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Naturally, the day before the expansion comes out, Kedria finally discovers the transmute I've been wanting on her for six bob-damned months. NATURALLY.
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41/0/20 Full boom?

31/0/30 Boom hybrid, no swiftmend?

30/0/31 Swiftmend with no boom?

14/0/47 Full tree?

I don't know!! And part of it is that I'm not sure what-all I'll be doing for the next month :)
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A rather productive day.

The mageling dinged 62 this morning, and Miz Kedria is going into heroic Sethekk tomorrow to finish up the tail end of her epic purple birdy questline, after doing the first fifteen quests tonight.

Good times.
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First time setting foot in Hyjal.

Three-shot on Rage Winterchill, two-shot on Anetheron.

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Good start to morning:
Logging in my alchemist to do a transmute, selecting water-to-shadow (since I had a whackload of water), and getting a proc resulting in FIVE primal shadow that also triggered the discovery of transmute-life-to-earth.

Not so good followup:
Discovering that despite leaving the car yesterday and going inside, going BACK to the car to retrieve the phone I left therein, and then leaving the car a second time, I still forgot to close the sunroof. Luckily, it did not rain last night, nor did I find feral cats, squirrels, birds or chipmunks taking up residence in Marianne's backseat.

Otherwise, it's been pretty low-key. So far.
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Weekend summary so far:
Leotheras first kill.
Hex Lord down.
Zul'jin first kill. (Dude, they throw you a party. With fireworks. And one of the cheering NPCs drops you a dang KEG.)
Al'ar one-shotted finally, and Kael into phase 3 (albeit somewhat sloppily).

Side note:
Sometimes people seriously piss me off.

Been a good raiding weekend in general though, picked up a couple of new shinies, and going to Karazhan this afternoon to try out a Secret Experiment. Should be fun.
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Tonight's highlights in WoW:

Mageling dinged 51 and 52 between about 6 and 10pm. Leveling changes FTW.

Then, upon hearing that I had never killed Hogger before on any character, I was informed by the guild leader that I was going to not only treepunch Hogger, but do the quest. (5.4 silver FTW.) So I one-shot treepunched Hogger for 1273 (Quicktime movie, about 15 seconds long).

Then me and the 7 guildies who had come to watch stood around Goldshire (where we'd turned in the quest) and randomly dueled each other.

Me and one of the other trees in the guild punching each other (Quicktime movie, about one minute long). I'm the one who won. :) We dueled three times - I think the one I recorded is the one where the two trees headbutt each other, and the ending tree-drops-to-knees-and-begs-for-mercy cracks me up.

After the tree duel, I was about to go to bed, when I was randomly struck with the urge to challenge our guild leader - a prot paladin - to a duel. Thirteen minutes, two innervates and two mana pots later, I won!
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Recent happenings.

Good -
- lots of good WoW developments - several first-kills, a flaming horsie with fangs, level 50 and a water elemental named Fred.
- My baby brother proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas day, and she accepted. (Related weird: This means that my 25-year-old brother will have a 11-year-old stepson. Also weird: Both my younger siblings are dating people older than me. I am the only one who finds any of this weird.)
- I have about six knitting projects currently on needles.
- In correlation, I have about twelve million various movies/TV series in queue to watch/rewatch in the not-so-distant future.
- The girls did absolutely AWESOME at their initiation last night - every single one of them, including the pro tems, had at least a 95% accuracy rate on their parts. (They need to practice their square corners, IMO, but Michigan Rainbow was rather more formal than Washington Rainbow appears to be. Or maybe it's just that my mother advisor was a million years old and picky.)
- At the installation on Saturday, not only is one of the board members bringing me the OES Petition I've been waiting for for two months, but apparently the Worthy Matron will be there and I can meet her. Spiffy.

Bad -
- I had my first math exam last night. I think I might've eked out a good solid C. On the plus side, the rest of the class involves less graphing and more actual equations, and he tosses out the lowest of the three exams for grading purposes.
- The closet door behind my desk randomly fell off the track last night. This has been happening a lot in our apartment lately. I don't like it when sliding doors jump off their tracks for no explainable reason.
- Still waiting on both of my W2s and both of Dan's W2s. Feh.
- Coworker? So. So. So. Stupid.

Awesome -
- Who has plane tickets to Nashville for the third week of June? OH HAY THAT WOULD BE ME.
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So far: 6 episodes of Frasier, The Woodsman, Rainman, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, 4 episodes of Heroes. About 4-6 rows to go on the back, plus sleeves and assembly.

KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Bulky in Redwood Forest - currently on skein #3 - on Denise needles, size 9 and 13.

Hoping to finish it up by the end of the weekend, but the next few days are quite busy, so I dunno.

