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Heeeee. From the wikipedia article on the Kostroma Moose Farm:

In particular, one is advised not to try to start a moose farm for meat production: the meat output won't cover the costs of production (which could be ten times as high as those of beef production), and, besides, free-range moose are not stupid, and they won't be coming back to the farm where their kin are being slaughtered.

Also: ZOMG.

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Yesterday's entry on the list of things I never expected I'd have to say:

"Ma'am, can you please get your child to stop licking my car?"

Kid - three or four maybe? - ran up to Marianne's back fender while his mom was putting her purchases in their car, puts his palms flat against the side of the car, and takes a big old lick. Now, Marianne hasn't had a bath since .... mid-May? something like that. And even if she had, EW.

The mom looked at me like I was nuts, and I wasn't sure whether it was "Licking the car? What?" or "What's wrong with car-licking?" or "How dare you complain about my precious angel?" or what, but as soon as I got to "your child", the kid ran back to his mom and jumped into their car.

It was just very strange.



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So much cute! A blue moose! With chowder balanced on his antlers. 48 cups of coffee! Tee!
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I was watching a movie last night.

Scene: Guy is on the phone with his wife. He's delayed at an airport in Norway.

Guy: Well, honey, the flight is delayed a little bit. We were taxiing out on the runway, and...well, the plane hit a moose.
Guy: The moose is fine. They have to make sure the plane is okay, so some of the boys are out there pushing it in.
Guy: Honey, the moose is FINE. I saw it walk away.

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Moose Farm!

"Swedish army had moose troops, but only until real battles. Moose turned out to be wiser then their knights, they left battlefield to hide in the nearest forest if danger occured."

"Buy if you want to build a new moose milk farm.
Buy if you want to build a new moose nursery center. Tame animals are favourable for wildlife nursery.
Maybe, you want to ride on a mooseback as if it is a horseback?" (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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EEEEEEEEEEEEE! Flying moose!

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Valor and Baine met Miss Neko this evening.

Valor was rather inquisitive, but Baine was wholly unimpressed.

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Moose Trivia from Wikipedia:

# A group of moose is called a "Gang" or "Herd".
# It is illegal to feed alcoholic beverages to a moose in Fairbanks, Alaska.
# The elk test is a test for vehicles doing rapid cornering, based on steering to avoid crashing into elks. This test was the embarrassing downfall of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class as the car rolled over and resulted in the A-Class being modified for better stability.
# A moose can swim for up to two hours and as far as twelve miles.
# Tycho Brahe (1546-1601), a famous physicist and astronomer had a pet moose that once got drunk and fell down the stairs in his castle.
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Bad news: No tacos and game tonight.

Good news: It's because we're going out to dinner, then to a performance of Les Miserables, which I've wanted to see performed on stage since I was thirteen or so! *leaps and cavorts*
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The photo meme. Ask for a picture of something (within reason, please) and I'll post an image of it. It can be as specific as "your dining room" or as esoteric as "something purple" or "something fluffy".

A picture of your favorite moose item?
A picture of you and Dan together?

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Dan and I together )

your bathroom cabinet interiors! Like where you'd have your hair accessories and such.

hair accessories... )

Interior of underwear drawer, please.

flimsies! )

The camera seems to be working okay :) anyone else?
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Monday: )

This morning, I slept in a few minutes extra, packed my lunch, and drove to work (instead of bussing). Tonight, I have to go to school after work, because it's the first night of the quarter. Syllabus packets and books for me!
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I spent Saturday morning baking. The oatmeal cookies went over really well, and Dan has requested more of the peanut butter cookies.

Dan unexpectedly got Saturday afternoon and Sunday off.

Saturday night, we had macaroni and cheese and rolls and kielbasa and steamed greenbeans with Grant and Anjela, then played some Chrononauts and Aquarius. Anjela and I got very silly toward the end of the night.

Sunday, Dan and I slept in and opened presents.

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Sunday evening, I went to pick up Ari at the airport, Dan led an Alterac Valley raid group to victory, and I fixed a super-yummy dinner: herb-roasted cornish game hens, stuffing, roasted red potatoes, fresh-baked bread, and salad. Augh. Wonderful. I only ate half my chicken, and cursed loud and long the next morning when I discovered that I had forgotten to put the leftover stuffing away.

Monday, Dan had to work again. (He works arse-early in the morning - 6:30am-3:30pm.) I, however, did not. So I was looking forward to sleeping in. Except that someone kept CALLING at 6:30. Finally, I got up and muttered something into the phone.

Do me a favor, don't lock the house when you leave.
I can't find my keys. I have my extra car keys, so I got to work, but I need to come home on lunch and look for my keyring, and I don't have an extra house key. I'll be home at 11, so it won't be for very long.
Mmph. Won't be leaving before then anyway.
I thought you had to leave for work at 7?
No work. Day off.
Oh! Go back to bed!

Figures - I got him a new wallet for X-Moose (he's lost his twice in the last year, if lost is the right word - both times, he's gone to the drive-thru at the Burger King on NE 8th in downtown Bellevue, paid for his food, and somewhere between the BK and our house, the wallet has disappeared. Both times, we've emptied out the cars he was in and searched every pair of pants or clothes with pockets he owns, and NOTHING. He's not allowed to go to that BK anymore) so he loses his keys instead. :)

However, I found his keys before he got home - somehow, he'd dropped them in the rec room and they'd gotten buried under a pile of wrapping paper.

I spent Monday watching Jurassic Park and Twister and knitting on a second sock - I ended up starting a pair of socks on Saturday night for Ari for X-Moose and finishing them mid-Monday afternoon.

Monday night, we had a post-X-Moose lasagne and asparagus and garlic-herb-bread and DESSERT dinner with Grant and Anjela and Ari, along with a gift exchange, and determining a last name for the elven family on WoW (Ari, Anjela and I play a family of four - Ari's hunter is the oldest, mine is the second oldest, and Anjela and I have a pair of druid twins, plus she also has a priest who's a cousin). It turns out that "moosesheep" and "forestfire" both translate to the same thing in Darnassian (Ash'therod), and we decided that was just too perfect. :)
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Woo! Today I am wearing my Orange Corduroy Pants of Surreptitious Mooseness! *poing* (And a white shirt. And black shoes. Not just pants.)

I also want tacos. :)


1 December 2005 07:17 am
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SANTA MOOSE! Santa Moose will be at the downtown Mariners team store on Sunday!

*ahem* I've never been a baseball fan, but I was terribly amused when I discovered that the Mariners' mascot is a moose. Dan was NOT terribly amused when I discovered that you can hire the Moose to be at or in your wedding (he apparently wears a tux, too!). But the topper on my X-Mess tree is a Santa Moose. :)
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Not at work today. Mental health day. Home making orange corduroy pants with moose pockets instead. Mmmm.
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Oh my muffins. Oh my muffins. *dying of cuteness*

[ profile] dulcinea, not only is it terrifyingly cute, but it fits the SK, AND it's pretty much EXACTLY the orientation/layout I was looking for a cell phone case for a while back. AND IT'S CUTE!


Thank you and your lawyer SO MUCH! *poing*
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*dies of giggle*

I just ordered me a t-shirt....
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Oh dear.

I am also painfully cuted out by the tumbling moose salt and pepper shakers.



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