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Errands for tomorrow:

Return rental
Meet Ari, Ruby's, 9am - cinnamon roll french toast!
Trek out to Bothell to meet tow truck at Mira
Head down to the dealership in Southcenter to get Miss Mira as fixed up as possible
post office: send out secret santa gift, return Netflix

library: return book that is *cough* three months overdue *cough*
Bartell's: gauze pads and surgical tape, possibly ace bandage. Price out replacement ankles.
review pantry to amend holiday baking shopping list as necessary
ponder adding rice chex-ie (no gluten!) treats to holiday baking list, though it is already lengthy
Credit union to deposit Mr Pig
Bank to deposit check
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Holiday baking:
peanut blossoms
sugar cookies
gingerbread cookies
white chocolate chip cookies
regular chocolate chip cookies
chocolate peanut-butter chip cookies
choco-mint blossoms
peppermint bark (white, milk and marble?)
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I'm totally working from home.

I've gone to the post office.
I did all the dishes.
I started a chicken a-roasting in my new (RED!) crockpot.
I'm about to start making pies.

That's all work, right? :)
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I made a pot of soup yesterday and it is SO GOOD. *om nom nom*

I have tomorrow off completely, until the Rainbow meeting in the evening. The to-do list:

-clean the tub
-make a pot of sweet-and-sour chicken to pack up for meals (bubbling away)
-laundry, including bedsheets
-put away laundry and re-make bed (new flannel sheets!)
-pay bills
-work out the next couple of months' budget
-work on Christmas shopping lists ETA: started, but not enough to cross off.
-plan out a few more cook-en-masse meals to pack up
-make shopping lists for same if necessary
-make CHEESECAKE ETA: No can do. No sugar. :(

-take anthro midterm
-watch the movie to finish last week's music assignment
-do this week's music assignment
-get as much of this week's English assignment done as possible
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Evita and making mac and cheese for thirty :) good times, yo!
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Nums. My husband gets an A in Lasagne 101.

Joyce and Holly -- which of you had the Red Lobster biscuit knockoff recipe?
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Tonight's accomplishments: Another 5 dozen cookies, 3 dozen gingerbread muffins, and I finished Under The Dome.

Very good book, much better than any of his recent stuff. Very reminiscent of Storm of the Century too.
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Productive day :)

At the end of day one of Christmas Baking, I have approximately:
-85 peanut butter cookies (some with chocolate, some without)
-45 pumpkin spice cookies
-30 sugar cookies
-1 tray of dark chocolate mint fudge (hopefully, if it sets properly)
-1 tray of milk chocolate kahlua fudge (hopefully ditto)
-about half a pound of peppermint bark

Still to go, between tomorrow and next weekend:
-Brownie bites
-Gingerbread mini-muffins
-Mint chip cookies
-Possibly chocolate cookies? Dunno for sure.
-Probably another batch of peppermint bark.

... and I only have five goodie-boxes to make up. Six, if I do one for my boss, which I may well.
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Okay, Joss, what the HELL. Can you go thirty seconds without killing one of your more fun characters? Good grief.

I just started watching the first season of Angel this morning, got through almost half of it today. Yes, I know I'm about ten years behind. I'm enjoying it though -- I bought seasons 1 and 2 together in a package deal from Target for $18 a couple of weeks ago, and I think that come payday, I'll probably get seasons 3 and 4, which they still have packaged together for $20.

And yes, that's what I do on weekends when I don't have Rainbow events -- I run errands, grocery shopping and that sort of thing, and otherwise, I spend most of it vegged out on my couch with knitting, my tiny computer, and a very large DVD collection. I expect I'll add homework to that list once school starts at the end of the month.

I also made bread today, though not either of the two kinds of bread I'd originally intended to make. Just a plain old loaf of crusty wheat bread, rather than the molasses-wheat I usually make (no molasess or powdered milk) or the soda bread I'm still tossing around the idea of. Quite tasty though.
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The up-side to a random unidentified food allergy that landed me in the ER: My Indian coworker is now much more understanding about my reluctance to try whatever food she's made out of bean curd paste and brought in to share this time.

Perhaps I shall make a key lime pie tonight.

