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Things that are understandable (and much appreciated!):
"I can't stay for long, it's late and I'm not feeling well, but I can fill in for a little while, if that's cool."

Things that are moderately annoying:
"I'm going to sign up for this run, but I'm going to be late, and then leave early."

Things that are quite annoying:
"Yeah, I'm a DPSer, but I'm going to roll on off-spec stuff over people who need it as huge upgrades to their primary spec just in case I might maybe respec later. I think."

Things that are absolutely fucking unacceptable:
"I DC'ed during a 'boss' encounter, so I can't roll on the loot, so I'm going to throw a temper tantrum and tell people I'm going to go cry in a corner and quit the goddamn raid four pulls before the last fucking boss of the goddamn run, never mind that I'm one of only two healers in an instance that usually has three healers to a group and my leaving virtually guarantees that this run, which was set up as a birthday fucking celebration for someone I at least pretend to like, will not be able to finish." Twat.
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Behind the cut, because I'm sadistic enough to inflict this on you guys, but not sadistic enough to not give you the option to avoid it.

We joked that Joyce's spelling was so bad a spellcheck wouldn't fix it, but there exists worse. *cringe* )
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"i guess being hes not been play in 2 monst wornets a dletelchion"

I'm sorry, but when you can't TYPE and you can't SPELL, an MMO might not be the best place for you. Especially when you can't play your effing character either. :P


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