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Round about mile 2, I got passed by a kid - probably 6 or so? - on a bike. I figured he was probably being followed by a parent, so I moved to the right, and sure enough, got passed a moment later by a guy on a bike, with a toddler in a kid-seat on the back of it. The guy was wearing a black cloth hat, covered with silver lamé stuffed spikes, each of which had a gold lamé star attached to the point with an inch or two of string, so all the stars were kind of swinging and twirling in the breeze. The two kids were wearing bike helmets, but the dad just had this hat that looked like it came out of a novelty hat store at an amusement park. Not necessarily safe, but terribly amusing at 8:30am.

It occured to me that no matter how much weight I lose, I'm never going to be thin in a traditional sense (unless I lose weight to the point of unhealthy, which I don't want to do) - I'm not BUILT to be skinny. I don't have 17" calves because I have fat legs, I have 17" calves because I'm built like a damn athlete - I'm (moderately) small, and compact, and built for endurance. That's why people constantly underestimate my weight by anywhere from 20-30 pounds (or they did, at least - I don't know that anyone's tried to guess since before I started losing weight). I have the same general proportions as someone who's 4 inches taller than me and 25 pounds lighter - but if I were 25 pounds lighter, I would have like 1% body fat. The first time I got on a leg press machine (I think that's what they are - the ones where you lie on the bench and press against a flat plate with your feet/legs to lift a stack of weights?) in high school, I didn't realize the other kids in my group had decided to play pranks and set the weight stack to 200 pounds, and did 15 repeats with no problems. Of course, I suppose an athletic build is at least marginally wasted on someone who can't stand sports, but that's not really my fault, is it :)

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3-Day: Training is going spectacularly. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $1715 of $2200. The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it the first Monday of each month (why, that would be today!). I did a 6.25-mile walk this weekend, with no breaks longer than waiting for a traffic light to change so I could cross the street, and had no problems with it. :)

Crafting: I ripped the summer Eris back, except for the cable yoke - I wasn't liking the way it was working out. I'll try again later, but I've got some other stuff I need to get done first. While I wait for my Knitpicks order, I started working on my Flirty Ruffles shawl again. Also, last night I put longer straps on one of my bags, and it's pretty darned near perfect for what I had in mind.

Exercise: Walking, dance, need to get my bike down.

Family: I go to visit my grandma in a couple weeks, and it turns out that she and her whatever-he-is-these-days are going to be coming through Seattle at the end of June for a cruise to Alaska, at the same time that Dan's family is coming into town for a visit. Joyce and Jeff are coming in mid-June, and I'm going to visit Jill at the end of May as well.

Gaming: Kedria's L30 now. Other than that, not much.

New Years' Goal: 9 out of the last 10 weeks have been 100%. I've lost 15 pounds roughly since I started this whole schtick - 5-10 more to go.

Reading: I'm reading a couple of books right now that I....totally can't remember the names or authors of. *facepalm*

School: Doing well. Everything's on track. :)

Watching: I watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights and What A Girl Wants the other night. I've been lax on my movie-watching, because I've been a bit lax on the knitting.

Wedding: We have a full wedding party now, and less than a year til the wedding. Dan vetoed my wedding cupcakes idea. Time to start rolling on the planning. :)

Work: Pretty light. We're in my downtime half of the year, but I've got some non-urgent stuff I've been working on.
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3-Day: Training is going spectacularly. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $1715 of $2200. The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it the first Monday of each month. I've found several good paths in my neighborhood for training walks: one 3-mile loop, one 4-mile loop, and one 4.5 mile loop. Annoyingly, I'm getting into a part that involves 5-mile walks. :P Oh well - six works just as well, or I can fake it :)

Crafting: I've got the summer Eris still on needles (need to finish the hem cabling and the sleeves), plus three more projects I need to order the yarn for. I've been toying with ideas to make an organizer pouch for a bag, and also a summer dress or two.

Exercise: I started a new belly-dance session last night - it's a shorter session though due to the holidays at the end of May. It's nice enough that I'm going to start riding my bicycle for my cross-training, I think.

Family: Dan and I loved our trip to Vegas. I'm going to visit my grandmother in a couple of weeks, and Joyce and Jeff are coming to visit in June. Yay!

Gaming: Nephari waived her DNR order and let Orithoc resurrect her after being slain by a Death Slaad, after the boys pointed out that without Nephari, they can't go on through the dungeon, since she's the only melee character. I do, however, intend to start putting together my moose druid character. Karrec has the first 3 pieces of her Dungeon 2 set and is working on getting the next 3. Kedria hit L29 and is well on her way to 30.

New Years' Goal: I ended my streak of 100% by forgetting to eat fruit or veggies on one day, but then started up another one the very next week.