Edit: It has come to my attention that there are people of my acquaintance who have Never Had Key Lime Pie Before. This makes me sad on their behalf.
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Dear persons who are more domestically inclined than I am:

Is there any big no-no to putting fresh berries into a bread machine? I'm contemplating blueberry-cinnamon wheat bread, because it sounds like it would make awesome toast and blueberries are on sale all over creation, but I don't know if there's a trick to it or whatnot.
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Chicken Alfredo, by request. (This is what went along with last Monday's salad and pound cake.)

Serves four.

4 thawed chicken breasts (or equivalent, 8 thighs or tenderloins would work too, whatever.)
3T butter
3T flour
3-4T of minced garlic/onions (more or less, to taste. optional, really.)
3c 2% milk, room temperature
8oz shredded "italian blend" cheese - the stuff I get is mozz, provolone, and asiago, I think.
Italian seasoning to taste

recipe behind the cut! )
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Baine was being particularly cute this morning.

I don't know why there are always pennies on my floor in pictures I take. )

Also, I made a really tasty dinner for a few people on Monday night. I didn't get a picture of the main course before we all tore into it, but

the salad and dessert were quite tasty. )

Pie Week!

1 June 2007 11:14 pm
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I've heard that next week is Pie Week.

So in honor of Pie Week:

Death Pie! )
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So yesterday I picked up a couple of cube steaks, planning on taking a shot at salisbury steaks and gravy for dinner. I remembered reading in one of [ profile] joyce's blogs that she'd done them up and liked them, so I looked through all her blogs to see if I could find the recipe she'd used. Three blogs later, I had nothing. So I emailed her, and kept looking while I waited for a reply. Right after I emailed, I found a mention that she'd done Alton's recipe, but not what the recipe was.

Then she replied with a link to the gravy recipe, but I wasn't sure still whether any breading or dredging or whatnot was involved for the meat, so I started googling specifically for Alton's recipe. Finally, I found a site that had "paraphrased, but not modified" the recipe, and did a happy dance.

And then I noticed that the site I found belonged to [ profile] rhiannonstone.

It's a small Internet :)
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So I made this for dinner last night.

I didn't like it at ALL, personally, though the boys didn't seem to have any issues with it. It was greasy - as in, Dan drained a ton of grease off the top of it, and there was STILL a bunch of grease in it afterwards - probably because of the bacon. Also discovered I don't like Gruyere cheese.

However, I think I might like it better with a couple of alterations that would make it more like scalloped potatoes:

-Colby-jack cheese instead, or cheddar, or some combination thereof.
-Instead of using the bacon as described, put either cooked crumbled bacon or diced ham in the layers (or skip the meat entirely).
-Garlic. And other seasonings too, but definitely - lots of garlic.
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School's done. Waiting on 5 out of 6 grades, the other is a "4.0 A+++".
Power's back.
Weekend was cold. Hedgehog is safe, thanks to G&A, and back at home. Still cranky though.
I'm 26 now.
Yay convertible mixer/stick blender! Must make cookies. For testing purposes. Really.
Must start finish holiday shopping.
Eragon was good - Casino Royale was unfinished, thanks to the burnt-out projector bulb.
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So ludicrously productive today.

I have:
played Kedria for half a level
read The Romanov Prophecy
had lunch with Ari
gone grocery shopping (2 weeks worth of groceries for under $75 rawr)
cleaned out the fridge
put away the groceries
taken out four trips worth of junk and boxes turned up in the re-org
vacuumed where Dan's desk used to be (for the love of god, goldfish crackers and raw pasta crushed up under the desk?!)
moved the table from the office back out to the front room (which involved dis- and re-mantling it)
moved my bookshelf, my treadmill and my papasan from the front room into the office
put away the games
put my crafty stuff in the office
put away the extra storage cubes - either in the closet, if we don't need them, or wherever we need them for use
decluttered the bathroom
replaced the shower curtain liner
fixed something for myself to take to work for lunch tomorrow (3 days worth of rice, chili beans, corn, and tomato glop)
put the couch back in place in the living room

Yet to do:
reorganize the bookshelf with yarn and books as appropriate
put coffee table back in place in the living room (I can't move it solo)
figure out what I want to fix for dinner

Edit: Details on the grocery shopping and cheap-but-fast-and-tasty recipes now included in commentary.


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