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Emerald City Comic Con is the weekend of March 4-6. I've never been overly interested in it, not being much of a comic person.


Last night, the movie theater was showing an ad for the Con right as we went in for our movie. One of the media guests is Bruce Boxleitner. For the most of you who don't grok the name, he played my favorite character (John Sheridan) in my favorite TV show (Babylon-5) EVER. (My main computer's name is Sheridan.) (He was also in Tron, but sod that for a bag of soldiers he played JOHN SHERIDAN. *flail*)

Holy record-scratching squee.

So on Saturday 3/5, Ari and I are going to the ECCC where I will fangirl in line, get Bruce Boxleitner's autograph, and GET MY PICTURE TAKEN WITH HIM AND MY TRAVELING DINOSAUR.

And, as icing on the cake, we may well go to the James Marsters concert that evening.

Life is good, world. Life is good.

(My unabashed dorkitude, let me show you it.)
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Weekend accomplishments, based on the original list:
I wrote and submitted my essay on Friday, took my exam* on Saturday morning, successfully completed all the Rainbow stuff** on Saturday afternoon/evening, got all my grocery shopping done on Sunday, and finished most of my questions for the class of suck. I also knitted 107 rows on the Olympic Vivian (which is the body almost all the way up to the underarms), and would have gotten farther except for a bollixed cable pair I have to fix before I continue. (Simple fix, I did one of the two last night, but then I wanted to go to bed. I'll fix the other tonight.)

And while I knitted, I watched a veritable Hugh Jackman movie fest, along with a couple other unrelated movies. (Equilibrium, Amelia, all four X-Men movies, Kate & Leopold, Swordfish, and The Prestige, plus several episodes of Babylon 5 with Joyce.)

* I got a 39/50, which on the one hand isn't great, but on the other, means my overall grade in the class is now something absurd like 337/350, so I'll take it.

** It was a two-assembly event, and each assembly was supposed to bring and set up half the reception. Our assembly did our half, and the other assembly brought part of their half (cream puffs) and forgot part of their half (punch), and didn't show up to set up any of their half until 15 minutes after the reception started, at which point we'd already set it up for them. We sent out one of our people to buy ingredients for a last minute punch, which turned out quite popular, but there is quite a bit of disgust with the other group right now among the adults.
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These days, my time seems to be occupied mostly by things what begin with W.

Ok, not so time-occupying, except in that I need to be there. (With the exception of today, where I missed half my IMs because I was working on a big pile of junk. Dammit.) However, a couple of weeks ago I put in my notice at BYVS, and this past Saturday was my last evening there. They were sad to see me go, and the manager assured me that I was welcome back at any time.

19 more days, and then I will not have to worry about any of it anymore, except the name changing, which is cake. (Been there, done that.) For now, I have to finish and print the programs, print out the ceremony/notes, pick up the wedding license, polish up the weekend schedule (which will mostly affect me and my houseguests), pick out and order plants for centerpieces, poke anyone who hasn't RSVP'ed yet to do so, final fitting on my dress, and we MUST MUST MUST clean the office and bedroom before the in-laws show up. (They will demand a tour, as they've never seen this place, and in the current state of affairs, I'd be embarassed to show them anything beyond closed doors.) (On a less stressful note, 2 weeks from RIGHT NOW, I will be preparing to leave to pick up my Joyce from the airport! Woo!)

Watching movies and working on various crafty projects:
These two things go hand in hand, pretty much. I currently have 4 knitting projects in various stages of "on the needles", ranging from "I just need to frigging buckle down and finish the damn thing" to "I have 18 days to finish this if it's going to be ready at my wedding rehearsal" to "I just cast on last night and probably have to rip and try again with smaller needles". I'm also 90% done with sewing a dress that may be either my wedding rehearsal dress or my going-away-from-wedding dress, with another pattern/fabric combo ready to go. As to movies, I didn't like Children of Men because it was boring, turned off Notes on a Scandal when Dame Judi Dench started macking on Cate Blanchett, boggled at the evilness of the nuns in The Magdalene Sisters, and totally lost it when Anya wanted to know why Joyce didn't just get back in her body and drink fruit punch in the Buffy S5 episode "The Body". (I should be finishing season 5 this weekend.) I picked up Center Stage and Jesus Christ Superstar on VHS for fifty cents each, Ari and I started Babylon 5 Season 5, and I have an HBO miniseries on Elizabeth 1 that I'm very much looking forward to. And I think my bridesmaids are conspiring to have me watch Steel Magnolias at my hen party, so I need to remember to make sure I get hold of it for that night. :)

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Dear Ginger -

Please do not forget to bring "The Gathering" and the rest of the Season 1 B5 set to work tomorrow to loan to the Awesome Ex-Purchasing Receptionist. Also, reiterate that she must not watch "In The Beginning" yet, and that she must bear with the cheesy acting in Season 1, because the rest of the series is way better and there are things in Season 1 that are important later on.


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