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Movie commentary by itself:
Sliding Doors: A comedy, following what happens to Helen (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) if she does catch a particular train vs if she doesn't. Lots of British accents, and lots of amsuement.

Sophie Scholl: It was nice to see a movie about WWII that doesn't focus exclusively on the Holocaust. It's a German film - nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar in 2005 - and subtitled in English. Sophie Scholl was a member of the White Rose, the German student resistance group, who was arrested and tried for treason in Munich. Very impressive movie.

American History X: Before you read this, be advised that I debated on posting this commentary for a couple of weeks, because I don't want people to read it and interpret their own meanings out of it, or read part of it and leap to conclusions, or freak out or whatever. I mean exactly what I say, I'm not hinting or insinuating or anything like that. So if you're going to freak out on me, I don't want to hear it. )

Primal Fear: Again, very impressive. Richard Gere does slimy lawyer very well (see Chicago, Laura Linney does courtroom very well (see The Exorcism of Emily Rose and, to a lesser extent, The Life of David Gale) and I've come to the conclusion that there isn't anything that Edward Norton doesn't do very well.
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First off, a movie that - damn the spoilers, I HAVE to warn you people away from it. Oh my gawd.

Backstory: Dan and Ari had made plans to watch the Super Bowl, only to discover that Dan was scheduled to work on Sunday for the first time in two months. So we, as a group, decided that I would tape it for them, they'd watch it when Dan got off work, and during the actual broadcast, Ari and I would watch a football movie to keep him from being tempted to peek at the game. Ari stopped by my BYVS while I was working the Friday night before the game, and wandered around with me chatting for a bit while I re-shelved movies. I noticed a brand-new-release with football on the cover - Facing the Giants - and handed it to him without actually looking at it. "Looks like a touchy-feely football movie. What do you think?" He skimmed the back of the DVD and said "Yeah, looks like. Want to watch this one on Sunday?" I said sure, still not having actually read the back of the case.

Sunday rolls around, and we start the movie. Ok, I cut it because it got way long. But seriously. Read it anyway. )


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