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So I sent a revised letter to Verizon's VP of Customer Service via the webform on Saturday morning.

Today, I got a call from Bernadette T in their executive office in Irvine who apologized profusely for the problems I've had, assured me that the managers of the two Bellevue Verizon stores will be contacted to discuss retraining that may be needed for their employees, and ordered up a sparkly new LG Dare that should be delivered to me no later than Thursday.

I am tentatively pleased.

(Also, nice to see, from Verizon's website about the Dare: "Device Software Update – Download software upgrades over the air." I should, touch wood, never have to set foot in a Verizon store again :P )
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.... And the third installment in the Verizon Sucks story?

Somehow, my phone has over 100 of someone else's pictures on it. They feature people I don't know, including someone's baby and someone named "Kyle".

All I can think of is that back during the first incident, the scantily clad underage girl's pictures and ringtones (which would explain how the half-dozen rap song ringtones I don't remember downloading got there) got restored onto my phone instead of hers.

Which means that the idiot at the Verizon store who told me that they can't move information from one phone to another of the same type either was lying or didn't know what he was talking about.
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So, as I mentioned in my last Verizon Sucks post, my phone was doing wacky things like inserting extra characters in my text messages and randomly restarting itself. The guy at the Bellevue Square Verizon store assured me that the software upgrade he did would solve those issues, right before he ensured that I would never set foot in that store again.

Well, the update fixed the random extra characters issue, but not the restarting issue. So Friday, Ari (who has also been having phone issues) and I went to the Factoria Verizon store to discuss our phones' various malfunctions and ended up both being offered warranty replacements.

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Every time I come in contact with a Verizon employee, I regret switching to Verizon a little bit more. I told the manager of the Factoria store that (after I had both our phones back :P ), and she gaped at me like a fish.

Cripes. The phone service is great. I don't hugely like my phone, but it doesn't suck. But their customer service blows diseased goats. *scowl*
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I now have as the ringtone for incoming text messages on my phone an MP3 of Leonard Nimoy saying "Beep. Beep. Beep."

I am inordinately amused by this.
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Not so much with the happy about the Verizon store at Bellevue Square.

Twenty minutes! No. Actual timeline... )

4:05: I call corporate customer service and ask how to make a complaint about a physical store location. The very nice lady on the phone says that they generally recommend that complaints get made through the website, but if I tell her what happened, she'll see if there's anything she *can* do. I start into the story, and she punctuates it with sounds of increasing dismay and shock. Finally, the no-manager-for-fifteen-minutes thing is met with an astonished "Oh my GOD!" and she starts looking up other stores in my area that have the equipment necessary to perform software upgrades, because "I don't know if I'm supposed to say this, but if I were you, I certainly wouldn't be going back to that store any time soon."

My phone is, however, upgraded and has not done either of the originally mentioned weird things since. And none of my purchased ringtones got lost in the upgrade. But yeah, certainly not going back there when I can finally get Dan to let go of his (same model) phone for a couple of hours so I can get it upgraded for him. (He's still on the original version 03 software the phone shipped with - the current version with all the bells and whistles is version 09.) And, thank heaven, future software upgrades will be pushed over the air like the Sidekick upgrades were. Oi.


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