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I just got home from seeing Cowboys and Aliens with Heather. Joyce describes it way better than I could:
The trailer makes this look like a big boomy movie, but it isn't. It is in places, but it's mostly a movie about family and people and who we might be and stepping up to the plate. It also loves on sci-fi and western cliches, and makes them good.

Go see it. It's really good.
It was definitely a fun movie, and definitely worth seeing.

Also, Daniel Craig looks like my grandpa probably did thirty years ago. I saw that for the first time tonight, and it was a bit of a zinger.
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Ari and I were going to go see Green Lantern after I got out of work tonight. However, we'd both heard neutral reviews at best, and more bad than otherwise. So when we got to the box office and my nerd-dar pinged the box office dude as a comic nerd (which he confirmed in his own words), the following conversation ensued.

Him: What are you guys seeing tonight?
Me: Depends. How was Green Lantern?
Him: Sucked.
Me: Really?
Me: Okay, hang on. We'll confer.

Ari and I step aside to discuss and agree that we do not want to pay full evening 3D price for a movie that the comic nerd in the box office says blows goats, and decide to see Super 8 instead. We get back in line.

Him: So what'd you decide?
Me: Is Super 8 a better choice?
Him: Significantly.
Me: Rock on. One please.

Super 8 was quite enjoyable, and I think we made the right decision. Thanks, comic nerd box office guy!
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My parents also saw Thor this weekend, so I was discussing it briefly with my dad this morning.

[09:38] dad: Tony Hopkins looked quite young for his age...
[09:39] dad: what did the ice giants do for food?
[09:40] me: Clearly, the ice giants eat ROCKS AND PAIN.
[09:40] me: Explains why they're so mad all the time. :P
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"This mortal body is weak. I need sustenance."

Looked, uh, pretty muscle-bound to me. Just sayin'. *fans self*

Thor: Definitely enjoyable. A little weak in some development points, but nothing glaring, and about on par with the second of the Iron Man movies. (Which I liked just as well as the first one, personally.)
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"Why do I feel like you're going to be the death of me?"

"Because the movie in which I kill you came out 35 years ago?"
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What? Perseus ends up with IO?? WTF.

Once the canon is over two thousand years old, you should just LEAVE IT BE.

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Liam Neeson does not look quite so inhumanly large on a Clydesdale as on a regular horse.

And then the Fire Mares take off....

Ari: "This is like ET for the swords-and-sandals set."

Oh, god, this movie is cracking me up.
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Yes, I am by-God grinning like a madwoman at the scene where Dr Grant first sees the dinosaur and YAY WOO DINOSAURS. :D *poing*

("Oh my god, it's an interactive CD-ROM!!!" Oh, 1993.)
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Oh, Liam Neeson. Is there any movie you've made that I won't watch?
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Dear lady down the row:

It was very kind of you to come apologize for the noise, as I had to snarl down the row at you and your party to be quiet because of incessant chatter several times during the movie. However, you had absolutely no need to apologize for your father's excitement about the horse racing scenes, because I didn't hear a peep out of him - it was your several CHILDREN who were narrating enough of the movie at such a volume as to be distracting and irritating. Please work harder on teaching them movie-going manners.

Also, leaving your half-empty popcorn container tipped over with its contents strewn about the floor and smashed into the seats was a totally douchebag move. All in all, you fail.

No love,
the John Malkovich fan who just wanted to watch the damn movie.
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In keeping with the movie theme, f'list, riddle me this:

If you could only watch three movies again ever, but you could watch them as many times as you wanted, what would they be?

ETA my own answers, as of right this moment: Keeping the Faith, Sliding Doors, and Dangerous Beauty. The first two are pretty well cemented - the third one occasionally changes.
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Another round of the "my favorite movies by these actors" meme I did yesterday -- comment if you want a set :)

1. Christopher Walken - I have actually seen surprisingly few Christopher Walken movies! But I have to pick Catch Me If You Can.
2. Robin Williams - Ooh. The Birdcage*, though Night at The Museum* is a close second.
3. Kevin Spacey - Damn. I don't know if I've ever seen a Kevin Spacey movie I didn't like. (Well, okay, I didn't like Superman Returns -- but that was so totally not his fault.) Umm... The Usual Suspects, I think.
4. Sir Ian McKellen - ICON. *ahem* Damn. Between the X-Men movies* and the LOTR series*, this is difficult, but I think I actually have to pick Stardust*. :)
5. Ben Affleck - Hrm. I love Dogma* and Good Will Hunting* and Armageddon*, but I think my FAVORITE Ben Affleck movie is Shakespeare In Love*.
6. Nicolas Cage - Con Air*. I know it's lame, but I like Nicolas Cage way better in action movies than dramas. :) ...actually, thinking about it, I change my answer. The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
7. John Goodman - Beyond the Sea*, which is one of those Kevin Spacey movies that I liked a lot. :) Bio-pic of Bobby Darin.
8. Steve Buscemi - Armageddon* :) "Get off the nuclear weapon."
9. Steve Martin - Bringing Down The House* -- one of the very very few modern comedies I enjoy, mostly because of Queen Latifah and Eugene Levy.
10. Gary Oldman - Tough one! The Dark Knight*, I think, with The Fifth Element* as a very very very very close second.

