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There was Con. Con was good.

I had weird luck with tails. First, one of the tails I got last year -- the last six inches just sort of fell off. Then I went to the leather shop and asked how to fix it and bought a new one, and before the day was out, the whole thing just sort of fell off the belt loop. So the next day I went BACK to the leather shop, and the guy said "You are just not having good luck with tails this weekend." But he fixed the new one, so it was all good.

I got lots more buttons, some as gifts and some as purchases, and a little crown for my character, and a leather book cover/journal thing, and a t-shirt that says "I'm with flanking bonus ->", and some art (some kitty art, and more faerie-cat art, and a stick dragon art of smiting).

There were, as always, several people I wanted to punch in the face. I may make buttons next year that say "Ginger does not want to punch me in the face!" and hand them out as appropriate :P The cookies were quite popular.

Game-wise, it was relatively low-key, though my little girl got a chance to exercise some new tricks, I bid negative traits for the first time like EVER, and there have already been some interesting downtime developments. From a discussion of some of these developments:

... oh lord almighty. I reiterate that if something happens to the two of you that [redacted] and Echo are in charge of the city. I just want you two to THINK ABOUT THAT.

Also, boo on the incredibly bitchy flight attendant who yanked my backpack out from under my feet and walked away with it, without so much as a "We're getting ready to land, can you stow your bag please?" or even "Let me take care of that for you." Not a WORD, just yank and walk away. It was unzipped and she dumped stuff out of it into the aisle. Cow.
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It's that time of year again, folks.

Feel free to ignore my GenCon prep lists. :) )

Anyone know how to get creases (not like hard knife-edge type creases, but this-item-has-been-stored-in-a-box-for-a-year creases) out of non-suede leather?

Edit: The intarwebs tells me to hang it up somewhere warmish and the creases should just hang out. I wish I'd looked that up BEFORE the heat wave broke. :P
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Note to self: Take better notes this year. Srsly, GCL people, make me write shit down. "Pack XP?" What the hell. I don't even know what that means. "Mike x2"? Heck no, we don't have enough women for one of him! "Wally x2"? That's almost worse!

My dinner has gotten cold and ignored while I try to make heads and tails of my own notes. :)
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Fundraisers at GenCon raised over $17,000 this past August to donate to Gary Gygax's favorite charity as a memorial.

The charity - the Christian Children's Fund - turned it down because the money was raised by selling D&D materials.
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Con was good and happymaking and, as always, too short.

Spoils: A rubber "Zombie Awareness" bracelet, 5 new buttons for my hat, a new toe ring, a lovely bit of leather for costuming, a new tail (Rank 2 now!), a messenger bag, a book (which is really interesting!), and a t-shirt in my favorite style (raglan with 3/4 sleeves) that says "Sin like you mean it".

Since last we saw our intrepid heroine... )

It was a good Con. There are almost always people at Con/GCL that I want to punch in the face repeatedly, but they are vastly outnumbered by the walking piles of awesome that I only get to see once a year.

Also, this is the part where I reiterate that pretty much the only thing I miss about the Midwest on a regular basis is the people, but there are SO MANY OF THEM THAT I MISS SO MUCH ARGH. *throwing mad love at Con people* [/mushy]

The Utah guys will be with us until next .... Sunday, I think. Today is my last day off before I go back to work, and I expect most of it will be spent in the "I just got home from vacation and the refrigerator is empty" vein of errands. I might even unpack, rather than letting it go til we've been home for a month.

Or maybe I'll just go spelunking through the GCL database to make sure all the little tweaks got made right.

Or maybe this weekend kick-started Gaelen's backstory again.

>.> Guess we'll find out. <.
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Congrats to Mical (GCL's Pipe) and his wife on the arrival of a happy healthy little one named Malcolm this afternoon! (Ok, they probably won't see this, but passing along the info to those of you who will see it and do know them and didn't get a call from Lindsey first.) Sounds like mama and baby are doing well.
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Y'know, Con 2005 didn't seem anywhere near as boring while it was going on as it seems to have been in retrospect. I've asked like ... three people now, and it's not just me - nobody remembers anything particularly exciting happening. Spencer Creed died. Gaelen spent a lot of time bitching out Deven for being a shitty prince and thwarted Wally's PC kills by singing Pipe out of frenzy. But there wasn't a big city-wide combat that year.

