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August roundup:

20 books. (Yes, I am chewing through the Anita Blake series again. Don't judge, it's good for fluffy bus reading.) (ETA: M'bad, I apparently forgot to note when I finished the second Sword of Truth book. Corrected.)
Knitted ON several projects, a couple of different socks and a shawl, but didn't finish anything.

Holding steady at around 144 - lost a pants size somewhere in the last month or so.

Life is good.
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July was slow.

14 books.
No knitting.

Lost two pounds though. At one point during the month I was up to 3 pounds lost, but I got lazy with it toward the end of things.
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Whoops! Missed month's-end in all the seesaw of suck.

Monthly roundup:
-25 books read, 164 total for the year.
-Finished one pair of socks and a blanket three years in the making. Year to date: six pairs of socks, a singleton sock, a shawl, a sweater, a blanket and two blanket squares. (Currently in progress: Another shawl, a singleton sock, and Rogue #10, as well as a cross-stitch project.)
-Finished up June 5 pounds down from the end of May, with just a shade over 8 pounds to go to reach my goal weight.
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May roundup:

I read 44 books and finished one pair of socks. Obviously, I need to balance my free time a little more. ;)

Year to date: 139 books, five pairs of socks, a singleton sock, a shawl, a sweater and two blanket squares. (Currently in progress: Another pair of socks, a singleton sock, and Rogue #10.)

June plans: Back on the eat-less-exercise-more bandwagon; I totally fell off it during the latter bit of April and all of May. Not too much backsliding though.
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Month-end recap!

I read 17 books in March, for a year-to-date total of 65.

I finished knitting a shawl, a singleton sock, and a pair of socks, for a year-to-date total of four pairs of socks, a singleton sock, a shawl, a sweater and two blanket squares.

And in March, I walked 67 miles and lost about four and a half pounds. Fourteen to go!

(No, none of this is April Fool-y.)
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New Year's Progress:
22 books in February, so 48 so far this year.
Knitted: 1 pair of socks and one sweater. So far this year then, three pairs of socks and a sweater.

For the new folks, my New Year's goals were to use those two communities to keep track of the books I read, the movies/TV I watch, and the items I knit. I'm pretty bang-on with the books and movies (though I'm not actually counting the movies -- just keeping track of them as an afterthought), and a little slower about posting completed knitting projects but they've all gotten up there. Watchers are welcome, though I intend to post a monthly recap of sorts (like this one).

I had a goal to practice French too, but I seem to have completely let that one go by the wayside.
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New Years Progress:
Read 26 books in January, and watched a crapload of movies.
Finished three pairs of socks.

I've been rubbish at practicing French though.


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