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LJ layout question.

I have my normal style, which is fairly basic but not bare bones, for when I'm reading LJ on a computer at home or work.

I also have a separate bare-bones, no-userpics, text-only style that I use when I'm reading LJ on my mobile device (seen here).

And finally, on my Viewing Options page, I have the little checkbox for "View comment pages in your own journal style" checked.

However, when I'm looking at LJ on my mobile, that checkbox doesn't seem to apply - probably because I have to add the style number for that view, rather than it being the default. And there are a couple of super-fancy customized layouts among you fine folks whereby trying to load *your* layouts causes my mobile's browser (on both my new phone and my old one) to crash. (Which isn't that big a deal, I know who's pages do it and for now I just don't go there, because your LJ layouts are for you and not for me and all that jazz.) But ... is there a way to edit the mobile-view style to force-add a ?style=mine onto comment links?
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Less than two hours to go before we're off to the airport. Inbound flight, America West #460 from Phoenix, landing at 4:03pm.

I'm printing character sheets like a madwoman - I ended up getting expenditures (either full or in part) from 18 people, including myself, before I closed up shop. Once they're done printing, I pack up the laptop and printer and start going through my lists all over again.

Dan has not yet started packing.

We'll be back Sunday evening. While I have the Sidekick, I can't guarantee I'll be reading much LJ, but feel free to drop me a line if something big happens. Be excellent to each other!
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My SK3 was delivered 20 minutes ago :D I am all a-squee :D and I will be home in an hour to play with it! :D :D :D
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Eeeee!! My SK3 is in Redmond! It'll be delivered tomorrow! *squeeful joyness*
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For interested parties:

Current Sidekick users can order the Sidekick 3 from T-Mobile online as of today. It'll be available in stores on 7/10.

Three guesses how I found this out. :D
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I found my dealbreaker on the MDA. *sigh*

Right now, I have the Sidekick II with a data-only plan, including unlimited internet, email, text messaging, and AIM, but no included voice minutes. (I pretty much never talk on the phone if I can help it.) Monthly cost: $30, plus 20 cents a minute and whatever taxes they charge. (If I wanted 300 anytime minutes and unlimited weekend minutes, it'd be $50/month. But I don't.)

With the MDA, my official, non-phone-hacking plan options would be

a. $50/month for unlimited internet access and no voice minutes, or
b. $60/month for unlimited internet access, 300 anytime minutes and unlimited weekend minutes.

Right. Now. See above, where my current plan includes unlimited text messaging and AIM? NONE of the plans for the MDA, which (as a device) offers ICQ, MSN and Yahoo messengers in addition to AIM, include ANY text messaging - and they count any message sent via an IM system as a text message too. If I want unlimited messaging, I have to pay for ANOTHER add-on, at $15/month (or $10 for 1000 messages, or $5 for 400 messages). Also see above, where I said I pretty much never talk on the phone if I can help it. How do I communicate via cell phone? Why, with AIM and text messaging.

So having to pay a minimum of $65 for a non-phone-hacking plan (or $51 for a phone-hacking plan) to get what I currently get for $29.99 - that's my dealbreaker. (Plus I wouldn't be able to use my email address anymore, as those are Sidekick-specific, and I like the SK having a different email address than my regular email address.)

However, I heard some rumors about the SK3 coming out sometime in the not too distant future, and that intrigues me. But for now, I think I'm going to look into finding a new battery for my little PDA.
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Very confused.

On both iChat and Adium, I get a timed-out error when trying to log in with my AIM screenname. Same issue on my PC with both AIM proper and Trillian.

But I can log in with that screenname on my Sidekick with no issues. Anyone have any idea?
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Has anyone else been having trouble with AIM recently? I can't get my main screenname to log on on either my iBook (using iChat) or my desktop PC (using Trillian), nor my secondary screenname, but they're both working just fine via the Sidekick's AIM protocol.
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Double-drat. Forgot my Sidekick this morning. *pout*

On the plus side, I rode Quinn to the P&R this morning.

This means I have to NOT forget my helmet when I leave for the day. :P
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Dan's ordering my ring and I'm playing with my new Sidekick :)


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