This makes the chapter about Gaelen's arrival in Indy .... not very interesting. Heh.
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Con was, in a word, fantastic. Write-up is coming. I am exhausted.

My girl found herself a theme song, due to some extremely bizarre and unexpected antics on the part of my iPod in combination with bits of her backstory, aspects of her behaviour, and one wild and crazy half-hour. (Dear playlist: You had 250-odd songs. How is it that you managed to give me the same one four times in 2 hours, and then AGAIN at the EXACT RIGHT MOMENT four hours later the same night? Shit, yo.)
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Follow-up to this:

I read the GCL board this afternoon, for last-minute catch-up, and apparently the dude's girlfriend has announced that he "has removed his head from his ass". And...that she's....going to run the database for the whole group? She's, er, going to do this while watching their two-year-old? Somehow, I don't think so.... Besides, I was advised that [ profile] that_mage was taking over for me.

Meh. I have my character sheet - falls under the heading of "not really my problem anymore".

Though I must confess to some burning curiosity about the aftermath of my departure on the game staff mailing list. Heh.
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Bad way to start the morning: mild panic.

Better way to continue the morning: Information about probable abatement of situation causing panic by a third party.

Still awaiting confirmation of abatement of situation by persons directly involved. Tentatively breathing. :)

I brought the proofs of our wedding pics to work - they've been very popular so far.
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Heh. First time in .... eight years that I haven't been packed for Con a week beforehand. No tiiiime.

for my own reference )
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Well, it's done. After an email exchange with the most inept storyteller I've ever encountered, during which he apparently discarded any attempts at reading comprehension and replaced it with condescension, insult and blatant stupidity, I am no longer part of the staff for GCL.

1. I have finals next week, and Con is the week after. Even if I had the inclination and the INFORMATION necessary to rebuild the database from the archive I have, I don't have the TIME. (But I also don't have the information for more than two characters, not including my own, so even if I DID have the time, I flat out could not do it.)

2. There are several of the GCL storytellers, past and present, that I greatly like and respect. In fact, several of them were at or invited to my wedding. But this guy? Not even remotely. He's been a condescending dick the whole time I've been working the database, and every single year so far I've had to tell him several times to get away from me before the smell of his feet makes me throw up on my computer. (And I wasn't even exaggerating.)

3. What the FUCK, dude.

cut for email exchange )

My commentary, un-emailed:
One: Dude, you and "Adam Grapevine Creator" are both apparently fucking idiots. Grapevine is a VISUAL BASIC program. Are you seriously trying to tell me that VISUAL BASIC won't run on an installation of WINDOWS 2000? Since you obviously didn't read ANY OF MY EMAILS explaining that VPC creates a VIRTUAL MACHINE that runs a FULL AND COMPLETE AND LEGIT INSTALLATION OF WINDOWS 2000. You also didn't read ANY OF MY EMAILS explaining that HI, I've been porting this database back and forth between the VirtualPC and MY REAL HONEST TO GOD WINDOWS-RUNNING PC for three years, using it QUITE SUCCESSFULLY on both, AND IT DIDN'T ACTUALLY CORRUPT UNTIL AFTER I'D BEEN WORKING ON IT ON MY WINDOWS PC FOR A WHILE BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE THE VIRTUAL PC ANYMORE.

Two: Okay, sure, maybe this other idiot was the one sniping about how "maybe she didn't know what she was getting into". But y'know, he wasn't the one who's been treating me like an idiot the whole time, AND HE WASN'T THE ONE WHO ADDED TO THAT COMMENT A SNOTTY LITTLE ASIDE READING "Well, okay, we won't get into that last part."

Three: ....Okay? Take your ball and go home, dude. Your half-dozen changelings are not going to make a whole lot of impact on the work I'd have to do to get the other ONE HUNDRED THIRTY characters re-updated. My "attitude"? You were going to "help her"? Grow the hell up.

