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Oh, heaven help me.

Does anyone floating around here know anything (or know someone who knows anything) about loom weaving, like with a real honest-to-god loom? (Because I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head....)
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I haven't had much knitting time lately. So what do I do instead?

I start an ambitious and time-sensitive cross-stitch project, naturally!

Wish me luck...
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I don't think anyone's hugely interested, but just in case, I have a bunch of fabric looking for a good home, listed here.

I have finally acknowledged to myself that while I *can* sew, I don't *enjoy* the process of sewing, so I'm realistically not actually going to do anything with any of it.
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Dear anyone who has a notion about the workings of sewing machines:

Can anyone help me figure out why my sewing machine is doing this? (Large pic at the link.) It's the top-bobbin thread that's tangling, but it's getting caught up in the bottom workings somehow, and I don't have any idea how or why. I didn't mess with the tension or any other settings, it just started doing that.

And I'm only about halfway through a dress that I have to have done by Friday, naturally.

Edit: Fixed!

Now I just have to make the damn thing fit me in the back. The bodice fits fine in the front, but somehow the back is absurdly wide, in such a fashion that I can't just take it straight in up the center seam. Feh.
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Hokay. The annual pre-GenCon crafting session is over for the year, I think. End products:

A replica of the bag I got last year - in olive corduroy, whereas the one I already have is black canvas and embroidered with the GenCon logo. Edit: Dammit. I'd forgotten how blasted WARM corduroy is. :(
1 pair of super-flowy brown velvet pants.
1 pair of super-flowy Thai wrap pants.

Wheeee. AND I'm packed.

Except my carry-on stuff. Still need to do that.
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If you wanted a laptop sleeve - not a full bag, but merely a sleeve that you could tuck into an existing bag - what sort of features would you want on such a sleeve, if any? Pockets for accessories and cords, lace, bells, fringe? Or would you prefer simply a plain slipcase with no extra pockets, frills or furbelows?
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3-Day: I have been slacking on my training for the last couple of weeks, between preparing for finals and taking trips. I am teh sux0rz. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $2270 of $3300, formerly $2200. Why yes, Virginia, that means I have met my minimum, thanks to quite a few of you lovely folks! The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it later today, as I missed the first Monday of the month.

Crafting: I finished the Reid for [ profile] pixelwench's fundraising auction and started a new project last weekend - an Easy Lace Duster in KnitPicks Merino Style, in Coal. I finished the back last night and started one of the fronts, plus I've done the two lace cuffs for the sleeves.

Family: Joyce and Jeff get into town tomorrow night, so we'll be having resident company on and off for the next week-ish. The nephew podling was in the hospital ER for a few hours last week with a crazy-high fever, but all seems to be well now (or if it's not, nobody's told me otherwise). My grandmother and her platonic lifemate get into town on the 30th, passing through on their way to an Alaskan cruise, and Dan's family arrives the next day to stay for just over a week. Ari went to Vegas this weekend and, as I requested, brought me back more "Hello Kitty" style Star Trek t-shirts like my "Qapla' Klingon" one - a Ferengi one that says "What's in it for me?", a Vulcan one that says "Live Long and Prosper", and a Borg one that says "Get assimilated". I squee'ed.

Gaming: Kedria's L31 now. Other than that, not much.

New Years' Goal: Crappy. But I'm currently within 6 pounds of my goal range. (Well, more specifically, I've been keeping to most of the subgoals just fine, but I've not been tracking any of it.)

Reading: I've plowed through about 3/4 of the works of James Patterson lately, and have started rereading everything that Matthew Reilly has written. I think some Harry Turtledove rereads will be next, plus I have all the Little House books out of the library.

School: I took three of my finals last Wednesday, and the other three are tonight. Summer quarter starts at the end of the month, and I'll be taking 4 terminology courses (Female Reproductive, Nervous, Endocrine and Musculoskeletal Systems), HIV/AIDS, and Medical Insurance Billing.

