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This weekend, I took the Ambassoraptor on my Dinosaur class field trip to the Burke Museum and on a trip with a friend to the Woodland Park Zoo. His trip reports, including some pictures, can be found here.

Ari went to the Burke with me, as the field trip was also open to friends and family. He helped my group with our assignment, and we generally had a good time.

That's my Dinosaurs instructor, posing with my travel dinosaur, in front of a dinosaur skeleton. I am terribly amused.

Afterwards, we went to Johnny Rocket's at the U-Village for burgers. Well, Ari got a burger. I initially got charcoal. :P I did finally get my burger though, and it was tasty. Then I went to work.

Monday at the zoo was a general blast. It was damn cold, and many of the animals seemed to agree, but as was established several times, it's frickin' February. Need to go back later in the spring/early summer. However, my three favorite exhibits to see at the zoo have always been the bears, the jaguars, and the snow leopards, and all three of them were as usual immensely cooperative.

The bear was chilling out like two feet from the glass.

The jaguar was chilling out like two feet from the glass.

And the snow leopard was pacing right up front by the fence, where he was super-visible through a window with some leaning or through the fence directly (which made for bad pictures, but was awesome in person).

And how better to cap off an outing to the zoo than a trip to Qdoba, really?

Post-zoo, I went home for a bit, then went to Half-Price Books, met Ari for a pre-movie cheeseburger, and we went to see Unknown, which was a fun little vaguely twisty thriller. And now I am vegetating over my trip report and occasionally dancing around my living room, because music is happy-making. :)

Tomorrow, alas, is back to work. However, there are some fun little plots a-brewin' for the next couple of weeks, one in particular which has me positively glowing with squee.
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I have created a community for the DATT Project, [ profile] datt_bureau - I would love it if anyone who has or would like to request a Junior Dinosaur Ambassador of Travel and Tourism would join up so they can post their dino pics there. :) (Anyone who already has or has requested a JDATT should have already gotten a comm invite.)

Watchers also welcome! There are currently five Ambassadors out and about, with three more going through the assignment process to be sent out in the next couple of weeks, and in the next few months we should have reports back from at least three different countries, as well as a couple of states!
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To whom it may concern: Please accept this, the first travel report from the Head Ambassoraptor of the Dinosaur Bureau of Travel and Tourism.

It began on Thursday morning, 13 January 2011. We were packed and ready to go.

Read more... )

It was a good trip, but it is also good to be home. I am telling all my dinosaur buddies about my trip, and they are excited and hoping that they will be assigned as Junior Dinosaur Ambassadors of Travel and Tourism soon.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sir Richard
The Head Ambassoraptor
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Poll results are in!

The stegosaurus got the most votes, but he actually gets a Special Assignment: He was specially requested to accompany [ profile] dillochan on her year in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! He is currently packing his belongings and will be leaving to meet her tomorrow.

This year's Dinosaur Ambassador of Travel and Tourism will be....


The orange velociraptor! *applause!*

Now, the Head Ambassoraptor would love to send his assistants on travel and tourism missions this year as well. [ profile] joyce is going to take a wee brontosaurus on her spring break, and [ profile] pyran is taking the white and blue junior assistant ambassoraptor on a road trip this summer. So if anyone else would like to escort a Junior Dinosaur Ambassador of Travel and Tourism on a trip (even just to a local touristy place, bonus points for museums with dinosaurs!) and send back pictures of dino vacation, let me know!
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Purchased: Plane tickets for my Indy trip in July/August.

Amusingly, I land at 11:18am on the way in, and at 11:18pm on the way back here.
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So, as previously mentioned, one of my New Year's goals this year is to do things that are touristy, and I have several various travels planned. As such, I have decided to follow in the footsteps of [ profile] kitiara's Willard and [ profile] yesthatjill's Flat Sara and designate a dinosaur companion to accompany me on these travels and have his picture taken in many places.

[Poll #1663991]


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