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PS. Does anyone happen to know if there's a trick to reheating shrimp in the microwave without overcooking it, beyond "check it every ten seconds"? I have leftover shrimp scampi from tonight's Red Lobster dinner :)

(... why is my lobster userpic not showing up?)
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Dear persons possessing more graphic talent than I,

I need two LJ icons -- one that says "Oh, John Ringo, no!" and one that says "SHUT UP! Sir Ian McKellen is talking."
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I did every bit of today's writing on my Sidekick on the bus. There's a new character sneaking her way into my story, weirdly. A little girl - about 6 at her first appearance, and utterly traumatized. She will, of course, die tragically. But not til she's older. And I'm not quite sure what she'll do in the meantime, with one very specific exception. Which will, of course, utterly devastate my main lady. Augh, I'm loving this.

Then I came home, took Kedria to Arcatraz where none of the stuff we wanted dropped, and bribed my favorite pally tank to run my mageling (currently less than 10% shy of L31) through the Stockades. This (link is a short video; about 35 seconds?) looked cooler with the numbers showing - I forgot that I'd turned off the UI display on the video settings - but it's still pretty cool, if I do say so myself. All the purple booms? That's me. :)

Video is currently uploading. If you're looking at this before about 11:30pm Seattle time, it probably won't be there quite yet. It's up now.

Also? New icon love from [ profile] elsrik.
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Hat tip to [ profile] new_iconoclast (who, unlike me, knows how to use a slide rule): Leave a comment and I will pick three of your interests and three of your icons I would like you to explain. Post them in your journal and allow others to comment and request the same.

I mememe'd at Ike, who pointed out that it wasn't terribly fair as I only have eight interests listed :) But he managed.

2-17-05: The day of a "historic" flame war in [ profile] hip_domestics that is actually a good chunk of what led to me being one of the community mods. This interest is mostly included as a joke, and is currently only shared by one other person and a snark community that also came out of the same flame war.

mustard: The above-mentioned flame war came about because one person requested recipes that included mustard. About two hours later, someone else (and it's still unsure whether they were trolling or not) requested any recipe that did not include mustard. Several people said "Um....seriously? Get a damn cookbook, or even, gasp, leave out the mustard" and it was on. Yes, the whole thing was pretty dumb. That's why the whole "mustard" thing turned into a huge joke. For the first year I knew [ profile] clockworktomato, every package I sent her included a jar or bottle of a new kind of flavored mustard.

walking: Walking got added to the list at the beginning of 2006, when I started doing so regularly and then started training for the 3-Day. It's still my favorite form of exercise and the only one that doesn't feel like work to me.


Glomps for Everyone: [ profile] elsrik pulled this one out for me. It's from a Sinfest comic, and he pointed it out to me because every time [ profile] clockworktomato or I log on, we *glomp* at each other. I'm not actually sure where the *glomp* thing came from, but a glomp is one of those big tackle-y hugs like you give your best friend when you haven't seen them in a while.

crickets: [ profile] elsrik made this one too :) There was a craigslist ad...I don't think I bookmarked it, and I don't know that CL would have it on their site anymore, it was a good long time ago... No! Here it is! The end line - "If found, contact me unless you are angry and covered in crickets" - cracked me up, and it was something that I could picture G'kar, my favorite Babylon 5 character, saying with a very deadpan look on his face. Hence the combination of G'kar and "unless you are angry and covered in crickets". :)

dig this/cleolinda: [ profile] cleolinda does a series of what she calls "Movies in Fifteen Minutes">. They're hysterical, very short scriptlike parodies (can be found at [ profile] m15m, check out the memories/tags). This one happens to be from the "Phantom of the Opera in Fifteen Minutes", pointing out that Christine seems to be getting way more into the final performance than her fiance and the managers of the opera company want her to. It was a tossup between that one and one with the same picture reading "Collapsible bodice!" but I thought that "I kinda dig this" was a little more universally usable :)
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*random aside* Yay Ari! */gratuitious icon post*
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GIP - just practicing.
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Rgh. Does anyone happen to know what site icons like this one (where you provide your own text, and it is made scrolly) can be made at? I remember it was a website I was linked to, I just don't seem to have marked it anywhere. :P
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So in the last few months, I've discovered that I like several foods I hated when I was a kid. Things like breakfast sausage, and honey-mustard. (Not together.)

I didn't like hardly any seafood when I was younger. So I've decided that I'm going to expand my seafood horizons.

Previous seafood experience: I love the popcorn shrimp at Red Lobster. I like yon standard restaurant fish-n-chips, which is usually cod. I like breaded-and-fried clam strips, occasionally calamari (if I'm in the mood for it), and I've eaten and enjoyed mahi-mahi once. I'm pretty sure I don't like salmon, as it's a very very strong flavor, but would be willing to try it.