Watching: Lots. Last weekend, I rented five movies from Blockbuster on Saturday, watched and returned them, and rented 3 more on Sunday. I've finally concluded that I need to stop trying to watch collaborations between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Dan and I have started watching season 1 of 24, and Sunnie came to our Babylon-5 viewing night last week.

Wedding: I'll be checking out our photographer's portfolio at GenCon, and Sammy and I came to an arrangement about wedding catering. (Of course, shortly thereafter, Dan grumped about me not consulting him about food, as he doesn't remember that I said "Sandwich board, appetizers, desserts?" and he said that sounded fine. But we've got time to make alterations if necessary.) Need to collaborate with Joyce and Anjela - hopefully we can squeeze in a bit of fabric shopping while Joyce is in town!

Work: Pretty light. We're in my downtime half of the year, but I've got some non-urgent stuff I've been working on. There's a big scary baby shower today that I've been roped into helping with. o.O I'm not sure how this happened. First, I wasn't going. Then I was going. Then I was going and bringing a giant fruit salad (which was actually kind of fun to make). Now I'm helping set it all up too. Ay, well. I don't really have much else to do. :)
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Friday: Theatre Thoughts
The show: The show was spectacular. I almost swooned. The fellow singing our Valjean was chosen by Cameron Mackintosh (the producer) to perform the role in the Broadway finale, and the emotion between him and Javert was stunning. (Valjean vs Javert has always been one of my favorite adversarial relations in anything I've read, heard or seen.) The woman singing Fantine had an awfully harsh voice on her more forceful songs, and Eponine had a tendency to bite off her words on a couple of songs to get a bit choppy, but aside from those two fairly minor things, it was excellent.

The fellow behind me spent the first half hour or so giving a play-by-play to his girlfriend - I got the impression she didn't speak English well enough to follow the songs - finally though, I turned around and told him to please keep it down and he did. The guy in front of me, as far as I can tell, went into the restroom during the intermission and gelled his hair to stand straight up or something, because I swear he was 4 inches taller during the second act. :P

Theatre Ettiquette: When I was in high school, and we were going to theatre performances (anything from the drama club's school plays to a French Club trip to Toronto to see Phantom of the Opera), we were always told that you Do Not applaud until the act is over - Absolutely Positively No Interrupting The Show, even for applause. Is this antiquated, or what? The ENTIRE THEATRE (except me) burst out in applause after almost every single song, and the actors were left having to stand in their places on the stage waiting for the applause to die down before they could start again. I did not, however, hear anyone singing along with the performers. Phew.

Saturday: Amtrak and Channeling the Inner Blacksmith
Amtrak: Each car has mostly seats that face the front, except for some reason I don't get, one end row in each car faces the back, so the people in that row are facing other passengers rather than the back of a seat. I got stuck in this row on the way down. The fellow in front of me ate cold fried chicken and drank Capri Sun for literally the first TWO HOURS of the train ride. I swear, he had bottomless stashes of both - every time I looked up from my knitting or book, he was getting out a new piece of chicken or opening a new Capri Sun. And then when he was throwing away his wrappers, he spilled Capri Sun remnants all over me. :P And then the lady across the aisle to my left did not change her younger child, who seriously seemed to need it, for the last two hours of the train ride. Bleh. Plus her older child wouldn't stop screaming sporadically.

Blacksmithing: AWESOME. I was nervous at first, because every time I've seen blacksmithing demonstrations, there have been hyooge flurries of sparks. Apparently, they do that on purpose; you have to TRY to get sparks. :) We turned a piece of 1/2" square mild steel bar into a marshmallow-toasting fork, complete with two separate tines, a decorative twist in the neck, and a hanging loop on the handle. Jill and I did most of it, taking turns. Then we roasted the marshmallows over the forge. :) Mine were fully cooked in under 3 seconds over the heat bricks (I like my marshmallows gooey and not discolored), Jill's spontaneously combusted after less than 3 seconds in the forge itself.