So, I am done. I go to Con to have a good time, not to spend the weekend frustrated, annoyed and pissed off.
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I went to open my GCL database this morning, to make sure I had character updates done thus far, and sometime in the last month, the file got corrupted. Unless I have a spare copy stuck in my bitch bag, the most recent copy I have of the character database is pre-con, 2005.


Honestly? I don't really want to be doing the database this year anyway. This is just icing on that cake, along with last week's discovery that I can't downgrade my laptop enough to run grapevine anymore. *sigh*
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Hi I'd like GCL to be local and weekly please and thank you sigh.

(This lament brought to you by a round of "Let me tell you about my favorite RP characters ever.")

I'd settle for a good MET larp, or even a REALLY good tabletop old-WoD game.

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Three years ago, the highlight of my Con was ashing a Gangrel in crinos at 3am on Sunday morning.

Two years ago, the highlight of my Con was getting ashed by a HitMark firing missiles at point-blank range at 3am on Sunday morning.

Last year, the highlight of my Con was single-handedly preventing Wally (our Garou storyteller) from racking up two or more player kills at around 3am on Sunday morning.

This year, right around 3am on Sunday morning, my character claimed praxis, took the Princedom of Indianapolis, announced a new court from the ground up, and made a dramatic exit, after completing what was, as far as anyone can recall, the first bloodless coup in our game's history.

It was excellent - this game just keeps getting better, and while we have some players who need to be beaten with sticks (and one NPC player who needs to be curb-stomped until his face is no longer recognizable), we also have some who just floor me.

In non-game-related events of the weekend, I came to an equilibrium Friday morning or so - using the Staff of Moose hurt my left hip about as much as not using it hurt my right hip. So I stopped using it, and pretty much just dealt with the sore. It's almost better now. I have an appointment this coming up Friday morning for follow-up tests.

I got my first corset (not to be confused with a bodice), and wore it two nights. Very comfy, and looked damned good, if I do say so myself. (Somehow, though, I doubt anyone got pictures. I didn't see many of our people with cameras this year.) I also got a new ring - a silver band with abstract cutout designs, the center of which looks like moose antlers - and a new backpack that holds more stuff than my old one did, has a laptop compartment built into it, and has a dragon reading a book embroidered on the top flap.

The TSA threw away my favorite nail polish - I'd forgotten it was in my backpack - but I can get another bottle. (Revlon's "Totally Toffee", if anyone's curious. It's a lovely chocolate brown.)
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Less than two hours to go before we're off to the airport. Inbound flight, America West #460 from Phoenix, landing at 4:03pm.

I'm printing character sheets like a madwoman - I ended up getting expenditures (either full or in part) from 18 people, including myself, before I closed up shop. Once they're done printing, I pack up the laptop and printer and start going through my lists all over again.

Dan has not yet started packing.

We'll be back Sunday evening. While I have the Sidekick, I can't guarantee I'll be reading much LJ, but feel free to drop me a line if something big happens. Be excellent to each other!
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Three polls, totally unrelated to each other.

[Poll #777873]

[Poll #777874]

[Poll #777875]

Feel free to discuss any and all of them in the comments - I'm particularly interested in hearing reasoning on the last one. Edit: The article linked to in the third poll, the one that crashes Firefox, is now reposted behind the cut.

linked article )
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And it begins.

Today I started updating XP expenditures for the GCL game.

Didn't take too long. *pointed look at non-Em GCL players*
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Last minute packing for GenCon. Back Sunday. What am I forgetting? :P
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Can someone with Grapevine give me a list of character aspects (S/M/P traits, abilities, disciplines/gifts, etc) in the same order as on the tabs for Changelings, Garou/Shifters and Vampires? Our blank character sheets are nice and all, but they aren't laid out the same way Grapevine is, so when I'm entering a character into the database, I have to either bounce all over the place within the program or on the paper sheet. I'd like to create a set of blank sheet templates on my own (since I am, after all, a forms analyst), but I forgot to make a note of the correct order this morning, can't download Grapevine at work to look at it there, and for some reason, the Grapevine dude doesn't have any screenshots on the program website. Foo.



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