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15 days down, 15 to go. Halfway there.

Considering that 25k is half of 50k, I'm 929 words behind as of tonight. Some of what I'm turning out these last couple of days is drek, but written drek is at least drek that can be re-written and edited and whatnot. Once it's down on paper and out of my head, it becomes much easier drek to deal with.
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I can tell already that the part I wrote tonight is going to be one of my favorites. So much awesome.
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Not counting two unfinished bits, currently sitting at 855 words and 1241 words respectively, plus one of the bits I did count still needs a chunk added to the middle, since I wrote it at work when I did not have my Source Materials (aka, my game storyteller husband and my White Wolf library) handy.

There being 30 days in November, a daily average word count would be ~1667, which has been my rough daily goal. Today being the 6th, my word goal for today was 10,002 words total. Looks like I'm doing quite handily for now. This may change soon. Heh.

Edit: Why didn't anybody tell me it wasn't the 6th and I was actually 1300 words behind? Heh.
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I did every bit of today's writing on my Sidekick on the bus. There's a new character sneaking her way into my story, weirdly. A little girl - about 6 at her first appearance, and utterly traumatized. She will, of course, die tragically. But not til she's older. And I'm not quite sure what she'll do in the meantime, with one very specific exception. Which will, of course, utterly devastate my main lady. Augh, I'm loving this.

Then I came home, took Kedria to Arcatraz where none of the stuff we wanted dropped, and bribed my favorite pally tank to run my mageling (currently less than 10% shy of L31) through the Stockades. This (link is a short video; about 35 seconds?) looked cooler with the numbers showing - I forgot that I'd turned off the UI display on the video settings - but it's still pretty cool, if I do say so myself. All the purple booms? That's me. :)

Video is currently uploading. If you're looking at this before about 11:30pm Seattle time, it probably won't be there quite yet. It's up now.

Also? New icon love from [ profile] elsrik.


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