registry, Part One, where we spent 3 hours poking through Bed Bath and Beyond discovering that while they have a lot of Stuff, it's a lot of Stuff that we don't necessarily like. So Part One served for mostly kitchenware and a few big ticket items (stand mixer! Roomba! Non-garage-sale pots and pans!), and Part Two will be a trip through Target this weekend, probably on Saturday, for dishes and linens.

[Poll #926110]
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So my mom got the package containing the fabric and pattern for my wedding dress the other day, and called me yesterday to confirm a couple of things.

Mom: I assume you want the longer sleeves?
Me: Yup.
Mom: How about the buttons? Do you want those covered in the same fabric, or left plain?
Me: What do you think?
Mom: For anything else, I'd say don't bother, but for a wedding dress, let's cover them.
Me: Okies.
Mom: And I assume you want the boning in the bodice?
Me: Yup. Big fan of boning.
Dan (who is in the room, but can't hear anything my mom is saying, coz mom and I are on the PHONE, and he doesn't actually know who I'm talking to): WOOHOO! SO AM I!
Me: *mouths* IT'S MY MOTHER!!
Dan: *turns red and claps his hands over his mouth*
Mom: What was that?

On a related note, heh - my mom has a dressmaker's dummy that she can set to my measurements for the fitting. However, she's not going to hem it without me there to try it on, and even with the dummy there's the possibility of needing slight alterations. Locals, anyone know of any sew-y folks who would be both WILLING and ABLE to be trusted with alterations on my handmade wedding dress, without costing me an arm and a leg? (If it's just the hem - I can hem it myself, with some assistance on pinning. It's specifically alterations I would need handled.) I know [ profile] carminerose does lovely work, but I also know she won't touch wedding dresses with a ten-foot pole. :)
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Bad: No flower girl for me.
Good: It's because her mama will be 8.5 months pregnant at the time of the wedding, and would prefer to stay close to home, which is totally understandable.

Congrats to my Sassy, my red petal girl, who will probably not see this any time soon. :)
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Off to the Great Seattle Wedding Show. Whee :)
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Crafting: In the last couple of weeks, I've finished my DreamRogue (pictures, yes, as soon as I find the camera), and a hat-and-scarf set for my sister for christmas. (Speaking of Rogues, Em, yours is about half-done. I need to email you momentarily about the colors.)

Family: We missed the local-relatives holiday gathering coz I had to work. I talked to my little sister for the first time in a good....oh, year or so? 2 out of our 3 Christmas boxes from various family members did not arrive before Christmas, and I am (as usual) horribly behind in sending out our boxes to said various family members.

Gaming: In WoW, my druid has at this point supplanted my hunter as my main character. I've been toodling around with a couple of alts, all of whom are currently between L8 and L16, and a baby Dranei on the beta BC server (but not much, because I don't want to play her way up just in time to start her over). In D&D, Nephari's sword is now positively terrifying, and she is still well-decorated. And last weekend, I kicked some serious butt at a 5-person game of Monopoly, almost entirely thanks to a deal that Ari made with me early on. :)

Health: I'm fallin' apart. :P My hip has been acting up, though not bad enough to require the Staff of Moose. I'm currently just over a bacterial eye infection, and my feet would Very Much like for me to get another pair of Danskos. (Which will happen, as soon as I get to Nordstrom's so that I can try the style I want on to confirm the size and then find someplace far cheaper to order them online.)

New Years' Goal: Crappy. Well, sorta. On the one hand, I started completely disregarding the entire thing back in June and went back to bad habits. On the other, I lost 18 pounds and 2 pants sizes (and one bra size, dammit) between January and June, and even having gone back to overdosing on soda and fast food and not enough water and vegetables, I've stayed within a 4-pound weight range and in the same size clothing between June and now. So at this point, I'm inclined to call it a more-or-less success.

Reading: [ profile] pyran and [ profile] fishsupreme foisted the Riftwar Saga on me, and I'm currently most of the way through the second (original) book. Very much enjoying. I also read yesterday a book on smallpox eradication (Demon in the Freezer, I think?). I'm currently on the library waitlist for John Grisham's and Stephen King's latest books as well, and I'm going to go add Eragon and Eldest to my hold list too, while I'm thinking about it.

School: Currently between quarters. Winter 2007 starts on January 2nd, and right now, my class list tentatively includes Medical Billing (2 credits), Transcription 2 (barf), Credentials, Accounting, and Medical Office Management. This is still up in the air, a bit, as I've just discovered one major hitch in my carefully laid-out plan: the only non-medical course requirement in my program is a specific interpersonal communications course through the business department. Up through Summer 2006, it was offered in either a 3- or 5-credit variant, and up through Fall 2006, offered either in-class or online. For Winter 2007, at least, it's offered as a 5-credit course ONLY, and the only class session is 11am-11:50am every weekday. Not exactly workable, due to my day job. Hopefully it's offered online during Spring quarter - otherwise, it'll require some serious hoop-jumping to get my certifications done in June 2007 as I had planned. =/ However, my GPA is currently 3.88 :) And my goal is to get my application submitted to UW by the end of the year. (Deadline is in February.)

Watching: Movie recommendation - Night at the Museum. Ben Stiller has finally managed another non-crappy movie. We're halfway through season 4 of Babylon-5, and I bought myself The 10th Kingdom for my birthday. Also, M. Night Shya-whatsis has finally redeemed himself after all the crap movies he put out since The Sixth Sense - Lady in the Water was a very good movie, I thought.

Wedding: Big Seattle Wedding Show is the 6th. Time is omgzorz flying. o.O
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Prompted by some drama in a wedding community while I was away from my computer for a week...

[Poll #846175]

I think it would be excellent, personally, as long as I (as the bride) knew it was coming.

Disclaimer: If your first thought upon reading this post is "I wonder if it was MY girlfriend who prompted Ginger to post that?" The answer is no. There was no prompting or hinting from any girlfriends. All my idea. I tend to be rather less public about my hinting, which is less hinting and more occasional querying anyway. That said, I'm perfectly willing to pass the Frying Pan of Hinting +5 along to a new home if necessary, and I can think of several potential homes off the top of my head. I mean, nothing.
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Things what are amusing me today....

Requirements [to obtain a marriage license in King County, Washington]:

* Both parties must be at least 18 years old.
* No blood test, identification, birth certificates or divorce papers are required
* A witness is not required.
* If you are divorced, the divorce must be final and filed before applying for the license.

....But if I don't have to show a birth certificate, divorce papers, OR EVEN MY IDENTIFICATION, who's going to know if my divorce is final or not? Or that the name I put on the license is actually me? Or even that I'm over 18?!


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