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Apolo Ohno just threw out the first pitch for the Mariners game I am at.

He will be signing autographs during the first two innings.

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Last night -

Dan: The Mariners are playing the Cubs sometime this month.
Me: Wanna go?
Dan: Yeah!
Me: Ok, we can do that.

This morning -

One of my Rainbow girls via Facebook: "The Mariners won against the Cubs yesterday!"
Me: ... *looks up the schedule*
Mariners website: "Oh hai, the Mariners played the Cubs yesterday, tonight at 7, and tomorrow at 12:40."
Me: ... *calls Dan*
Discussion: *ensues*

So it seems that this evening we will be off to a Mariners game. Mmm hot dogs.
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I went to the Mariners game last night with Dan, his cousin, and Ari. First Mariners game I've been to when they actually won, I think. Ken Griffey Jr hit a home run in the 5th inning, and that was pretty nifty, the Moose danced up and down on the visitors' dugout and I snickered. It was freezing, so I didn't get much done on my knitting project.

But I did get my picture taken with the Moose holding it.
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When the boys and I went to the baseball game a couple of weeks back, I got my picture taken with Moose :)


(Right before Ari took the picture, Moose kissed me on the cheek. Aww!)
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I think Ari was just shooting finger-guns.
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I'm outside left field waiting for the boys, and they have a mobile information booth - a guy on a Segway!

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Seems the Mariners are playing Oakland tonight. Should be fun. Maybe I will see the Moose :D
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Your skill in Baseball has increased to 45.

So I think I might tentatively like baseball. I had a good time tonight, and learned quite a bit, as well as dredging up from god-knows-where that a grand slam is a homerun hit when the bases are full (unforunately, that was the other team's 4 points) and that the shortstop is the guy between 2nd and 3rd base.

However, I'll have to do some further experimentation to figure out whether I like baseball or the going-to-the-baseball-stadium experience. I'll see about finding a game on TV one of these days, maybe, if they play on any of the channels we get.


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