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[Note to self: vague wishlist edition]

2.5" 500-gig SATA hard drive - currently available on Newegg starting around $55
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An AMA post has me wondering a couple of things, braintrust.

1. Localized disaster (fire, flood, who knows) is heading your way. You have ten minutes to grab up what you can carry (bags are okay, but someone in your household has to carry it all, no cars or vehicles) and get out - what will you grab, and how well would you be prepared if this happened today with no notice?

2. Do you have some sort of record of your belongings in the event that you have a fire, flood, break-in, whatever and have to make a claim with your homeowner/renter insurance? If so, what kind of documentation do you have, and how specific did you get? "400 paperback books" vs a detailed list of book/author, for example, or serial numbers on electronics, things like that. Do you keep pictures of your belongings with this record?
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Ok, dammit. To-do lists, pre-Nashville edition.

Time sensitive:
Check with Mom on the progress of the Grand Scheme Monday afternoon
Dinner with Ari (pizza at my house while I do things on the to-do list :P ) Monday night
Work Tues 5-9pm
Draft of English paper due Wednesday 9am
Print boarding pass Wednesday 2:54pm (or at least, before leaving work)
Work Wed 5-9pm
Look up and print out bus directions to work for Thursday morning

Not time sensitive beyond "before leaving":
Three required peer reviews on English papers submitted (any time after Wed 9am)
Finish wrapping gifts
Solve the jeans dilemma
wash and put away all the dishes
Ask very large favor of Ari
put away all non-packed laundry
Finish and submit music assignments #9-10
Put music lectures on Kip for study on plane, as final exam is the day after I return
Find appropriate sock yarn in stash for planned project
Make sure sock bag is stocked with required bits and pieces and size 1 needles
Clean out the fridge
Buy another box of big bandaids
Deposit one check
Get cash
Do that thing you can't post about
Pick up that thing you can't post about

Wednesday night before going to bed:
Plug in phone, Kip, Rudi, and Rikki to sync and/or charge (as applicable)

Last minute before leaving:
Pack up all electronics and chargers
Turn off alarm clock
Turn off Sheridan
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Packing list! *sproing*
(4 day trip, I'm a big one for including spares just in case.)

Jeans x2
Undies x6
Socks x6
T-shirts x6
green/brown puffy vest
black shoes
pyjamas and slippers
toiletry bag
4 sets of gifts
popcorn of doom
my phone bill payment to Joyce (aka, two boxes of tea)

chargers: Kip, Rikki, phone
knitting project x2
English book
Anthro book
Cap One and Chase cards
boarding pass
coat, hat, scarf, gloves
(will be wearing)
power strip
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Note to self: "Buttons for next Con" edition

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Note to self - address change edition

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