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Happy birthday to me!

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Happy birthday to me!

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I have an OES triple-feature event tonight -- my birthday, holiday festivities, and initiating two of our Rainbow girls. So I dressed up a bit.

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Off I go!

(Dan's grandpa made the wooden plaque visible behind me -- it's a lovely little woodland/mountain scene. Someday I'll have to post a picture of the eagle in our office.)
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Good start to the morning :) Except for the quarter-sized spider I chased out of my pile of shoes and stomped. (Much better than his three-inch big brother though. *twitch*)

Birthday wishes on LJ and FB and in my email from my big-little brother, and on my voicemail from my mom, and I even caught my little sister for a quick chat on Facebook, though her internet was wonky and kept going out. My husband is making me lasagne for dinner tomorrow night, and there will be dinner of all the shrimps I can eat on Tuesday. Rawr.

And thus beginneth the last year of my 20s :)
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1. I am seriously cuted out that the winter holiday header for the main LJ page includes a decorated moose. :)

2. Math final is done, I'm pretty confident in my success, the instructor says that grades are due Friday and should be posted on the school website on Monday. We'll see.

3. Today was the last day I fill in my age on a form as 28. Rawr.
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Can I even tell you how giggly I would be to walk down the street talking on this. There are not even WORDS.

(T-minus 7 days. >.> )
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Hey, Ginger, you haven't said much about your birthday or Christmas.

No, I haven't!

So how were they?

Best birthday and Christmas evar.

Oh, wow! What happened?

For my birthday, Ari and I had a joint birthday dinner at The Melting Pot, and I got fuzzy Chewbacca slippers and yarn. Christmas was pretty low-key, nary a moose in sight, and I got several nice tops, the first three books in a series I'd been interested in reading, a new audio cable, and some earring/pendant sets that my mother-in-law made for me. Plus, due to crappy weather, I got to work from home for a week and a half.

Well, that all sounds nice, but ... best ever?

Oh! Now that you mention it, that little recap there *does* leave something out.

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Awesometastic birthday. Zoh Em Gee.
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I have been more ridiculously productive this year with my Giftmas preparations than ever before. It's not even Thanksgiving, and I already have purchased and wrapped 75% of my gifts!

Wrap the three gifts currently en route from Amazon (for my mom, my brother's family, and a local friend)
Finish a *censored*
Finish a *censored* (yes, there's two of them -- two different items for two different people.)
Put together the gift basket of random yummy for my in-laws
Acquire, pack up and ship boxes: Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina

Furthermore, speaking of Giftmas, it comes a week after my birthday. I have been asked to provide a birthday/giftmas wishlist, so feel free to skip the cut.

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It was a fairly hoppin' birthday, and a fairly low-key Christmas - just the way I like 'em. :)

Monday, 12/17 (my actual birthday): Dan and I had moose-aroni and cheese for dinner.
Wednesday, 12/19: We went to Olive Garden with [ profile] pyran, [ profile] relfen, [ profile] bluefish, [ profile] holegrot, and [ profile] asciident and her fellow.
Thursday, 12/20: I had asked my guild-and-associates for a full-clear Kara run that I could run feral as a birthday thing. It was mostly successful, and mostly a good time, but I've already snarled about the down-side parts. On the plus side, Feral!Kedria did quite nicely, landing third on the damage meters behind [ profile] pyran's mage and [ profile] kurisuu's hunter.
Friday, 12/21: I had an eye exam, and now find myself in the Choose Your Own Adventure of eyewear options. More specific post to come regarding same in a moment. Regular 25-man raids were canceled, but we ended up running our ZA raid Friday evening instead of Saturday morning.
Saturday, 12/22: Seatoo and I had lunch at Qdoba and went to see Sweeney Todd. Very good, very gory. Afters, Ari and I went to Chili's for dinner, then to Fry's, where he bought out their DVD department and two of their door greeters informed me that they'd been trying to determine whether my new birthday-gifted-by-Ari accessory was a Wookiee or an Ewok for ten minutes after they'd seen me walk in. (Answer: It was totally a Wookiee, and he is OMG SO CUTE OMG. <3 )
Sunday was Kara. Monday was a doctor's appointment, breakfast with Ari, a whole lot of nothin', then five episodes of X-Files.
Christmas Day, I crockpotted a roast beast for dinner, we saw National Treasure at 9:30 (after an aborted attempt at a 2:00 show because the line at Lincoln Square was around the dang building), and there was some heroic Arcatraz and some mageling-leveling in the middle there. Good times.

