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Books read: 30, including 3 audiobooks in the car.

Knitting projects finished: Absolutely none. I haven't had much knitting time in April, alas, and most of it working on larger projects.

Weight lost: 3.38 pounds.

Miles walked: 61.

Happy: I currently have 4.0's in both my biology and history classes, got a 95% on my first bio test, Dan has a job for the next few months, my baby brother got married, Dan and I had our third anniversary, and I got my iPad ZOMG.

While I fell off the watching-what-I-eat wagon for a bit there through the second half of April, I'm going to call it a general success. Rawr.
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Generally, I'm hit or miss on sticking to New Year's resolutions or goals, so I'm going to keep it relatively low-key this year. :P

1. 90 minutes per week of French review/practice -- flash cards, doing exercises in [ profile] pyran's first-year college text that I borrowed from him, trying to read books in French (I have three out from the library currently), watching movies with the French language track turned on, whatever else comes to mind -- until the end of the year or I take the placement test, whichever comes first. (I do not, however, intend to post on LJ in French :P However, commenters are more than welcome to do so if they like!)

2. Tracking books I read (and movies I watch) in [ profile] gingerbooks2010. Watchers are welcome, nothing will be locked down.

3. I want to get better about keeping track of my knitting projects -- dates of start and finish, yarn details and usage, needle(s) used, pattern notes and adjustments, and pictures. Historically I'm rubbish at this :P So I've created [ profile] gingerknits2010 too. I know, I know, but I'm way more likely to keep track of stuff if it's an easy system to use, and I'm on LJ often enough that it's my best bet to track and share. Same thing goes, watchers are welcome for them as are so inclined.


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