Experiment 1 (high quality experimental materials): Last weekend, Grant and Anjela and Dan and I went to Coho Cafe for lunch. I had seafood bisque ("Dungeness crab, bay shrimp & halibut in a rich seafood stock sherry cream reduction") and halibut and chips ("hand cut halibut dipped in beer batter & fried crisp, roasted onion tartar & seasoned fries") - all very very tasty.

End result: I like halibut. It's fairly mild. I liked the shrimp in the soup - next step is to try them on their own. I didn't seem to be able to notice any of the crab in the soup, which is sort of neutral - I didn't dislike it, but it didn't stand out. However, I also tried a bit of Anjela's crab cake, and that was good.

Experiment 2 (low-to-medium quality experimental materials): My frozen meal today for lunch is shrimp and pasta in a lemon-garlic sauce. I figure, if I like the Lean Cuisine shrimp, I'll probably like other shrimp, but if I don't like the LC shrimp, it's possible that it's just because I'm too picky for TV-dinner shrimp, so I'll try them elsewhere a time or two before writing them off. :)

Meta: I need a food userpic. Though as I'm currently lacking one, the Lobster of Doom seems appropriate for the topic of the post. :)
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I have a frajillion tons of yarn that I am getting rid of - mostly Lion Brand Wool-Ease and Homespun. I'm GIVING IT AWAY. I'd prefer not to go sorting through all of it to figure out what else there is in terms of odds and ends, and I'd rather give it to someone local if possible, because "a frajillion tons" is only a very mild exaggeration, and shipping it anywhere could well end up costing more than the yarn is worth. (There's one big 18-gallon rubbermaid tub, one similarly sized cardboard box, and about a garbage bag and a half. Edit: according to my bathroom scale, it's roughly 40 pounds of yarn.)

If nobody expresses interest by next weekend, I'll probably just end up Freecycling it or throwing it all in a dumpster. Emma, I was specifically thinking of your Made with Love by a Liberal - I remember you were expressing interest in free yarn of indifferent quality at one point, but with you and [ profile] kathrynt both posessed of podlings on the way, I haven't heard anything about how active it may still be.

(And to follow the recent trend, I have a yarn-related B5 userpic in mind. Oy.)
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In about 3 minutes, Ari's supposed to be here to take me to the train station, for I am journeying to merry Portland for a couple of days! Accessible by Sidekick, back late Sunday night.

Miz Jill, remind me that if one of us is going "Ok, what do we want to do?" and the other is going "Um, I dunno" that I had a couple of ideas in mind, including a recent hankering to do things that are unfamiliar and traditionally touristy. :)

*adds travel to a list of things she needs a userpic for*
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Hee. I'm not going to make it home between work and dinner-and-show, so I'm dressed up today in an orange-and-browns flower-print skirt, a brown v-necked shirt, and heeled sandals. I usually wear jeans, especially on Fridays - so all my coworkers are giving me compliments. :)

I'm planning on wearing a skirt at least once a week through the summer though, just to prove to myself that I can :)

Random aside: I need a B-5 icon that says "...unless you are angry and covered in crickets." but I'm not sure whether it should be Vir, Londo, or G'Kar. I also need some sort of "I'm being girly again!" icon. Because really, I have almost 50 icon slots empty still - why SHOULDN'T I use them? :)
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Ok. Access, you are ANNOYING me.

Report A asks for transaction date and facility code. I put in "3/9/2006" and "VM" and get 47 results. This is good and proper.

So why is it that when Report B off the same database asks for transaction date and facility code, and I put in "3/9/2006" and "VM", I only get SIX results? WHERE ARE MY OTHER FORTY-ONE RESULTS?!?!?

I need an icon of Worf going "Huff puff."


25 February 2006 09:12 pm
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Ok, so I am over here squeaking and bouncing and jumping up and down and fluttering my hands about and stuff because [ profile] sheeplass has just drawn me the two cutest userpics EVAR for my 3-day endeavors.

my moose, with a pink ribbon around her neck, for fundraising/general posts.....


my moose IN PROFILE, with her pink ribbon, on a treadmill with a book, for posts about the training! (Larger image here)

*incapable of intelligent speech because of squeefulness*


16 February 2006 07:10 pm
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Thanks muchly to [ profile] telesilla for the image! :D
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Note to self when you get home:
You want a userpic of Evil!Lex with the lyric "Devil on your back - I will never die".
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I need more userpics. I've found a mazillion DS9 or B5 icons where I like either the words on them or the pictures directly, but not both. *facepalm*


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