Reading: I've been chowing through books on the e-reader. I read a series of four trashy romance novels while we were coming to and from Vegas, and I've been reading the first book in the Abhorsen series (I forget if that's the actual name of it, but whatever) by Garth Nix.

School: So far, I'm on schedule. Though I need to work the vocab-only classes into the schedule too, they've fallen by the wayside so far as they don't have any in-class-required components.

Watching: Armageddon. That's........yeah, that's about it. And I re-watched Rent the other night. Ari and I are going to watch some B5 tonight :D

Work: Pretty light. We're in my downtime half of the year, but I've got some non-urgent stuff I've been working on.
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3/7/06: 3.33 miles on the treadmill, 60 minutes.
3/8/06: 3.30 miles on the treadmill, 60 minutes.
3/10/06: 1.12 miles on the treadmill, 20 minutes.
3/11/06: 4.41 miles on the treadmill, 80 minutes.
3/12/06: 3.32 miles on the treadmill, 60 minutes.

Begin Official Training Schedule:
3/13/06: Dance, 40 minutes.
3/14/06: 3.30 miles on the treadmill, 60 minutes.
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Funny. :)

I just walked 3.01 miles. As I was nearing my front door to return home, it occured to me that I was starving, so I should call The Family to see if anyone wanted to do lunch.

I came in, dropped my iPod and keys and whatnot, and reached for the phone -

which started ringing. It was Grant. We laughed about the ironicalness of him calling me about food right when I was about to call him about food, and then decided to 3-way call Ari too.

Grant: "I'll call him on 3-way then. Oops - I have a call-waiting beep, hold on."
Me: "How funny, if it's Ari."

And it was. Very convenient!
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I've noticed I've not been posting so much lately as I used to once upon a time. Hm.

Finished my Eris this weekend, for all intents and purposes - it still needs a zipper or fastening of some sort, but it's wearable without. I'm wearing it today, in fact. :)

I have one more project (muaa!) to finish before I start the Knitting Olympics Rogue on 10 February. I don't foresee any difficulties at this point. However, I expect I'll be doing lots of movie-and-yarning through February, and not as much WoW-ing as I have been recently.

Mildly grumpy - the knee borkage has kept me from meeting my exercise goal this week. Foo. (I couldn't think of any exercise options that would let me keep my leg still, and my usual choices are either Pilates or a treadmill.) However, I'm doing better this week, so I think I will give the treadmill a try tonight, albeit at a lower speed than usual. (I usually set it to 2.3-2.5 mph.)

Rain blew onto my balcony and soaked my box of oranges. :( My dad had a 30-pound box of oranges sent to me from Arizona - even after giving bagsful to Grant-and-Anjela and Ari, I still had 2/3 of the box left, and there's no way they'd all fit in my fridge, so I set the box on the balcony, as the directions said to store them at 43-48 degrees and that's about what the temperature outside has been lately. I think I'll need to go through it tonight and make sure they're all still good, and put them in something a little less prone to sogginess than a cardboard box.

Two of my coders are out sick again today. I'm beginning to doubt that my entire department is ever going to all be here at the same time again. :P

This weekend, we went and saw The Matador. I didn't like it much, but everyone else seemed to think it was funny. I also watched Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Red Eye, both X-Men movies, half of Gladiator, and a couple of episodes of DS9. (That's how I get so much knitting done.)

Oh, and I filed my taxes too. I skipped my education credit, as any tax refunds involving them aren't getting processed for an indeterminate amount of time and the $60 was not worth the indefinite wait to me. I also got a W2 that I didn't realize was coming the day AFTER I filed them, but as it would've resulted in an extra *gasp* $7 worth of refund, I didn't worry about it. The proceeds of said refund will go toward wedding savings, mostly - most notably, reserving our venue. (Woo!) But I think I'm probably also going to pick up the first 4 seasons of Babylon-5, if I can find them reasonably priced. :) (I'm one of those people who aims for a large refund, using the IRS as a guaranteed savings program, because while I could save it myself and get interest on it, in reality, I know that they're more likely to save it than I am. Your mileage may vary.)

And finally, I've been on a reading kick about adverse situations and human responses to same - mostly big disasters, like the Halifax explosion in 1917 or the fires after the San Francisco earthquake in 1906, but also Robert Scott's trip to the South Pole. If anyone has any general event or specific book suggestions, I'd love to hear them :) I know I'm looking for a good book about the Chicago fire, but I haven't picked any yet.
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This morning, I slept in a few minutes extra, packed my lunch, and drove to work (instead of bussing). Tonight, I have to go to school after work, because it's the first night of the quarter. Syllabus packets and books for me!
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Dear Seattle YMCA: Please post your rates on your website. :P I would like to know how much you think I should pay you to swim laps a couple of times a week and attend a couple of aerobics courses, just because I'm curious. If I have to call you and ask about your rates, you'll get all nosy and pester me to make a commitment right away, and I don't want to deal with that. No love.


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