1. Holly Hunter - The only one of her movies I've apparently seen is The Incredibles.
2. Kathy Bates - Ooo, The Stand*.
3. Catherine O'Hara - The Nightmare Before Christmas, I guess - it's either that or Home Alone :P
4. Drew Barrymore - Ever After, I think. I mean, the 1987 made-for-TV Babes In Toyland with Keanu Reeves, Richard Mulligan and Pat Morita is tempting, but.... ;)
5. Winona Ryder - Star Trek*, I guess? Recommendations?
6. Christina Ricci - Sleepy Hollow
7. Helena Bonham Carter - Terminator: Salvation*, I think. She keeps ending up in most of the Johnny+Tim combos that I don't like :)
8. Dame Judi Dench - Shakespeare In Love* again, for sure :)
9. Charlize Theron - The Italian Job*
10. Sandra Bullock - Practical Magic*!
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Another yoinked meme:

Comment with “SHOWTIME!” and I will give you ten actors and ten actresses. Then post in your Livejournal with your favorite films of theirs.

I was given:

1. Philip Seymour Hoffman -- Twister.
2. Samuel L Jackson -- Oh, DAMN. Uh ... tossup. Iron Man 2 or Deep Blue Sea.
3. Bruce Willis -- ... this one's hard too. Armageddon.
4. Kevin Smith -- Dogma.
5. Cary Grant -- I don't... think I've ever seen a Cary Grant movie.
6. Jason Statham -- The Italian Job. No, The Expendables. No, The Italian Job. Dammit.
7. Patrick Stewart -- The Prince of Egypt
8. James Spader -- Stargate
9. Jeff Bridges -- The Last Unicorn
10. Mel Gibson -- aaaaand another tossup - Maverick or Braveheart. (Oh, I KNOW. Shut up.)

1. Melanie Griffith -- Looking at her IMDB listing, I have not seen any Melanie Griffith movies.
2. Sigourney Weaver -- Aliens. *looks at IMDB* Yep. Aliens.
3. Jodie Foster -- Anna and the King
4. Kelly Preston -- who? *IMDB* ... apparently my options are What A Girl Wants or Battlefield Earth..... wow. Lemme think. :P
5. Katherine Hepburn -- Never seen any of her movies either, but I really liked Cate Blanchett AS Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator - does that count?
6. Natasha Richardson -- Have not seen any of her movies.
7. Angelina Jolie -- Mr and Mrs Smith
8. Ellen Page -- Have I ever seen her in anything beyond Inception?
9. Claire Danes -- Les Miserables
10. Sissy Spacek -- Umm... Carrie, I guess.
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Why I will not be spending any money to see Avatar: The Last Airbender: Food for thought.

Quoted from this article:
When [...] a writer pointed out that the film will feature a villainous nation of Asians attacking nations led by three white heroes, Shyamalan replied, "It's called irony."


In a 2009 University of Pennsylvania student-newspaper article publicizing a call for background actors, Deedee Rickets, a casting director for "Airbender," is quoted encouraging prospective extras to dress in "traditional ethnic" attire, saying, "If you're Korean, wear a kimono. If you're Belgian, wear lederhosen. [...] Later, a first-person account in the same paper quoted Rickets telling the crowd at the casting call, "It doesn't mean you're at a disadvantage if you didn't come in a big African thing. But guys, even if you came with a scarf today, put it over your head so you'll look like a Ukrainian villager or whatever."

M. Night Shamalamadingdong, is there any movie or story you can't figure out a way to fuck up?
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Not only have I put Steve Alten's entire Meg series on my library hold list, but I just turned on Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus on Netflix streaming.

No, I do not know what is wrong with me.

(My god, Debbie Gibson looks so young!!)

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Oh my.

From Stephen King's official mailing list:

Reports of a Dark Tower TV series and movies have been in the news recently. Ron Howard, Akiva Goldsman, Brian Grazer and Imagine Films are in discussions with Steve regarding the adaptation of the series. Here's the word from Stephen:

"It looks good. Things are happening and they are happening fast but any reports you see might be taken with a grain of salt for the next couple of weeks. You will know the news from the official source as soon as we are able to post it."


Remember, Steve. Hugh Jackman, Milo Ventimiglia, Tracie Thoms and Freddie Highmore. Trust me on this one.
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Iron Man 2 is very [ profile] ironman4do-approved.

I also enjoyed it muchly.

Now I am going the hell to bed, because I have to get up in four hours and go to work.

Happy anniversary, my crazy husband.
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Weekend accomplishments, based on the original list:
I wrote and submitted my essay on Friday, took my exam* on Saturday morning, successfully completed all the Rainbow stuff** on Saturday afternoon/evening, got all my grocery shopping done on Sunday, and finished most of my questions for the class of suck. I also knitted 107 rows on the Olympic Vivian (which is the body almost all the way up to the underarms), and would have gotten farther except for a bollixed cable pair I have to fix before I continue. (Simple fix, I did one of the two last night, but then I wanted to go to bed. I'll fix the other tonight.)

And while I knitted, I watched a veritable Hugh Jackman movie fest, along with a couple other unrelated movies. (Equilibrium, Amelia, all four X-Men movies, Kate & Leopold, Swordfish, and The Prestige, plus several episodes of Babylon 5 with Joyce.)

* I got a 39/50, which on the one hand isn't great, but on the other, means my overall grade in the class is now something absurd like 337/350, so I'll take it.

** It was a two-assembly event, and each assembly was supposed to bring and set up half the reception. Our assembly did our half, and the other assembly brought part of their half (cream puffs) and forgot part of their half (punch), and didn't show up to set up any of their half until 15 minutes after the reception started, at which point we'd already set it up for them. We sent out one of our people to buy ingredients for a last minute punch, which turned out quite popular, but there is quite a bit of disgust with the other group right now among the adults.
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... for kings will give thee gold,
and princes bring thee gems from distant lands.
The only wealth that I may ever hold
are these fair flowers for thy maiden hands -
yet fragrant they'll remain, and richly green,
if they are remembered by a golden Queen.


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