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Iron Man 2 is very [ profile] ironman4do-approved.

I also enjoyed it muchly.

Now I am going the hell to bed, because I have to get up in four hours and go to work.

Happy anniversary, my crazy husband.
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Books read: 30, including 3 audiobooks in the car.

Knitting projects finished: Absolutely none. I haven't had much knitting time in April, alas, and most of it working on larger projects.

Weight lost: 3.38 pounds.

Miles walked: 61.

Happy: I currently have 4.0's in both my biology and history classes, got a 95% on my first bio test, Dan has a job for the next few months, my baby brother got married, Dan and I had our third anniversary, and I got my iPad ZOMG.

While I fell off the watching-what-I-eat wagon for a bit there through the second half of April, I'm going to call it a general success. Rawr.
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For our anniversary, we had dinner at the same place we had our rehearsal dinner. There was steak, and potato-cakes, and an ice cream sundae, and I brought half of it home as leftovers. Nom!! (Though I discovered that I liked Dan's roasted tri-tip better than my own sirloin.)
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And so, three years ago today, there was wedding.

Woot woot.
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Happy first-fifth anniversary today to me and mine, and happy second to Seatoo and Fishy tomorrow!
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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My dinner options.

I'm torn between the NY Strip and the Pan-Roasted Garlic Chicken. :)


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