Sunday: Scenery, Chess, more Amtrak
Scenery: We went for a drive through part of the Columbia River Gorge and spotted a half-dozen waterfalls - very pretty!

Chess: We took a very roundabout walk to a game-house of Chas' acquaintance, where he thoroughly trounced me at chess twice - though I did manage to last for more than 5 turns in both games. :)

More Amtrak: Pretty uneventful. They did not forbid me to take the marshmallow toasting fork on the train. I felt very secure waving it around while I waited for Dan to pick me up at the train station (he apparently got lost).

Monday: Meals and Movies
Meal: Breakfast with Ari at IHOP
Movie (in): Casanova with yarn, The Poseidon Adventure (the original) with yarn
Movie (out): X3 (And whoa, I tell you what, whoa.)
Meal: Dinner with the Usual Suspects at JJ Rafferty's Irish Pub, which was relatively tasty and had traditionally Irish service (namely, nonexistent).
Movie (in): Kinsey with yarn
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3-Day: Training is going spectacularly. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $1715 of $2200. The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it the first Monday of each month (why, that would be today!). I did a 6.25-mile walk this weekend, with no breaks longer than waiting for a traffic light to change so I could cross the street, and had no problems with it. :)

Crafting: I ripped the summer Eris back, except for the cable yoke - I wasn't liking the way it was working out. I'll try again later, but I've got some other stuff I need to get done first. While I wait for my Knitpicks order, I started working on my Flirty Ruffles shawl again. Also, last night I put longer straps on one of my bags, and it's pretty darned near perfect for what I had in mind.

Exercise: Walking, dance, need to get my bike down.

Family: I go to visit my grandma in a couple weeks, and it turns out that she and her whatever-he-is-these-days are going to be coming through Seattle at the end of June for a cruise to Alaska, at the same time that Dan's family is coming into town for a visit. Joyce and Jeff are coming in mid-June, and I'm going to visit Jill at the end of May as well.

Gaming: Kedria's L30 now. Other than that, not much.

New Years' Goal: 9 out of the last 10 weeks have been 100%. I've lost 15 pounds roughly since I started this whole schtick - 5-10 more to go.

Reading: I'm reading a couple of books right now that I....totally can't remember the names or authors of. *facepalm*

School: Doing well. Everything's on track. :)

Watching: I watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights and What A Girl Wants the other night. I've been lax on my movie-watching, because I've been a bit lax on the knitting.

Wedding: We have a full wedding party now, and less than a year til the wedding. Dan vetoed my wedding cupcakes idea. Time to start rolling on the planning. :)

Work: Pretty light. We're in my downtime half of the year, but I've got some non-urgent stuff I've been working on.
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3-Day: Training is going spectacularly. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $1715 of $2200. The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it the first Monday of each month. I've found several good paths in my neighborhood for training walks: one 3-mile loop, one 4-mile loop, and one 4.5 mile loop. Annoyingly, I'm getting into a part that involves 5-mile walks. :P Oh well - six works just as well, or I can fake it :)

Crafting: I've got the summer Eris still on needles (need to finish the hem cabling and the sleeves), plus three more projects I need to order the yarn for. I've been toying with ideas to make an organizer pouch for a bag, and also a summer dress or two.

Exercise: I started a new belly-dance session last night - it's a shorter session though due to the holidays at the end of May. It's nice enough that I'm going to start riding my bicycle for my cross-training, I think.

Family: Dan and I loved our trip to Vegas. I'm going to visit my grandmother in a couple of weeks, and Joyce and Jeff are coming to visit in June. Yay!

Gaming: Nephari waived her DNR order and let Orithoc resurrect her after being slain by a Death Slaad, after the boys pointed out that without Nephari, they can't go on through the dungeon, since she's the only melee character. I do, however, intend to start putting together my moose druid character. Karrec has the first 3 pieces of her Dungeon 2 set and is working on getting the next 3. Kedria hit L29 and is well on her way to 30.