Thursday: Work, first math exam (eep!), IORG initiation
Friday: Work, raid, movie night (?)
Saturday: Raid, lunch, IORG installation
Sunday: Raid ... hey, I can work on it around the raid. :)

ETA: Er, pattern! Knitty's Cherie Amour.
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Mua ha ha.

About this time last year, I was getting all giddy that my little druid had hit +200 healing. OMG yo.

But then, last night...

Rawr. :)
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Hot damn.

All four lesser bosses in ZA down.
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Ok. Raiding last week? Sucked. It sucked so bad that I didn't even want to talk about it. (Of the four raids I generally do, two were canceled before even getting started, and one was sucking so badly that we called it after a half hour.)

This week MORE than made up for it.

Friday night, Kedria in 25-mans: We one-shot Magtheridon, one-shot Lurker, and made a not-sloppy first attempt on Hydross, dropping him to ... 60%, I think?
Saturday night, Kedria in 25-mans: We went into TK and scored a first kill on Void Reaver, landing our RL and the good shaman the raid's first T5, then went on to take a shot at Al'ar and got him to 70% on our first (and only) attempt.
Sunday, Karrec in Karazhan: Fucking rocked. We skipped Attumen and Maiden, to be sure we had plenty of time for attempts on Prince and Nightbane (as we've only killed Prince once before, and never dropped Nightbane). So we proceeded to one-shot Moroes, Oz, Curator, Shade of Aran, Illhoof, Netherspite...then Prince...and then that goddamn undead beast of a dragon. One-shot, first kill. Then we decided to go back, since we still had almost an hour left, and finish out Attumen and the Maiden to complete our first full-clear. And *cough* wiped on Attumen's trash, because of an accidental double-pull.

First double-pull was my lizard's fault. He went flapping off into the next room of his own free will, and I mashed on my LIZARD GET YOUR DUMB ASS BACK HERE BEFORE I KILL YOU button. He came back, bringing a group of four with him, and someone commented on Vent, "Lizard's bringing adds." I replied, "Could've been worse. When he flew off, he had Midnight targeted." (Midnight being the boss's horse which starts the boss fight.) We survived that one, no problem. After that, we had the pally AOE-tanking, only the priest shackled one of the adds to pull, so his add was still in the other room. Said pally charged the last add, accidentally body-pulled the next group, and that was the one that wiped us.

And as a nice bit of icing on the cake, Karrec got her T4 head token off the Prince. :) Next run is the day before my birthday - maybe he'll give me my bow then. :)

(On a side note, Karrec's leatherworking is now at 340, and Kedria's is at 368. Two primal nethers and a buttload of primal shadows, and she can make her Shadowprowler's Chestguard. (Need to figure out what the heck to gem it with too.)
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Discoveries of late:
- Karrec cannot in fact solo Ramparts.
- Heroic Auchenai Crypts: Totally not worth the hassle.
+ Kedria can clear a 225 gold profit easily on a Quiver of a Thousand Feathers, even buying the primal air and feathers on the AH. And it still gives her LW points! (4 more to go before she can make her Shadowprowler's Chestguard!)
- ...and then I get to start working on Karrec's LW. (Note to self: Look into what's involved in switching from tribal to dragonscale leatherworking.)
+ Kedria can make cauldrons of major nature protection and major fire protection, discovered the transmute to turn primal earth into primal life, and can make the Bag of Many Hides.
+ Once she racks up those last four LW points, she will be able to start making Drums of OMG Fastness, which I'm thinking will be very nice for raids (80 haste rating for half a ZA raid for 25% of a boss fight? Nothing to scoff at!), as long as I don't end up in any groups with hunters with too much haste rating. Waiting for confirmation from my RL that they shouldn't screw up tanks - I've already been *cough* Highly Encouraged by the caster DPS lead to use them :)
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Kedria got the most ridiculous-looking offhand item tonight.

No, seriously. Check this out. )
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I did every bit of today's writing on my Sidekick on the bus. There's a new character sneaking her way into my story, weirdly. A little girl - about 6 at her first appearance, and utterly traumatized. She will, of course, die tragically. But not til she's older. And I'm not quite sure what she'll do in the meantime, with one very specific exception. Which will, of course, utterly devastate my main lady. Augh, I'm loving this.

Then I came home, took Kedria to Arcatraz where none of the stuff we wanted dropped, and bribed my favorite pally tank to run my mageling (currently less than 10% shy of L31) through the Stockades. This (link is a short video; about 35 seconds?) looked cooler with the numbers showing - I forgot that I'd turned off the UI display on the video settings - but it's still pretty cool, if I do say so myself. All the purple booms? That's me. :)

Video is currently uploading. If you're looking at this before about 11:30pm Seattle time, it probably won't be there quite yet. It's up now.

Also? New icon love from [ profile] elsrik.


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