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PSA: Amazon is offering a free Prime membership (normally $79/year, gets you free two-day shipping on orders fulfilled by Amazon directly) to students, by which they mean anyone with a valid .edu email address.

Showing here.

(I assume this is US only; sorry, foreigners.)
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Dear locals:

There is apparently a new gaming and comic shop in Bellevue that just opened a couple of weeks ago, and they are hosting a Free RPG Day on this coming Saturday. I haven't been there, just learned about it this morning, but if anyone's curious, the name is Dragon's Lair and they're located in the shopping center at 20th and 148th, right by the IHOP there. Looks like they do miniatures and L5R nights as well as Magic and other stuff.
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Dear locals:

Be advised that apparently, as of June, talking on a cell phone while driving without a hands-free device becomes a PRIMARY offense in Washington state -- that is, something that you can be pulled over for directly, regardless of anything else you're doing.
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For another 25 minutes, each comment on this post will be a dollar donated to a Christmas celebration for Seattle's homeless youth, including food and gifts of warm clothes and other necessities.

Edit: Time's up. Final count at noon was 577 comments, plus another person agreed to match the first hundred at a dollar each, so $677 raised to provide necessities for the homeless youth of Seattle. Pretty impressive, given the normal attitude of the [ profile] seattle community.

Happy holidays to all, whatever your holiday of choice may be!
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Dear ladies of more chestiness than I:

I just got an email advising me that Amazon is doing free shipping on Figleaves products this weekend for part of a Labor Day sale. Just passing that along. :)
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PSA: We're canceling the land line, just as soon as I can get Vonage to answer the phone and not put me on hold for 20 minutes. Going back to cell phones only, now that we both get reception in the apartment. (I mean, we used the land line for all of 9 minutes last month. Totally not worth it, even though it's cheap.)
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I've been a Netflix user for ....geez, a good four or five years now? But I discovered something last night at the BYVS that make me contemplate switching to the BYVS online program, in the event that I am no longer working at BYVS and no longer getting five free rentals a week, and I will pass this along to you, dear readers, along with a public service announcement for other current Netflix users.

1. PSA to Netflix users: The BYVS currently has a promotion going on through 12/21 where if you take in the address flap from a Netflix envelope (the part you tear off to open it), you get a free rental. The BYVS account has to have the same name on it as on the address flap.

2. Discovery: In addition to the unlimited DVDs, three at a time, for $17.99/month plan (equivalent to Netflix) -- if you return your BYVS online DVDs in the store, rather than dropping them in the mailbox, you can get one free in-store rental for each one - double your DVDs, since the free in-store rentals do not count against your three-at-a-time limit for online DVDs!

PS: Yes, I would have posted this even if I didn't work there. It doesn't do me-as-a-BYVS-worker any darn good unless you sign up with me at the store anyway. Just passing along some information.
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I know I have a lot of Chicago-area folk on my f'list, so I figured I'll pass this along:

Parkland College in Champaign, IL is home to one of the nation's leading Vet Tech programs. One would think the program would at least respect the animals in its charge. However, the fact of the matter is: Any animal (mouse, rat, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster) not taken to a permanent home at the end of the semester (early December) will be either euthanized or sent to a laboratory.

These animals are beautiful and healthy creatures who deserve loving homes after spending months serving the veterinary community. As a student of this program, I am appalled by the dismissive attitude taken toward the lives of these animals. After trying to seek a solution to the problem by approaching the program’s director, I was summarily insulted and brushed off.

If you have space, time, ability, and love enough for any of these animals, please get in touch with me so I can compile a list of contacts to present to the program's director to prove that there are people wanting these critters.
Thank you: Foster Ephardt –


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