New Years' Goal: I ended my streak of 100% by forgetting to eat fruit or veggies on one day, but then started up another one the very next week.

Reading: I've been chowing through books on the e-reader. I read a series of four trashy romance novels while we were coming to and from Vegas, and I've been reading the first book in the Abhorsen series (I forget if that's the actual name of it, but whatever) by Garth Nix.

School: So far, I'm on schedule. Though I need to work the vocab-only classes into the schedule too, they've fallen by the wayside so far as they don't have any in-class-required components.

Watching: Armageddon. That's........yeah, that's about it. And I re-watched Rent the other night. Ari and I are going to watch some B5 tonight :D

Work: Pretty light. We're in my downtime half of the year, but I've got some non-urgent stuff I've been working on.
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3-Day: Training is going well. This morning, I met up with [ profile] pixelwench and [ profile] wankle (and miscellaneous other people) to do an 8K walk for the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. I adore my little camelback - very handy. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $1585 of $2200. The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it at the beginning of each month. I had a physical on Monday, at which I had blood drawn for the first time ever (it's strangely fascinating, in kind of a squicky sort of way), and I have low cholesterol and no danger of developing diabetes any time soon. All looks well, and my doctor is impressed with my goals.

Crafting: I finished the box-lace scarf woo! I'm currently on the body of the summer Eris, which is going kind of slowly, as I'm on row 29 of 58 rows of straight-up stockinette - BORING. I want to dig out the lace duster pattern I have, as well as making myself a summer dress or two, since I can never find ones that I like in stores. I also ordered a recently released pattern book of cable-y things (Anjela - it's the one that was rec'ed the other day by the Yarn Harlot, if you want to take a look at it - it should be delivered Tuesday.)

Family: Pending confirmation from my boss, I'll be visiting my grandmother in Arizona from May 11-15th. She is apparently no longer dating the alcoholic, which pleases me. In further boggle, her best friends, who I've grown up calling Aunt and Uncle, apparently finalized their divorce in February. I find it only marginally disturbing that my grandmother and her social circle (all in their mid-80s) have more variance in their dating lives than I or most of my friends do.

New Years' Goal: I've made all my sub-goals for the fifth week in a row. My overall goal was to lose the 25 pounds I gained upon getting a car; to date I've lost approximately 12 of them. I've been slowly expanding my cookbook selection, as the part I always have the hardest time with is hitting the "dinners-at-home" goal.

Reading: Finished Cell (by Stephen King) and Helter Skelter, currently reading Reading Lolita in Tehran (which I put down a while ago and haven't picked up again yet, for no particular reason), and The Dead Will Rise (a true-crime-ish book about the lynching of Leo Frank in 1913 - going slowly, it's my nightstand book which means I read it about 15 minutes at a time twice a week or so). I have a huge stack of library books on my desk, and another on my PDA, but haven't started any of those yet.

School: Spring quarter starts a week from tomorrow.

Watching: Ari and I saw The Inside Man this afternoon - not a good movie. The only likeable character in it was the bank robber. Other than that, Dan and I have been working through DS9, a bit of Buffy (season 4), and I ordered the first season of Babylon-5 from Deep Discount DVD, which shipped Friday.

Wedding: Nothing new.

Work: Same old.
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Earlier this week, I was wandering around Old Navy and picked up this skirt in both khaki and white. I love the skirt - it's hugely comfortable and very cute. I started thinking though this morning that a white linen/cotton skirt is just begging to get spaghetti or something stained on it. So I was thinking that I might dye it - green, maybe, or burgundy. I've never done any clothes-dyeing before, unless you count the tie-dyeing in daycare in 3rd grade. Anyone have any suggestions, hints, pointers, or things to avoid? Also, any dye recommendations? I've heard less-than-stellar things about Rit, but...


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