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Bam. Registered for spring quarter. This means I can now APPLY FOR GRADUATION.


Classes: Human Nutrition, Human Sexuality, General Psychology*, and Elementary Statistics.

*This is giving me a giggle because of the line in SJ Tucker's newest song "D&D":

Bust a couple heads instead of studying for psych
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Four and a half years later -
Nephari Skyfallen, Death's Whirlwind of the Grass Plains People, hit L20. (L21, including her ECL.)
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Maybe someday someone will explain to me what it is that magically causes guys to constantly YELL while they're playing D&D. Coz I seriously don't get it =P
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"No, if the city of Shade falls on you, you do not take 20d6 and turn into a penis."

(Dan had said "pink mist." Ari misheard.)
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Dan: And I'd like to set a contingency to disintegrate myself.
Ari: what??
Ginger: what??
Grant: what??
Dan: Never mind, it wouldn't destroy all my gear.
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Crafting: In the last couple of weeks, I've finished my DreamRogue (pictures, yes, as soon as I find the camera), and a hat-and-scarf set for my sister for christmas. (Speaking of Rogues, Em, yours is about half-done. I need to email you momentarily about the colors.)

Family: We missed the local-relatives holiday gathering coz I had to work. I talked to my little sister for the first time in a good....oh, year or so? 2 out of our 3 Christmas boxes from various family members did not arrive before Christmas, and I am (as usual) horribly behind in sending out our boxes to said various family members.

Gaming: In WoW, my druid has at this point supplanted my hunter as my main character. I've been toodling around with a couple of alts, all of whom are currently between L8 and L16, and a baby Dranei on the beta BC server (but not much, because I don't want to play her way up just in time to start her over). In D&D, Nephari's sword is now positively terrifying, and she is still well-decorated. And last weekend, I kicked some serious butt at a 5-person game of Monopoly, almost entirely thanks to a deal that Ari made with me early on. :)

Health: I'm fallin' apart. :P My hip has been acting up, though not bad enough to require the Staff of Moose. I'm currently just over a bacterial eye infection, and my feet would Very Much like for me to get another pair of Danskos. (Which will happen, as soon as I get to Nordstrom's so that I can try the style I want on to confirm the size and then find someplace far cheaper to order them online.)

New Years' Goal: Crappy. Well, sorta. On the one hand, I started completely disregarding the entire thing back in June and went back to bad habits. On the other, I lost 18 pounds and 2 pants sizes (and one bra size, dammit) between January and June, and even having gone back to overdosing on soda and fast food and not enough water and vegetables, I've stayed within a 4-pound weight range and in the same size clothing between June and now. So at this point, I'm inclined to call it a more-or-less success.

Reading: [ profile] pyran and [ profile] fishsupreme foisted the Riftwar Saga on me, and I'm currently most of the way through the second (original) book. Very much enjoying. I also read yesterday a book on smallpox eradication (Demon in the Freezer, I think?). I'm currently on the library waitlist for John Grisham's and Stephen King's latest books as well, and I'm going to go add Eragon and Eldest to my hold list too, while I'm thinking about it.

School: Currently between quarters. Winter 2007 starts on January 2nd, and right now, my class list tentatively includes Medical Billing (2 credits), Transcription 2 (barf), Credentials, Accounting, and Medical Office Management. This is still up in the air, a bit, as I've just discovered one major hitch in my carefully laid-out plan: the only non-medical course requirement in my program is a specific interpersonal communications course through the business department. Up through Summer 2006, it was offered in either a 3- or 5-credit variant, and up through Fall 2006, offered either in-class or online. For Winter 2007, at least, it's offered as a 5-credit course ONLY, and the only class session is 11am-11:50am every weekday. Not exactly workable, due to my day job. Hopefully it's offered online during Spring quarter - otherwise, it'll require some serious hoop-jumping to get my certifications done in June 2007 as I had planned. =/ However, my GPA is currently 3.88 :) And my goal is to get my application submitted to UW by the end of the year. (Deadline is in February.)

Watching: Movie recommendation - Night at the Museum. Ben Stiller has finally managed another non-crappy movie. We're halfway through season 4 of Babylon-5, and I bought myself The 10th Kingdom for my birthday. Also, M. Night Shya-whatsis has finally redeemed himself after all the crap movies he put out since The Sixth Sense - Lady in the Water was a very good movie, I thought.

Wedding: Big Seattle Wedding Show is the 6th. Time is omgzorz flying. o.O
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So last night, our D&D party utterly stomped two baelors (think the Baelrog from LotR) and a merelith. Within about six rounds.

We're apparently bloody invincible, with time to prepare.


25 July 2005 10:31 am
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We appeared in court, charged with the murders of four high muckety-mucks "and assorted servants". We confessed to killing two of the muckety-mucks, pointed out that the "assorted servants" were actually hostile snake-people brought in by one of the muckety-mucks to work on overthrowing the current ruler of the country, and that the second muckety-muck had been (essentially) brainwashed by the first one, and that the first one had actually been the one to kill the last two. So they raised all four of them from the dead, let the last three go, and locked the first one up for ever and ever. We did, however, get convicted of disturbing the peace, banished for a year, and then handed a royal pardon and 1250 gold each or something. Plus we got Orithoc (Dan's character) resurrected, only he doesn't want to hang around with us anymore because we got him killed.

Karrec (my hunter) and her pet Kephren both hit L40 last week, and she got her riding frostsaber (white with spots!). Also learned tribal leatherworking, and has a stockpile of patterns for when she raises her skill appropriately to use them. I'm currently letting her regain some rested time.
Yesterday, I started a Tauren druid, who is currently L10 and has a terribly comical bear form. (Is very cute when sitting.)

We leave 3 weeks from Wednesday. I need to pick up some stuff, and I need to get some stuff from Adam, and I need XP expenditures from bloody near EVERYONE (though the long-term players are starting to come through for me), and I need to find out who's staffing this year so I can get an idea of (a) what books, and (b) how many books will be going into the communal library (DAMN WHITE WOLF ANYWAY - they discontinued all our books!) and....yep. Stuff. :)
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My favorite line was when the dude in the blue lipstick bellowed,

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-Why does this dude have blue lipstick?
-Why is Jeremy Irons overacting this excessively?

Ginger: Why don't these thieves have a bag of holding?
Dan: Because they're only level 2?

-WHAT IS THIS THING!? (I don't remember what I wrote that about.)
-Who in the hell put a Wayans brother in a D&D movie?
-He's wearing a pair of boots on his head, and he just stole a dead cat....
-Why would one crawl toward the dropped map instead of just getting up and walking??
-What is with the tentacle-y ear snakes?
-Why can the thieves not move silently?

Ginger, yelling at the TV screen: "Just punch him! He's a mage! He's only got like two hit points!"


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