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Digging through old emails, I found this in-character letter I sent just after last year's Con.

cut for dorkitude, but still at least a little funny even if you don't know the game, I think )
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There was Con. Con was good.

I had weird luck with tails. First, one of the tails I got last year -- the last six inches just sort of fell off. Then I went to the leather shop and asked how to fix it and bought a new one, and before the day was out, the whole thing just sort of fell off the belt loop. So the next day I went BACK to the leather shop, and the guy said "You are just not having good luck with tails this weekend." But he fixed the new one, so it was all good.

I got lots more buttons, some as gifts and some as purchases, and a little crown for my character, and a leather book cover/journal thing, and a t-shirt that says "I'm with flanking bonus ->", and some art (some kitty art, and more faerie-cat art, and a stick dragon art of smiting).

There were, as always, several people I wanted to punch in the face. I may make buttons next year that say "Ginger does not want to punch me in the face!" and hand them out as appropriate :P The cookies were quite popular.

Game-wise, it was relatively low-key, though my little girl got a chance to exercise some new tricks, I bid negative traits for the first time like EVER, and there have already been some interesting downtime developments. From a discussion of some of these developments:

... oh lord almighty. I reiterate that if something happens to the two of you that [redacted] and Echo are in charge of the city. I just want you two to THINK ABOUT THAT.

Also, boo on the incredibly bitchy flight attendant who yanked my backpack out from under my feet and walked away with it, without so much as a "We're getting ready to land, can you stow your bag please?" or even "Let me take care of that for you." Not a WORD, just yank and walk away. It was unzipped and she dumped stuff out of it into the aisle. Cow.
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Con was good and happymaking and, as always, too short.

Spoils: A rubber "Zombie Awareness" bracelet, 5 new buttons for my hat, a new toe ring, a lovely bit of leather for costuming, a new tail (Rank 2 now!), a messenger bag, a book (which is really interesting!), and a t-shirt in my favorite style (raglan with 3/4 sleeves) that says "Sin like you mean it".

Since last we saw our intrepid heroine... )

It was a good Con. There are almost always people at Con/GCL that I want to punch in the face repeatedly, but they are vastly outnumbered by the walking piles of awesome that I only get to see once a year.

Also, this is the part where I reiterate that pretty much the only thing I miss about the Midwest on a regular basis is the people, but there are SO MANY OF THEM THAT I MISS SO MUCH ARGH. *throwing mad love at Con people* [/mushy]

The Utah guys will be with us until next .... Sunday, I think. Today is my last day off before I go back to work, and I expect most of it will be spent in the "I just got home from vacation and the refrigerator is empty" vein of errands. I might even unpack, rather than letting it go til we've been home for a month.

Or maybe I'll just go spelunking through the GCL database to make sure all the little tweaks got made right.

Or maybe this weekend kick-started Gaelen's backstory again.

>.> Guess we'll find out. <.
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GenCon is next week.

My character doesn't talk.

Historically, this has not been problematic. The first year I played her, I used Pocket Word on my Jornada 540 Pocket PC. The second year, I used the Notes function on my Sidekick.

Only this year, I no longer have the Sidekick. My current phone has no Notes function. And while I still have the Pocket PC, I can't find the charger for the damn thing. (I could order one online, but it probably wouldn't get here in time.)


Edit: Woot! I found the notes function on my phone by asking Dan where it was! It's hidden under like fifteen menus :)
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So, as may have been surmised by the fact that I never posted anything resembling "Holy crap I did it," I did not in fact succeed at writing 50,000 words during the month of November.

In fact, I actually got distracted on November 15th and wrote nothing further after that. (Though I did post three samples here back during November.)

However, I did write just over 24,000 words between November 1 and November 15 - roughly 90-odd pages, as far as Word is concerned.

I've been contemplating dusting it off and working on more of the story - however, before I do that, I'd like to get a bit of editing and review done on what I do have already. So if anyone's interested in reading and editing 90 pages worth of a slightly whacked-in-the-head vampire's history - or even a smaller section of it; it's written in smaller 2k to 4k word chunks, mostly - let me know. (And if not? Totally understandable. Hehe.)

Disclaimer: Sorry, but I'm not sending my lady's whole backstory to any other GCL players. :) No hard feelings.
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I'm noticing a newly-developing interest (well, over the last year and a half, anyway) of accepting challenges I'm not entirely sure of my ability to meet. (See: The Knitting Olympics and the 3-Day.)

So, as I've hinted to all of you and discussed at length (haha! I'm so punny at 8am on a Friday!) with a few of you, I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year. In the realm of great dorkery, the resultant piece of writing-of-questionable-quality will be an "autobiography" of my current GenCon character - the one who's been eating my brain since August. (The character has been working on said journal for a month or two now. Poor thing is getting even more screwed up, reliving it.) I don't expect to be posting much of it here - not because I don't trust the larpers on my f'list to not-use the information therein appropriately, but because I don't figure most of you will have any interest in reading about a vampiric singer who doesn't talk anymore. :)

Just explaining in advance why my brain will be summarily devoured during the month of November :) Carry on!

PS. Dear Storytellers: I expect more than 2 XP for this background when it's done. :P Love, Ginger
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Every so often, I feel bad that I am engineering my poor girl's mental and emotional fucked-up-edness quite so gleefully.'s FUN!

T-27 days. *flexes typing fingers*
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Collecting: Song lyrics about loss, particularly loss of a person, though general loss can work too. Not necessarily death, and not necessarily romantic - the loss of parents or friends, any other sort of loved one, though not children. I don't mind some creative interpretation or, say, adverb adjustment ("he" replacing "she" or vice versa), but I'd like to see the theme without squinting, standing on my head and putting on special glasses. :) Help me, LJ brain trust! (Genre is not important.)
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Lord, I haven't written real honest-to-goodness fiction in .... years. And this is going so damn well it boggles me.
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A pseudo-downside about Con: When I come home, I spend the next couple of weeks in a total "my LARP characters, let me tell you about them" mode.

People, feel free to tell me to shut the hell up*. I promise, I won't be mad. But with even a hint of nodding-and-smiling potential interest, I will happily tell LARP stories about characters past and present (and future; I've got ideas for the next one percolating) until the cows come home - I've been doing this for ten years. So pretending interest with the intent to wait me out? Probably not gonna help.

*Note: This does not apply to my own LJ. :P Nobody gets to tell me what I can and can't talk about here.
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Con was, in a word, fantastic. Write-up is coming. I am exhausted.

My girl found herself a theme song, due to some extremely bizarre and unexpected antics on the part of my iPod in combination with bits of her backstory, aspects of her behaviour, and one wild and crazy half-hour. (Dear playlist: You had 250-odd songs. How is it that you managed to give me the same one four times in 2 hours, and then AGAIN at the EXACT RIGHT MOMENT four hours later the same night? Shit, yo.)
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Heh. First time in .... eight years that I haven't been packed for Con a week beforehand. No tiiiime.

for my own reference )
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Oh, my poor little Gaelen. She started out as a happy bouncy little singer. And then she got to Indy, where the city was operated by a bunch of overpowered dimwits who wouldn't know a Tradition if it jumped up and bit them like a snake on a plane, and realized that this was Not Okay. And she got tangled up in plotting. And then she took over. And now people are offering her even more power, on a slightly more subdued level.

She ain't quite so happy-bouncy-giddy anymore. My little girl is growing up, and this is going to be CRAZY fun.


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