My Christmas loot was, unsurprisingly, moose-centric, though there were only two christmas tree ornaments this year - one bobblehead moose and one moose in an outhouse (I...yeah, I dunno either) - and one giant stuffed moose who wiggles his nose, blinks his antlers and sings Jingle Bell Rock when you squeeze his hoof. (He's ridiculously cute, I just don't have the faintest idea where to put him.) There is also Christmas/birthday cash both already arrived and en-route that means I will get my big ticket item numba one :D
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I raid in jeans for the first time in over a year, and what happens? I get sick. Srsly. I was fine til Saturday afternoon, then I went to a movie with two of my boys and forgot to change back into moose pyjamas when I got home, so I raided in jeans, and by midnight, I was in the throes of the full-blown martian death flu.

Still am. My birthday present to myself this morning was a box of dayquil gelcaps. Wheeeee.
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And here it is; the time of year when I put my Christmas/birthday wish list behind an LJ-cut so's not to offend anyone with my Materialistic Ways. :)

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School's done. Waiting on 5 out of 6 grades, the other is a "4.0 A+++".
Power's back.
Weekend was cold. Hedgehog is safe, thanks to G&A, and back at home. Still cranky though.
I'm 26 now.
Yay convertible mixer/stick blender! Must make cookies. For testing purposes. Really.
Must start finish holiday shopping.
Eragon was good - Casino Royale was unfinished, thanks to the burnt-out projector bulb.
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I'd originally selected Claim Jumper for Birthday Dinner the Second because they have prime rib and cheesy potatocakes. When we go to Claim Jumper, I usually order the prime rib, and I ALWAYS order the cheesy potatocakes. The cheesy potatocakes are pretty much the biggest reason WHY I like Claim Jumper, followed closely by their prime rib.

*we get seated*
*Ari orders*
*Grant orders*
*Anjela orders*
Waitress: By the way, we're out of cheesy potatocakes.
*Anjela and Ginger sniffle*
*Ginger orders prime rib with a poor side-dish substitute*
*a few minutes pass*
Waitress: By the way, we're out of prime rib too.

We all got up and left. Birthday Dinner the Second was at Qdoba instead. Curse you, Claim Jumper!
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We both dressed up - Dan wore a suit jacket that I've only ever seen him in once, and I wore my pinstriped pants, a red brocade camisole and my newish long black suit jacket, along with the sparkly that [ profile] tyche and [ profile] flummox gave me for my birthday. And I carried a purse for the first time since...well, since the last time we went to the Space Needle. :) I know this because it still had our reservation stub in it from then.

I had the Northwest Clam Chowder (Made in house with local clams, Red Bliss potatoes
and cream, served with gauffrette potato chips)
as an appetizer. Super yummy, and served in a bowl with a star! (The outer edge of the bowl was round, but the depression inside was star-shaped *grin*)

After that, Dan ordered the Pan Roasted Garlic Chicken (Stuffed with roasted garlic, served with pan jus, garlic mashed potatoes and rainbow chard) and I ordered the New York Strip (14 ounce house-marinated strip topped with merlot infused butter, served with garlic mashed potatoes and barely-steamed asparagus). We split the main courses. I couldn't finish my dinner, so I brought home some of the potatoes, some of my chicken, and all of my steak (we had planned on splitting it, and while we ordered medium which is how I like steak, they served it medium rare which is what Dan likes, so I intentionally brought mine home so I can cook it through a little more when I reheat it as leftovers). The mashed potatoes were excellent, and the asparagus was PERFECTLY cooked - just barely, so it was still crunchy. Wonderful.

And then they tempted me with the dessert menu, so I had most of a slice of New York cheesecake with raspberry sauce.

Birthday Dinner the Second will be Sunday evening, with [ profile] sheeplass, [ profile] fishsupreme and [ profile] pyran, at Claim Jumper - following this year's Birthday Movie King Kong :)

In case anyone hadn't noticed, I really really like my birthday.
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And a happy happy birthday to my co-birthday girl, Miz [ profile] jayden348!!
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cute outfit, cute hairdo, new sparkly necklace, and good lord, the menu awaits.

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Too COOL! Kev, thank you for the camouflage moose! :D


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